What are the 5 Reiki Principles?



This is a simple way to improve your Reiki and boost your health!

Whether you’re already a Reiki practitioner or not, here I’ll reveal the 5 Reiki Principles and what they mean to improve your self-healing practice and benefit your life.

By integrating the 5 Reiki Principles into your life and following these Principles you’ll also help yourself become a purer channel for the energy of Reiki to flow through you with less resistance.

This will improve your ability to channel an increased flow of energy during your healing sessions.

And with these 5 Reiki principles you’ll learn how to live a happier, more peaceful life.


The original Reiki Principles, as taught by Dri. Mikao Usui, are:

  1. First we say, today don’t get angry.
  2. Second we say, don’t worry.
  3. Third we say, be thankful.
  4. Fourth we say, endeavour your work.
  5. Fifth we say, be kind to people.

At first glance the Reiki principles may seem basic and simplistic, however the positive effects they have upon you are quite deep and profound. Not only will these principles improve your Reiki practice, they will also give your health and well-being a boost.

Among other things, The Reiki Principles help you to purify your body and calm your mind. These principles form the core foundation of the Reiki practice and there are many important reasons why you should incorporate these into your Reiki practice.

So how can these principles help you?


Mentally, emotionally, energetically, you name it, the 5 Reiki Principles can help!

These 5 Reiki Principles were considered to be very important by the founder of Usui Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. Master Usui encouraged his students to incorporate these principles into their daily spiritual routine and advised them to practice reciting them twice a day. Once in the morning and once last thing at night.

These same Reiki principles are similar to those commonly used by monks and Yogi’s to discipline themselves in religious and spiritual practice.

By integrating these principles into your life you greatly reduce the degree to which your environment and emotions control your behaviour. And this will also reduce the amount of negative energy you create within yourself as a result of having uncontrolled thoughts, feelings and reactions to your environment.

So these principles help you learn to master your inner self and how you interact with your environment. And when you interact differently with your environment, your environment interacts differently with you. And this begins your inner transformation.

Everything in the Universe is energy. And the electromagnetic energy of your environment is constantly interacting with the electromagnetic energy of your body and being.

By changing the electromagnetic frequency of your own energy field, you can change how you  interact with your environment. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. Express the energy you wish to attract into your life. So by taking control and mastering your own energy, you can master your interaction with your environment and everything within it.

It sounds like magic, but it’s not, it’s just applying the natural laws of the Universe.

If you can’t regulate your thoughts and feelings and you can’t choose how you respond to your emotions, then you’re not in control of yourself.

If your environment causes you mind, emotions and feelings to spiral out of control you’re being led and influenced by your environment. With regular and frequent practice however, you can train your mind to think and believe anything.


Control over your mind is a key part of the Reiki training!

The key to programming your mind is to create positive affirmations and repeat these frequently until they become habit.

Your mind is programmed by repetition, and by repeating the Reiki principles to yourself daily, you’re training your mind to accept them. In time this will cause the energy associated with the Reiki Principles to become you. And this of course will improve every aspect of your life as well as improve your Reiki channelling potential.

From my own experiences with the Reiki principles, and with affirmation in general, i would highly recommend you adopt these principles and recite them daily while in meditative prayer.

These principle are not rules of behaviour. They are virtues that show you how to live a peaceful and harmonious life by conditioning your mind through daily habitual programming. And with regular practise, these 5 Reiki Principles will help you achieve true inner peace, balance and harmony.

Why are these 5 Reiki principles important for your spiritual practice, you may be wondering?


Why are the Reiki Principles important for spiritual growth?

Reiki is used for self-healing. However this is not the goal of what Reiki is used for. Reiki is a spiritual practice that’s used to improve awareness and expand Consciousness. The healing aspect of Reiki is a way to cleanse and purify the body and mind.

When you purify the body and mind you are able to channel an increased flow of energy into your body and being. And it’s this energy that is used to expand your spiritual awareness.

As your ability to channel energy increases, so too does your ability to manifest your thoughts and desires. What the Reiki Principles ensure is that you do not express negative states of being.

So these principles help you to achieve a stillness within your mind, so you can control your energy expressions. And with regular practise, a calm, still, pure and controlled mind will eventually be nurtured.

Now you know what the Reiki Principle are, let’s now look at the value of each of them and discover how they can help to improve your Reiki practice and your spiritual development.


So what is the importance of each of the Reiki principles? Many people change the Reiki Principles and the wording to something they prefer. However these original principles are still taught today and each one has important spiritual significance.


Reiki Principle 1:

Anger is a very toxic energy for the body and mind. A byproduct of being attuned to Reiki is that your thoughts and intentions are amplifies and empowered. This is because your chakra energy centers are opened

So while the energy of Reiki itself will do no wrong, your ability to express your own negative states of being are amplified as a result of receiving a Reiki attunement.

Anger therefore, should you choose to express it, will be energetically far more powerful after an attunement than it was before it. And when you fill your energy field with the energy of anger, anger is returned to you in the form of the people and situations that incite more anger to be expressed from within you.


Reiki Principle 2:

Worry is another very toxic state of mind to express. With opened chakras, the energy of worry is amplified and intensified should you choose to express it. As is the case with any of your other negative states you choose to reinforce.

An important part of Reiki is meditation and being centered, calm and aware of the present moment. When you worry, you channel negative energy towards whatever you focus your worry on. And this will have a deeper effect upon you following your chakra awakening.


Reiki Principle 3:

When you are thankful for all you have received you open your heart and energy to the abundant blessings that the Universe offers you.

When we are always focused on what we don’t have, we never find peace of mind, as there will always be something new to want after.

Being thankful helps put you in a deeper state of awareness of the spiritual path you came here to experience. It also helps you to understand the lessons coming your way so you can be more present and aware of the messages those lessons carry.

Being thankful also ensures you flow through life while creating minimal resistance to those lessons which helps you analyze the deeper spiritual meaning of your life experiences.


Reiki Principle 4:

When Usui spoke of endeavouring your work, he was not referring to doing well in your career. He was speaking of working towards achieving your ultimate work, which is achieving awareness of the life purpose you came here to realize.

Your spiritual purpose, your destiny, and the path you came here to become aware of, is the work Usui speaks of.


Reiki Principle 5:

An important spiritual principle in Buddhism, Yoga, Reiki and many other practices is to be kind towards others.

When you show kindness towards others you use your energy in the way you are supposed to use it. To help elevate others towards achieving positive self-growth and spiritual development.

When you give your energy to help others express the Light within them, the Universe helps you more in return. Being a positive expression for the Universe improves everyone and everything. Being a negative expression is not something the Universe and The Source has a Will to reinforce in you.


And tame your mind!

Strive to be aware of how you think, how you speak to yourself and the language you use to express yourself at all times. All these forms of energy will be amplified, either by The Source or by yourself. Reiki empowers every positive aspect of your being. However your opened chakras will amplify your negative energy expressions should you choose to express them.

At the core of these 5 Reiki Principles are the means to achieve balance, peace and calmness in body and mind. And each will help you to express the positive aspects of yourself, while ensuring the negative parts remain still and absent within your mind.

And as you open up and become more powerful, which is what Reiki will do for you, this degree of self-control and self-mastery becomes all the more important as you advance.


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