Surrender to God | Surrendering to God is Key for Spiritual Development

Surrender to God | Surrendering to God is Key for Spiritual Development

There are a few important keys to help you grow spiritually, and one of the most important of those keys is surrender to God.

So what is surrendering to God?

Well first, allow me to share with you what surrender is not.

Now surrender has nothing to do with giving up and it has nothing to do with being submissive. Surrendering to God is about stopping resisting the Love that The Source is currently sending you.

Why did I say currently?

Because what you’re looking for, what you’re trying to find, is already being sent to you. What you’re looking for is all around you. You just have to tune yourself appropriately, to awaken your awareness to it.

Every single person watching this video, every single person in the world, is currently being sent the same broadcast if you will. There is no person on this planet, no matter how advanced, who is being sent something special that no one else is receiving.

This is why it’s said that to grow spiritually, don’t look without, look within. Because you need to tune yourself, within, to connect to the signal being sent to you.

And that signal from Source that’s being sent to you right now can be felt and experienced as pure Divine Love when you learn how to tune yourself into feeling that frequency.

And so surrendering to God means making a conscious intention to stop resisting the Love that’s currently being sent to you.

That’s what surrender to God means in the spiritual sense.

Now you know what surrendering to God is, the question now is, what are you surrendering?

What you’re surrendering to God is your heart. And when you surrender your heart to God, The Source, you allow your heart to open.

And it’s your heart that is the receiver of the Love that The Source is currently sending to you right now. So if you’re looking for God, God is already around you and within you.

Now you just need to stop looking and start feeling that connection. Which brings us to the next question, how, do we feel this loving connection to Source?

So far with these group videos I’ve shared, I’ve explained ‘How to ‘Feel’ the Energy when Performing Reiki’ and ‘how to Improve your Reiki with a ‘smile’, and if you’ve not watched these videos yet, I would ask you to watch these previous two videos, and this video, which you’re doing now, so that’s a pass.

And be familiar with these three videos before you watch the video that I’ll post on Friday. Because on Friday, I’m going to bring ‘feeling’ the energy, ‘smiling’, and ‘surrendering’ together.

And I’ll explain a very simple yet powerful technique, that you can use to tune your heart, connect with The Source, and feel this Love within you.

I look at life as though it were a maze, a massive multi-dimensional maze that we’ve all been wandering around in for a very long time, trying to understand how we get out of it.

And no matter how hard we try and no matter what turns we make, we continue to find ourselves wandering around in the maze. What we don’t realize is that this maze we’re in has no exist points.

Every single path, and every turn, leads us back into the maze. However, there’s one path that elevates us and lifts us out this maze. And that path is following the guidance that The Source is always sending to us.

It’s not possible to be guided in life if we are intent on leading the way. If we want to be guided, we have to surrender to God to be guided.

Love is the direction and your heart is the instrument that connects you with both.

There are intelligence and awareness within your heart that knows exactly what to do, where to go, and what to follow.

All you have to do is surrender to God so that you can be guided by Its Love.

And in your next video, I’ll share with you a very simple practice you can use to open your heart, surrender to God, and be guided by God’s Love.

And that will help elevate you to where you need to be.


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Surrender to God | Surrendering to God is Key for Spiritual Development

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