The Mind | How Your Mind Creates Reality

The Mind | How Your Mind Creates Reality

The mind is one of the most fascinating tools your human person has at its disposal. Being aware of how your mind creates reality, and learning how to control that process, can help make your life a living joy, rather than a living nightmare.

Your mind is in its natural state of calm peacefulness when it’s empty. When your mind is completely blank, and without activity, this is the natural peaceful state of the mind.

When things in your environment cause your mind to activate, that natural peacefulness is disturbed.

And how your mind activates, determines how you experience the outside world. Your perception of the outside world is determined by your thoughts and mental attitude.

The entire world is your own projection. What you see and experience around you is a projection of the activity within your mind.

For example, three different people can look at a beautiful bright red poppy field and every person can experience that poppy field differently, depending upon the activity within their mind.

One person may look at the poppy field and feel uneasy because they are allergic to poppy seeds.

A world war 1 army veteran may look at the poppy field and feel sadness due to the poppies association with loss and sacrifice.

And another person may look at a poppy field and smile with happiness and joy at the beautiful sight before them.

What this shows us is that, in every case, what we experience with what’s in front of us is not determined by what’s in front of us, but rather by what our mind projects onto it.

Every single thing in the physical world that you experience, is an experience of the projection of your own mind.

And when you change your mind, your values, your perception, and your beliefs, the outside world changes at the same time.

Your life can be a living joy, or it can be a living nightmare, depending upon what you choose to project from your mind.

There are things in the outside world that you cannot change.

However, you can change your experience of all those things, by changing what you use your mind to project.

In many situations, people put so much energy into trying to control the outside world, when it is they themselves who are projecting what they are experiencing.

When you change your mind, the entire outside world changes at the same time.

So with every situation in life, and especially with challenging outside situations that are beyond your control, search within and change your experience by changing your mind.

You have control over thought, and if you can control thought, you can control the projections from your mind.

And that is something that’s so important and so very helpful because being able to do this means you are not attached to the suffering that’s going on in the outside world.

There is nothing in the outside world that has the power to bind you if you have control over your thoughts.

And if you can control your thoughts and your mind, you can control how you choose to experience the world. And that’s one of the things you’re here to learn how to do.

Even in the face of great suffering, you can experience peace by choosing what is projected from your mind.

All you have to do is choose what you want to experience.


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The Mind | How Your Mind Creates Reality

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