The Prayer | What Does Prayer Mean

The Prayer | What Does Prayer Mean

The prayer, what does prayer mean, what is prayer, and how do you do it? In this video I’ll reveal to you what prayer really is. I’ll also show you how to empower your prayers and what you should pray for to help you develop spiritually.

To put things in perspective, another word for prayer is intention. The prayer is an act of energy channelling which is done between you and The Source.

So prayer is a way of connecting you with God, The Source. This is a way of helping you to improve that connection you both share. And with this improved connection, you allow The Source to work through you better. And you allow yourself to be better guided by it.

So prayer shouldn’t be seen as a way of getting what you want and desire in life. It should be seen as a way of improving your relationship with The Source, to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

And the one way you do that is to wholeheartedly open and surrender your whole heart, being and life, to The Source. This is how you achieve spiritual growth. By opening and surrendering your whole self, to the guiding Will of The Source. And the prayer is the means by which you do it.

However it’s not only your words and intentions that are important when it comes to your prayers.

Remember that the prayer is a form of energy channelling. So the amount of energy you attach to your prayers is what gives prayer its power.


How Do You Give Prayer Power

There are different sources of energy you can use with your prayer. You can use the energy of Reiki for example, which helps to expand your energy channelling capability. But you can also use the energy of emotion to empower you prayers and help improve your connection with The Source.

the prayer what does prayer mean

This is why prayers that are said with a lot of emotion are often the prayers that give you results. Because it’s the wholehearted emotional energy you attach to your prayers that give prayer its power.

The most beneficial prayer of them all, is the prayer that improves your connection with The Source. And that helps The Source work through you better so you can be better aware of the guidance being sent towards you.

That prayer, involves wholeheartedly opening and surrendering your whole heart, being and life, to The Source. And then having faith that what comes into your life, and what leaves your life, is exactly what you need to grow spiritually.

As with any form of energy channelling, doing this sort of prayer daily, with wholehearted devotion and sincere intention, are the vital factors needed to give your prayers power.

So the next time you need help or guidance, or someone else needs healing or assistance, rather than take it upon yourself to control the outcome, just intend to wholeheartedly open and surrender your whole heart, being and life, to The Source.

Ask The Source to help heal and guide you in accordance with It’s Will, not yours.

And in this way, you’ll ensure your most open and receptive to the help, healing and guidance that’s sent your way.

Thanks for watching my video on The Prayer | What Does Prayer Mean. Leave a comment and share what experiences you’ve had of prayer working for you?

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