Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 5

Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 5

Welcome to poem number 5 of The Ten Bulls, and the fifth insight into the journey towards enlightenment.

Poem number five is titled “Taming the Bull”, and is written as follows:

“The whip and rope are necessary,
Else he might stray off down
some dusty road.
Being well-trained, he becomes
naturally gentle.
Then, unfettered, he obeys his master.”


The Meaning of the Fifth Ten Bulls Poem

Starting from the first written line of this poem, you’re told that the whip and rope are necessary.

The whip and rope are both for you to help bring you into Unity with The Source.

The whip hints that you must be dedicated to your path, and you must direct your mind and heart towards The Source with devotion.

And as hinted to you by the whip, you must do whatever is necessary to maintain self-discipline while on your path.

As hinted to you by the rope, you must stay connected to The Source always, with dedication, devotion, and self-discipline.

Through your spiritual heart, you can maintain a connection to The Source that you can feel permanently. And spiritual development is working towards feeling that permanent connection with Source always, and not just when you pray or meditate.

And that connection from your heart can be felt and experienced by practising opening and surrendering your heart to The Source, every day, with dedication, devotion, and self-discipline.

Without practising with dedication, devotion, and self-discipline, the bull may stray off down some dusty road, and The Source will not establish It’s Will through you.

When you have succeeded in regularly performing what is necessary to tame the bull, you will be in resonance with The Source in other words.

You will have become one with the vibration of The Source and you and The Source will be together in a state of balance and harmony.

In that state, when your Will and Source Will are no longer struggling for dominance, your path in life become naturally gentle as you create no resistances within you to the Will of The Source, and your life becomes a beautiful reflection of Source Will.

At which point, you allow Source Will to exercise It’s Will through your mind, body, and being as it guides you down the path meant for you while shining Its Light into the world for the benefit of all.

At that point, unfettered and no longer restricted, you become a beautiful Divine instrument of Source Will.

Free to obey and follow the guiding Will of your Master.

Join me again in part six of The Ten Bulls.


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Ten Bulls of Zen | Ten Ox Herding Pictures | Poem 5

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