The Gift of Forgiveness | Accepting God’s Forgiveness So You Are Forgiven

The Gift of Forgiveness | Accepting God’s Forgiveness So You Are Forgiven

In this video, I’m going to share with you the deeper secret to The Gift of Forgiveness and Accepting God’s Forgiveness So You Can Be Forgiven.

Forgiveness is a key part of spiritual development and forgiveness is mentioned several hundreds of time times in the Quran, it’s mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible, it’s considered to be one of the greatest qualities one can possess in the Bhagavad Gita, and it’s an important quality in Buddhism, Taoism, and many other traditions.

There is a very important reason why forgiveness is considered to be so important for spiritual development. And that is because the forgiveness you give to others is the forgiveness you accept for yourself.

So what do I mean by that?

Let’s use the Bible in this example, there’s one passage in the Bible that explains how the forgiveness you give others effects you.

In Mathew 18, there is a story about forgiveness which offers the spiritual seeker a deeper insight into forgiveness.

To cut the story short, in Mathew 18:35, that story ends with the following words:

“So my Father, who is in Heaven, will do to you unless each of you forgives his brother his offences from your heart.”

What the message is given in this story and passage is referring to is the forgiveness you give to others.

And this passage is clearly sharing with the spiritual seeker, that what you do to others, God, The Source, will do to you.


Give Others the Gift of Forgiveness

Now, this is where it gets a little deeper. The Source is unconditional Love and The Source offers you unconditional forgiveness.

That means that no matter what you may say or do in life, The Source forgives you unconditionally if you ask to be forgiven.

So then the question is, how can the Source do to you what you do to others, AND offer you unconditional forgiveness at the same time?

Although this may at first seem like a contradiction, you have to be able to read between the lines and realize the deeper spiritual message.

The forgiveness gifted to you by The Source is unconditional. You only have to ask The Source to forgive you for what you have done and that forgiveness will be gifted to you, unconditionally.

However, The Source will do to you, what you do to others. Or in other words, if you do not unconditionally forgive others, from your heart, then you cannot accept unconditional forgiveness into your heart.

If you do not forgive others, your heart remains closed to the unconditional forgiveness The Source is sending You.

God’s forgiveness is being sent to you, unconditionally, however, it is up to YOU, whether or not you choose to accept Source forgiveness into your heart.

If you do not forgive others, you only punish yourself, because you choose to close your heart to the forgiveness being sent to you by The Source.

However, when you forgive others, sincerely from your heart, your heart opens and accepts the forgiveness being sent to you, from The Source.
So truly and sincerely forgive others, unconditionally, for everything, and you will accept into your heart the unconditional forgiveness that The Source wants you to have.

And when you accept that unconditional forgiveness direct from The Source, your heart opens so more of Source unconditional Love can flow into heart, body, and being.

And you feel pure love, you feel deep healing has taken place, and you feel at peace, happy, and joyful as you open your heart, which allows you to be closer to The Source.

So truly I tell you, that the act of forgiving others is simultaneously an act of self-forgiveness and an act of unconditional Love that opens your heart and brings you closer to God.


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The Gift of Forgiveness | Accepting God’s Forgiveness So You Are Forgiven

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