Use Your Imagination | The Power of Imagination and Visualization

Use Your Imagination | The Power of Imagination and Visualization

The power of imagination and visualization is significant, and you can use your imagination to enhance healing and improve your health.

Your imagination is the part of your mind that imagines things. Imagination is the ability of your mind to be creative. And creativity is a powerful state of being to express.

Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited to what you already know, whereas imagination is infinite. There are no limits when it comes to imagination.

Your infinite creative imagination is a reflection of the infinite creative potential of The Source.

When you are expressing creativity, whether that’s being creative with art, music, writing or expressing your imagination in any other form, the infinite creative potential of the Universe flows through you.


The Universe is Pure Imagination

Just as pure awareness and pure consciousness are fields which are larger than your physical self, pure imagination is a field which is larger than your physical self too.

You live in a Universe of Cosmic Awareness. Cosmic Consciousness. And Cosmic Imagination.

The full potential of your imagination cannot even be described in words.

Creativity and imagination are so important because expressing creativity and imagination improves your connection with The Source.


You Can Use Your Imagination to Improve Health

From a more down to Earth perspective, we already know that the power of imagination and visualization can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Your imagination plays a massive role in influencing the performance of your healing system and helping your body to remain fit and healthy.

Your thoughts determine what sort of seeds you plant in your imagination and your imagination then grows those seeds and they become your reality.

Thoughts are a very powerful form of electrical energy that flows throughout your entire body and that energy has an effect on every organ, every body process, and every cell in your body.

This is why expressing worry with your thoughts has such a negative impact on your health.

Expressing worry is using your imagination in a negative way, by imagining a future that’s not going to be good for you.

The energy of those worrying thoughts creates anxiety and stress, which creates a wide range of potentially very serious health problems over time.

Worry is a counter-productive state of mind to express.

When you express a productive state of mind, however, this is known to have positive healing effects upon every aspect of your healing system and your health.

Healing thoughts direct healing energy to the specific areas of your body that need it. Worrying about your health does the exact opposite.

So even when you’re not actively performing Reiki, your ability to self-heal is always affected by how you choose to think, and how you express your imagination.


You Can Use Your Imagination to Fight Serious Diseases

Let’s take Dr O. Carl Simonton as an example. Dr Simonton was a pioneer cancer specialist and oncologist, and he became famous for pushing his research into mainstream medicine, showing how the mind-body connection can fight cancer.

Dr Simonton showed that many of his patients were able to use their imagination to increase the activity of their immune system, stimulate repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and demonstrate a reversal of their disease, by using their minds to imagine their white blood cells removing the tumour cells that were in their bodies.

And he’s not the only medical specialist who has demonstrated how the imagination can be used to overcome disease, there are many more medical experts on that list.

The seeds your thoughts plant in your imagination become your reality. Your imagination is one of the most important tools and abilities your human person has at its disposal.


Use The Power of Imagination and Visualization to Enhance Healing

Use your imagination to your advantage. Improve your health. Sit in silent meditation, mentally talk to your healing system. Talk to your body.

Reinforce your bodies ability to heal by planting productive healing thoughts in your imagination.

Really put energy and feeling into communicating with your body and your healing system, and direct your healing system to the area of your body that needs healing.

Encourage and empower your healing system to do what needs to be done to fight your disease and improve your health, while encouraging your whole body to remain balanced and working in harmony with all other body systems and processes.

Develop a relationship with your healing system, talk to it, encourage it, thank it for helping you, and use your creative imagination to imagine what needs to be done to help you with your specific health condition.

Talk to your body from a place of peace, Love, and Joy, and with positive belief, and your body will listen and respond accordingly.


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Use Your Imagination - The Power of Imagination and Visualization

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