What is Consciousness | Cosmic Consciousness Explained

Cosmic Consciousness, it‘s something many people talk about, and there are many different ideas and definitions that surround it. But what is Consciousness, what is the experience of Consciousness, and how can we experience it?

Consciousness explained in rudimentary terms, is ‘the state of being aware of, and responsive to, your environment.‘ And it can be defined as ‘having an awareness or perception of something.’

However these definitions only explain what is consciousness from a limited perspective. So in this video, I’m going to go deeper into what is consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness from a more spiritual perspective.


What is Consciousness | Cosmic Consciousness Explained

So wherever you are right now, you can see consciousness. It’s all around you. It is the sun in the sky, the sand on the beaches, the water in the oceans, the trees in the forest, it is the roof above your head, the walls around you, and the chair you’re sitting upon.

Everything you can see, so matter where you look in the Universe, is Consciousness. It’s everywhere, and it’s everything, and you exist within it. You exist within Consciousness.

Consciousness is everything, and that includes YOU! You ARE, Consciousness! So not only are you within It, but It is also within you.

Your physical body, your brain, your mind, your awareness, your thoughts, emotions, imaginations, feelings and so on, these are all aspects of Consciousness.

These are not different parts of Consciousness, but different aspects of the same whole. So when we speak of Oneness, this is what it means. That everything exists as part of the same whole.

So the Sun, the sand, the oceans, the trees, the roof, your walls, the chair you’re sitting upon, and all the insects, animals, birds, and people around you, are all part of the same whole.

Everything, is Consciousness, and you are Consciousness. So you, are everything.


So What is Consciousness?

Now you know what Consciousness looks like, what exactly is it? We can say that it’s an energy, because everything in the Universe is energy, even the human body is made from energy.

And we humans have awareness and intelligence. So does that mean Consciousness has awareness and intelligence too?

If you answered yes to that question, then you’re right. This is exactly what Consciousness is. It is an intelligent and aware field of energy that everything is part of. Including you and me.

So that’s what it is, what now is the experience of Consciousness? And this is where it gets really interesting. Because I’m not only talking about Consciousness here as some sort of theory, idea or concept.

And I’m not talking about Consciousness philosophically either. I’m talking about the experience, of consciousness. Because Consciousness is something that can be experienced.


Your Consciousness & Awareness Can Expand

You, me and everyone else, are conscious and aware entities. However what we each don’t realize at first, until we experience it, is that our conscious awareness is not limited by restrictions of our physical brain and body.

And when we experience consciousness, that experience involves the expansion of our own awareness, into a larger field of awareness and intelligence.

So the individual, isolated and restricted consciousness you usually have, and what you may call ‘human consciousness’, is capable of expanding into a larger field of consciousness, that exists all around you.

And completely free and independent of your physical human body. So the experience of expanding consciousness, involves expanding your awareness, so you become aware and conscious, that you are everything in your environment.

To put this in other words, at present, you are aware of the presence of your own physical body. You can physically feel, your body, you are aware of it’s presence, and you have a sensation and feeling of where your body is.

When you expand into this larger field of consciousness, the physical awareness you have of your body, and the sensation and feeling you have of where it is, completely disappears. You then become physically aware, by feeling, that you are everything around you.


Cosmic Consciousness Explained

What is Consciousness | Cosmic Consciousness Explained

You will have likely heard of the term, “The father, the son and the holy ghost”, or “The father, the son and the holy spirit”,

What that term is, is a secret coded reference to the three stages of consciousness humanity must go through to achieve Yoga, or to achieve Union With God, in other words.

  • The Son, is achieving Christ consciousness, and this is the first stage of consciousness where unconditional Love fills your heart and being.
  • The Holy Ghost, or the Holy spirit, refers to the second stage of advanced consciousness. Which is becoming physically aware, through feeling, that you are everything within the Universe.
  • And the third and final stage of expanding into this field of consciousness, is the father.

Which is when your awareness expands into consciousness to such a degree, that you become aware that you are part of the same Consciousness that many refer to as God.

So you become One, with this limitless, intelligent, and aware field of conscious energy that pervades the whole of existence.


The Instrument for Expanding Awareness is the Heart

There are many philosophers today, neuroscientists and other such people who try to understand consciousness from purely an intellectual point of view.

And they fill their brain and mind with knowledge and try to use science and intellect to understand what consciousness is. And it’s for this reason that such people never realize what consciousness really is.

It’s because they are using the wrong instrument to try and understand consciousness.

You can’t understand consciousness by filling your mind. You can only experience consciousness, by emptying it.

And these are some of the many things you can work towards achieving yourself.

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