What Do Reiki Masters Do | The Role of a Reiki Master Healer

What Do Reiki Masters Do | What Does A Reiki Master Do | The Role of a Reiki Master Healer


What is the Role of a Reiki Master?

There are many people seeking healing who wonder, what do Reiki Masters do, what is the role of a Reiki Master healer and what can they help me with?

These are all really important questions to ask. Not only for clients of Reiki, but also for Reiki Masters themselves. Many newly trained Reiki Master healers, and even many experienced masters and teachers, do not have a clear understanding about their role as a healer.

Understanding the role a Reiki Master plays in participating in your healing is important for everyone involved. Understanding what a Reiki Master does and doesn’t do influences a healing session and spiritual and personal development. Not only for the client, but for the Reiki Master healer too.

So what does a Reiki Master do exactly?


It may surprise you, but a Reiki Master is not expected to cure your health problems!

From my own experiences working with clients throughout the world, I have noticed that many people do not fully understand the role a Reiki Master healer plays when it comes to healing. There are a steady stream of clients who come to a Reiki Master with a list of expectations.

Many clients:

  • have wants and desires they expect to be met.
  • have the perception they are paying a Reiki Master to have their problems taken away.
  • expect a Reiki Master to fulfill their wishes.
  • expect to be cured of their health imbalances.

The truth is, none of these four things are the role a Reiki Master plays when it comes to healing clients. It is not a Reiki Masters job to use energy channelling to give you what you want and desire. It is not a Reiki Masters job to cure your health problems. And it’s not the role of a Reiki Master to shape your life into an ideal vision of happiness and bliss.

And as surprising as it may sound, it’s not the role of your Reiki Master to change anything. The role a Reiki Master Healer plays is to act as a channel between you and The Source. That is the only role a Reiki Master is expected to take. And it’s the best role to assume for the healing and spiritual development of everyone concerned.


A Reiki Master healer connects you with The Source...that's it!

No matter who your Reiki Master healer is, their role is to connect your body, being and energy with the energy of The Source. From here, it is up to The Source what gets healed in you and what doesn’t. The results of a Reiki treatment are not the responsibility of the healer. Part of the responsibility rests with the client and the rest with The Source.

So how open the client is to being healed, how much they believe in the capability to heal, and how connected they are to God, The Source, are some of the many factors that determine the success of a healing session.

It is the role of your Reiki Master to connect your energy with the energy of The Source. From there, a clients healing is all about their deeper relationship with The Source.


A Reiki Master helps to guide you to where you need to be!

One of the most commonly sought after services I offer to clients is relationship healing. No matter who the person and what sort of life they live, everyone has relationships with people. Whether with a partner, a friend, a family member or a business colleague, a large part of life comes down to the relationships we have with others.

So relationship healing is a popular area that people often need help with. However many people expect a Reiki Master to work their magic and force two people together in ‘harmony’. This is quite the opposite of harmony. In fact, using energy to force two people together is more akin to black magic than healing.

No Reiki Master should use energy channelling to manipulate the Will of another person. No matter what the accompanying intention may be. There are important reasons for why people come together. There are equally important reasons for why people part. Within this bringing together and parting of relationships are many important opportunities for self development and spiritual growth.

So the role of a Reiki Master is not to go against the natural flow of the Universe. The role of a Reiki Master is to help the people in a relationship to make peace with their relationships, to understand the message, if possible, and to help them heal and move on if that is the natural course that relationship should take.

The best role a Reiki Master could assume is becoming a channel and guide to help people understand the deeper meaning of their relationships.


Learning Reiki yourself is the best thing you can do for your own self-healing!

The art of Reiki and spiritual healing aims to empower the individual practising it. By learning how your environment interacts with you, and how you interact with your environment, you can begin to use your thoughts, intention, emotion and energy as tools of change.

In some cases, many clients have a regular Reiki Master healer who heals them, but they do not wish to learn Reiki themselves. I have a few clients like this myself. However there are a number of disadvantages to this that clients should be aware of.

The role of a Reiki Master is to heal, empower and improve their clients. If a co-dependant relationship develops between client and healer, this can be counter-prodductive for the growth and development of the client.

By not learning how you create energy at every moment, how you channel it into your life, and how your life becomes a reflection of that energy you channel, you will never reach the point of being in control of your direction in life.

Realize how energy flows and you can achieve self-mastery.

There is little purpose in a Reiki Master healer removing a negative energy block from within you, if your thoughts, intentions and actions are repeatedly re-creating those same blockages. When you learn how you create these energy blocks yourself, and you discover how to release them yourself, there is no need to hire a Reiki Master to heal you. Because you can do it yourself.

The best role a Reiki Master can take is helping to motivate you to change. Because without change, there is no real progress. The energy of Reiki itself will help change to occur automatically. However by learning Reiki, you allow that change to become much deeper and far more profound.


This one thing will improve your Reiki healing sessions in the most profound way!

If you’re already a Reiki Master, you can improve your healing sessions, your client’s development and the spiritual growth of both of you, by doing this one thing during your Reiki sessions. Rather than intend to forcibly change anything in a client, or to heal a specific thing in other words, set this intention instead:

“True Source, we completely open our whole heart and being and surrender to you. Heal [this person] in accordance with your Will.”

Stating this one simple intention during all of your healing and channelling sessions will do a number of profoundly beneficial things.

It will:

  • ensure you are more open to the energy of Reiki which will increase it’s flow through you.
  • ensure your client is healed in the exact way they need to be for their highest good.
  • help to develop both you and your client spiritually.
  • ensure you are both safe and protected during any energy work you perform.
  • ensure you can do no wrong in your healing and channelling sessions.

If you are sensitive enough to energy, you will notice significant improvements to your Reiki healing sessions by stating this one intention. You will also ensure that the best possible outcome for your client is assured.

So next time you perform a healing, remove your will from the healing session. Don’t try to control the outcome. Don’t force anything. And just open and surrender to The Source and allow The Source to heal. You will soon realize that this is what real healing and spiritual development is all about.


Empower Yourself & Learn Reiki Today!

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