Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 9

Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 9

Welcome to poem number 9 of The Ten Bulls, and the ninth insight into the journey towards enlightenment.

Poem number nine is titled “Reaching the Source”, and is written as follows:

“Too many steps have been taken
returning to the root and the source.
Better to have been blind and deaf
from the beginning!
Dwelling in one’s true abode,
unconcerned with and without –
The river flows tranquilly on
and the flowers are red.”


The Meaning of the Ninth Ten Bulls Poem

Reaching The Source is not something we humans have the capacity to visualize, understand, or imagine.

For reaching The Source is far beyond what any human being can comprehend.

Reaching The Source is returning to your root and the Source of your creation to become One with The creator, fully and completely.

We all have taken far too many steps, we have all been searching for such a long time to find That which will guide us home.

With so many distractions leading our eyes, whispering in our ears, and misguiding our human senses it would surely have been better to have been blind and deaf from the beginning.

This is one of the most important hints and insights in all of these poems.

Do not believe what your eyes and ears tell you.

Close your eyes and sit in still silence, and use your sense of feeling as though you were feeling the sun warming your skin and the wind gently blowing against your body.

Your sense of feeling will allow you to experience a world that your eyes and ears are not capable of experiencing.

And when you rest in your beings true residence, with complete non-attachment to everything, there is nothing you desire to have and nothing you desire to avoid.

Everything is exactly as it needs to be.

And the river of your life continues to flow on tranquilly, as your being becomes an expression of Pure Love.

Join me again in part ten, for the final poem of The Ten Bulls.


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Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 9

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