Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 6

Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 6

Welcome to poem number 6 of The Ten Bulls, and the sixth insight into the journey towards enlightenment.

Poem number six is titled “Riding the Bull Home”, and is written as follows:

“Mounting the Ox, slowly
I return homeward.
The voice of my flute intones
through the evening.
Measuring with hand-beats
the pulsating harmony,
I direct the endless rhythm.
Whoever hears this melody
will join me.”


The Meaning of the Sixth Ten Bulls Poem

The poem starts with the first line, “Mounting the Ox”,

Upon reaching this stage, you have achieved a relatively rare and significant feat.

You have connected and merged your will and sense of Self with The Great Creator and The Source of your existence.

Slowly The Source prepares you by giving you the experiences, knowledge, and realization you need, to help you open your awareness further and further.

Realizing your Self is One with all others, you return homeward to share what you are directed to share, according to The Will of The Source.

The poem continues, “The voice of my flute intones through the evening”, and the flute holds a very deep and powerful spiritual message that goes back many thousands of years.

For the voice of The Source to play through you, you must become like a simple flute.

You must become hollow and empty within. Only when your mind is empty of all busyness, and your heart is empty of all blockages, can The Source fill you with Its song.

As a simple flute, you can do nothing on your own because you cannot make your flute sing.

By emptying yourself, you prepare yourself to receive the voice of The Source, which plays and guides your whole being as It’s instrument.

You must empty yourself of everything, all wants, wills, desires, all attachments, including pride, arrogance, selfishness, identity and ego, until you are nothing more but an empty flute, ready to sing The Source’s tune.

And The Source’s tune is the experience of Unconditional Love which fills your empty heart and your whole being, completely, so that you may share Source Will and Source Love with the world.

You are the flute through which The Source expresses itself to the world. But you must first empty yourself to become an instrument of The Source.

The key to being that instrument is within your spiritual heart.

When your spiritual heart is directed towards Source and opened and surrendered to The Source, your whole heart pulsates in harmony with the Love of The Source.

And all those who hear the melody of Source Love flowing through you and into the world, will gather around and join you.

So this poem is all about achieving harmony with The Source so that you and Source are One, and you allow yourself to become an instrument of Source Will, and to be directed by Source Will, so The Light of The Source shines into the world for all to benefit from.

Join me again in part seven of The Ten Bulls.


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Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 6

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