The Power of Love | Spiritual Love has the Power to Change Your Life

The Power of Love | Spiritual Love has the Power to Change Your Life

Spiritual Love has the power to change your life and the power of Love is the most powerful creative force for change in the entire Universe. It’s the energy of Love that connects you directly with the creative potential of The Source.

Due to our environment, however, we all grow up with different ideas and opinions about what love is. However, what we may call worldly love, is very different from spiritual love.

So what’s the difference between worldly love and spiritual love and how can we tell the difference?

Worldly love is usually preceded by desire. We usually have a desire, a want, or a need, to gain something from another person for ourselves.

So with worldly love, there is usually an element of personal gain involved. We want to experience a heart connection and feel love and so we look to other people to connect our hearts to and give us this love.

However, there is a problem with this. Because there is a very subtle difference between connecting our hearts with another person and attaching our hearts to another person.

And the difference can be felt by being aware of how we choose to channel energy from our hearts.

Connecting our hearts with people can be a beautiful experience for both partners, however, attaching our hearts will lead to eventual suffering.


How do you know if your heart is connected to someone in a healthy way or it’s attached to a person in an unhealthy way?

If you remove that person from your life and you’re still feeling the love from your heart, and there is no pain of separation, then your heart was not attached to that person.

And this is why so many of us go through relationship after relationship, repeatedly searching for love, attaching our hearts to people, taking love from them, then separating from them and experiencing so-called heartbreak.

It’s those feelings of so-called heartbreak that are indicating to us that we are not using our hearts healthily and helpfully.

You wouldn’t ignore the pain from any other part of your body, so why do so with your heart?

However, we all go through a learning process of repeatedly attaching our hearts to people until we learn how to love without attachment.

When we learn to love without attachment that’s pure love which is a deep and beautiful experience that we can share with another person.

We know there is no attachment with this pure love because when we separate from the person we’re sharing love with there is no so-called heartbreak and we still feel the love within us.

We’re still feeling the love because the love connection we feel within us does not come from the other person. It comes from somewhere else. And so the love we feel within our heart is always with us no matter who’s in our life or what’s happening around us.


So where does this sort of love come from?

It comes from The Source. This is what spiritual love is. This is what pure love is. It’s a love we feel independently of everyone and everything, however, it’s a love that we can also share with everyone and everything without us placing conditions on who gets it, what they must do to continue getting it, and what they must give in return.

That is a selfish love that is tainted by desire, want, and need, and that sort of selfish love will always lead you to pain, and suffering because that sort of love can never be sustained.

That sort of love is always temporary and it’s completely dependent on who is in your life and what’s going on in your environment.

And this is why people become jealous, possessive, and control their partner, and strive to control their partners’ behaviour when they are taking love from them. Because they want to guard that love and ensure they continue to receive it.

Pure love, however, doesn’t need guarded. It doesn’t need conditions. And it’s freely available to everyone.

You just have to intend to open your heart and surrender to Source Love to connect with it, and I’ve shown you how to do that already in the Open Heart Prayer Guided Meditation.

To feel love within our heart, always, every waking moment of the day, even when we’re on our own, is one of the most beautiful, deeply profound experiences we could have.

However, connecting with this sort of love is more than just a feeling. When we connect with Source Love, we allow the creative potential of The Source to work through us.


There are amazing benefits we experience when we connect with Pure Love from The Source

When your connection to Source Love reaches a certain point you become aware that this Pure Spiritual love that you feel from Source is also aware and intelligent and it’s guiding you.

Even more amazing than that, you become aware that you can communicate with this intelligent energy, you can ask It questions, you can request guidance, you can ask what the results will be if you take one path over another, and you get a response, in real-time, instantly.

This sort of pure spiritual Love from Source interacts with us by influencing the energy connection within our heart so we can feel real-time communication from The Source.

Amazing right?

It still blows my mind, figuratively speaking of course.


What’s stopping us from feeling this Love and being guided by Source?

We attach our hearts to people and things rather than open and surrender our hearts to The Source. That is all.

You have an in-built mechanism within you that drives you to connect with love. Your whole heart and being burns to compel you to connect with love.

Only that burning to connect with love is not guiding you to attach your heart to another person. It’s guiding you to connect your heart with Source.

And if you insist on repeatedly attaching your heart to people or things your heart will help you by allowing you to repeatedly experience pain and suffering until you understand that you’re using your heart in a way it was not meant to be used.

The only thing you’re supposed to surrender your heart to is The Source. And when you do that, and you connect with Source love, the love you channel into your relationships no longer comes from you.

It’s channelled straight from the Source, through you, and into everyone and everything around you, automatically, every time you feel this loving connection to Source.

And you become an anchor, for this pure spiritual love to work on healing and guiding the world and everyone in it.

That burning for love you feel within you, it’s not for a person. It’s for The Source. And no person will ever satisfy that deep spiritual burning for love you feel inside.

Only connecting to the Love of The Source will satisfy your burning heart. And all you have to do is intend to regularly open and surrender your whole heart and being to Source, to connect with it.

It takes practise, regular daily practise, dedication, devotion, and patience. You just have to channel the energy of your heart to the right place to connect with Source love.

And I’ll repeat what I said before and I’ll continue to repeat it time and time again.

The Open Heart Prayer meditation will allow you to align your heart with Source, it will open your heart to The Source, and it will stop you resisting source love, so you can accept source love into your heart.

And you can find that meditation below.

So now you know the direction, the means, and what’s required from you, the question now is, will you practise opening your heart daily to experience it?


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The Power of Love Changes | Spiritual Love has the Power to Change Your Life

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