The Golden Path of the Soul To Enlightenment

The Golden Path of the Soul To Enlightenment | The Golden Path


You're already on the Yellow Brick Road Dorothy!

You may be wondering why I’m talking about the Yellow Brick Road and what Dorothy has to do with any of this. This is only one of many deep spiritual messages associated with the Golden Path. To find those answers, please do read on and all will be explained.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the desire to know these answers and secrets drives us into deep spiritual exploration. It’s this inwards study that then awakens the aspiring spiritual student to the Golden Path of the Soul to Enlightenment.

What exactly then is The Golden Path of the Soul and what is Enlightenment?


There is a deep spiritual and esoteric meaning associated with the Golden Path!

The Golden Path of the Soul is a philosophy and deep spiritual teaching that can be seen in Taoist, Buddhist, and Kabbalah teachings. And this path teaches the blueprint for how one can purify their Soul while advancing spiritually.

When a spiritual aspirant is prepared, capable and ready for deeper inner study, an inner calling is activated and realized from within. When a person realizes something is missing from their life, and a void exists within that needs filled, that person begins a gradual awakening to The Golden Path.

This gradual awakening is the awakening of human Consciousness into a larger field of awareness. And when the mind, Will and energy of a person is focused in this direction, brick by brick the Golden Path presents itself.

However this is not just any spiritual path. The Golden Path is the path the Soul is guided upon in order to return home.


You don't need to find the Golden Path. You're already on it!

You don’t need to find this Golden Path. You’re already on it. Rather, you have to turn your awareness inwards, and explore your inner Self, to awaken your awareness of the path. And when the time is right, you will be guided on that journey.

There is a purpose to your life. You’re here for a reason. And there is so much more to reality, and to yourself, that you can directly experience. What you experience through your physical senses is only a tiny fraction of what can be potentially experienced.

The Golden Path is the experience of being guided by God, The Source, through the winding maze of life. By channelling your inner feminine qualities of love, kindness, empathy, compassion and altruism towards others, your awareness gradually opens to the guiding Light of The Source.

It’s this Light from the Source which can be internally experienced as the feeling of pure Unconditional Spiritual Love. This is a Love that not only fills your heart and being, but also guides you down the Golden path.


What's the deeper spiritual message associated with The Golden path of the Soul?

There are many different layers to understanding the Golden Path, what it means and what wisdom it offers. Some of those deeper layers are explained in my article on the story of the Wizard of Oz. To summarize this account, the Wizard of Oz shares the secret to what is needed to awaken on your own Golden Path.

You must have an intelligent, non-attached mind, an activated spiritual heart, and the courage to follow where your heart is guiding you. You can read my article on the spiritual meaning of the Wizard of Oz story on, where I share the deeper insight and wisdom that’s been secretly woven into the tale.

Beyond the story of the Wizard of Oz what other wisdom does the Golden Path hold?

Your spiritual path is not a path of learning new answers. It’s a path of awakening to the answers that are already inside of you while still in human form. This initial awakening leads you on a slow and gradual journey towards Enlightenment.

Achieving that enlightenment does not involve gathering new things and filling your brain and mind with information. Quite the opposite in fact. It involves emptying your brain and mind of everything. It’s this emptying of your mind that detaches your mind from its many attachments. And with that detachment, your awareness and consciousness expands and your path becomes increasingly clear.

The key to that expansion rests in your ability to do this one thing. Empty yourself. And to achieve this, one of the key aspects is surrender.


You have a guide! You just need to surrender to It!

Surrender is an often difficult word to understand before one has experienced it as a spiritual principle. Surrender is often seen to be a submissive sign of weakness. However this is not the type of surrender involved in spiritual practice.

Surrendering involves releasing the fear, worry, and sense of hopelessness from within you. For the advanced spiritual student, life will find a way of giving you the people and experiences you need, to bring you to your knees.

When in this stage of fear, worry and hopelessness, one often reaches a point of being able to sink no lower. The only way forward then, is to completely surrender ones life to the guiding Love of The Source.

Faith and trust in Divine guidance is easy when you have nothing else to lose. And it’s that same faith and trust that will open you to experiencing Love within your heart.

It’s this repeated surrendering of your whole heart, being and life to The Source, in daily heartfelt prayer, that makes the bricks of your path shine brighter. And as your awareness improves, so too does your vision of the path before you. The fog lifts, you see where you are, and where you are being guided to becomes clear.

Surrendering to The Source is the number one key to advanced spiritual development. It is not just a practice. It’s a necessity. For you cannot be guided in life unless you are willing to surrender to the guidance of your guide.

“True Source, I am Yours, All is Yours, Your Will Be Done Through Me.”

Make this intention a daily part of your prayers. Add it in your meditations. Use it in your channelling sessions. And include it in your healing treatments. And use it in all other Reiki practices. And in good time, you will awaken to the Golden Path you’re already journeying on.


Reiki will expand your awareness and guide you home!

Reiki is a practice commonly used for healing, however this is only one part of what Reiki is used for. There is a deeper spiritual purpose associated with Reiki. And that is to help you expand your Consciousness to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself, while opening your awareness to the Golden Path you’re already on.

At the core of Reiki teachings are the practices and techniques needed to awaken your heart to Love. And it’s this Love that heals you and others, while awakening you to the guidance that’s already being sent towards you.

Many people cry out for spiritual guidance and to find a guiding Light in their lives. What many people don’t realize is that this guidance is already being channelled to you. You don’t have to find it. Because it’s already there. What you do need to do is remove all the blockages from within you that stop you being fully aware of this guidance.

Reiki will help you to lift the veil that colours your view of life and will give you the wisdom and knowledge needed to experience your true Self and the true nature of reality. Free your mind, awaken your heart and follow your courage and you will awaken to your own Golden Path.

Begin your journey into Reiki today!

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