Thought Control | Mind Control Technique

Thought Control | Mind Control Technique

There is a simple practice you can use for thought control which uses a simple yet effective mind control technique. This mind control technique will help you to let go of negative energy and negative thoughts so you can maintain thought control.

When negativity flows into your head and makes your brain busy, use this simple visualization to help it flow back out and away from you.


Brain Hack Number 6 is to Let Negativity Flow Away On Water’

Whenever a negative thought arises within your head, or your thinking becomes overactive and fills your head with busyness, try the following.

  • Imagine a stream of slow, trickling water, flowing through your head. Gently the water flows in through the back of your head, flows through you, and flows right out the front of your forehead.
  • As this stream gently flows, imagine, and intend, that all the negativity, stress, anxiety, sadness, and mental busyness, flows with that stream of water trickling through your head and is recycled into the Earth.
  • And imagine and intend that all these things float with the water, right out the front of your head, and are carried off into the far distance until they completely disappear from sight.
  • Make the experience as real as possible. Feel the water flow through your head. Hear the sound of the trickling water.
  • And see the water as it twists and turns into the far distance and disappears into the Earth with all your negativity flowing away with it.

With a little practise, you will find this is an effective way to still an overactive brain and to remove unwanted negativity from your awareness.


Use This Mind Control Technique to Stress and Mental Busyness

This is a simple thought control technique you can use before meditation to help clear your mind of busyness. And it’s also an effective thought control technique you can use in your day to day life too.

When you experience thing you don’t like, such as difficult situations, unpleasant people, or verbal confrontation, these things have a tendency to bounce around within your head for quite some time after you have experienced them.

Naturally, this can have a negative effect upon your thought processes, your emotions, how those emotions continue to make you feel, and various other areas of your life.

If you spend some time working on this visualization of water flowing through your head, taking negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, sadness, and busyness with it, you will in time train yourself to become more resilient to the challenges in your life as you allow all forms of negativity to trickle out your head without you holding onto them.

Similar to how the Wu Wei Principle shows you how you can improve your life by flowing through life without resistance, force, or control, like water flowing in a stream, you can allow the negative energies within your head to flow through you and away from you without resistance, force, or control.

And with a little practise, you will learn how to achieve thought control, how to not hold onto things, and you will learn how to not allow your temporary emotions to continue affecting your feelings as you learn to let go of your burdens and float them away in a stream of water, rather than carry them with you.


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Thought Control | Mind Control Technique

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