The Secrets of Selflessness | Selfless Persons Guide to Being Selfless

The Secrets of Selflessness | Selfless Persons Guide to Being Selfless

Welcome to video number 4 in this mini-series where I am discussing the essential qualities of a spiritual person and in this video I’ll be discussing The Secrets of Selflessness with the Selfless Persons Guide to Being Selfless, so you know why being selfless is important for you and other people, and why expressing selflessness is important for spiritual development.

So what does selfless mean?

Being selfless, or selflessness means ‘having concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with ones own’.

Or in other words, a selfless person’s actions are not motivated by self-interest or selfishness, but by a concern for the welfare and well-being of others.


The Secrets of Selflessness Relate to Your Energy

There is a lot more to being selfless than meets the eye. The secrets of selflessness relate to your energy which has a profound effect on your spiritual development.

From a spiritual perspective, expressing selflessness is of the utmost importance, because spiritual development is limited without it.

The Source supports all of us equally. All of us are sent the same love, support, and guidance from The Source, without exception.

However, what we each receive from The Source depends upon how we use our energy. Because how we use our energy determines what we are open to receive from The Source.

And there are many ways we express our energy that determine how open we are to receiving what The Source is sending us.

Such as expressing:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Faith, and so on.

And another one of the ways we open more to The Source is by expressing selflessness.


Being Selfless & Expressing Selflessness Opens Your Heart & Energy Field

One of the secrets of selflessness is that expressing selflessness opens your heart and energy more to The Source, so you can be better loved, healed, supported, and guided in life.

The more you use your energy to help, support, and guide others, the more you allow yourself to be helped, supported, and guided by The Source.

So while expressing selflessness is acting without expecting anything in return, you do nevertheless receive a lot in return from The Source if your selflessness is healthy, balanced, and genuine.

Why this happens, is all to do with how you use your energy. When you express selfishness, or you’re only thinking about yourself, your field of energy is limited to around you.

In a similar way to how expressing gratitude and forgiveness opens your heart and energy, when you express selflessness your heart opens more your energy field expands, and your energy becomes increasingly less restricted and limited, as your energy field continues to expand.

And the more your heart and energy field expands, the more Love you are open to receive from The Source.


You Must Open Your Heart to Continue to Advance Spiritually

To continue to advance spiritually, you must completely open your heart and energy to The Source and surrender to The Source.

If you express selfishness, and you are more concerned with yourself rather than the welfare and well-being of others, you choose to limit how much you open yourself to The Source.

So by expressing selflessness, your spiritual development is improved profoundly.

If you express selfishness, your spiritual development is limited.

Spiritual development is all about expansion of energy, expansion of your heart, expansion of awareness, and expansion of consciousness.

And selflessness is one of many required traits that you need to develop, to continue to expand and develop spiritually.


How to Express Selflessness & How Not to Express It

Now you know what selflessness is, and why it’s important, it’s equally important to know how to express selflessness and how not to express it.

Because selflessness can be expressed to create positive effects, and it can be expressed to create negative effects.

For many of us, myself included, being selfless comes naturally, and we have a natural desire to focus on other people and to help other people as much as possible.

And as I experienced, and as I know many of you have also experienced, sometimes the selflessness we express can be detrimental to our own welfare and well-being.

Sometimes we focus so much of our attention on others, that we neglect our own needs, and that can cause us to become energetically unbalanced, and mentally, emotionally, and physically run down.

Many naturally selfless people will be able to relate to that because that’s how many selfless people naturally express themselves.

Many selfless people channel their energy outside of them and towards other people, and soon find themselves becoming drained and negatively affected as a result.


How You Use Your Energy Matters

Another one of the secrets of selflessness again comes down to how we use our energy.

When our heart and energy expand, it’s not because we are focused on channelling outward and forcing our energy to expand.

Our heart and energy naturally expand when we go inward and open our heart.

Expressing healthy selflessness is a natural progression from tending to your own inner needs by opening your heart.

When you feel calm, at peace, and mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced within yourself, your heart energy naturally expands and your heart guides you towards healthily expressing selflessness.

If your selflessness is all focused on other people, without having an awareness of your own inner needs, you will eventually burn out because you can’t keep channelling energy away from you and expect to remain balanced within.

Selflessness without self-care will eventually affect you negatively.


Expressing Healthy Selflessness Begins with Tending Your Own Needs

So it’s important that your own needs are tended to and that you remain in a healthy balanced state so that you can express selflessness and receive positive results.

So a healthy expression of selflessness is not as simple as focusing all your energy on helping others.

A healthy expression of selflessness requires that you are aware of yourself, your own needs, and you can balance your own energy first and foremost.

By improving yourself, you will improve your ability to help others.

So how do you improve yourself?

Open your heart regularly, surrender to The Source, and the more your heart opens, the more you will allow yourself to be loved, supported, and guided by The Source.

In this way, you can express selflessness and improve the welfare and well-being of others without neglecting yourself, while ensuring you continue to develop spiritually in the best way possible.

You can practise opening your heart and connecting with The Source using the following guided meditation.


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The Secrets of Selflessness - Selfless Persons Guide to Being Selfless

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