Your Spiritual Heart | Did You Know You Have 3 Hearts

Your Spiritual Heart – Did You Know You Have 3 Hearts

Have you heard of your spiritual heart? Did you know you have 3 hearts?

Every human being has 3 hearts, you will already be aware of two of these hearts. However there’s a third heart you may not have heard of. You’re already aware of your physical heart, which pumps blood throughout your body. And your physical heart is led and guided by your brain.

Your second heart is known as your heart chakra. And your heart chakra is located at the middle of your chest as the midway point between your seven main chakras.

However you have a third heart which is the secret heart within you. This is known as your spiritual heart. And it’s this heart that’s the key to spiritual growth.

Your spiritual heart is located at the same point as your heart chakra. And it’s your spiritual heart that connects you with The Source and your higher Self. It’s this heart which is responsible for directing your entire being.


How You Can Experience This Spiritual Heart

Advanced practices such as Kriya Yoga, Tummo Yoga, and advanced Reiki, offer you spiritual growth by activating this spiritual heart. When you activate this aspect of yourself you allow yourself to become better aware of your higher Self, The Source, and the guidance that’s always being sent towards you.

It’s this guidance that’s the necessary key to help you achieve real spiritual growth and development. And one of the most important ways of achieving this growth is through meditation.

When your third spiritual heart is activated, you allow yourself to be guided by this higher power that many refer to as God, or The Source, or Cosmic Intelligence.

Your spiritual heart is something that’s very special and it’s a sacred part of your being. Because your spiritual heart has an awareness and intelligence that’s completely separate from your brain awareness and intelligence.

And you can use practices such as Reiki, Yoga and meditation to give you a direct experience of your spiritual heart, your higher Self, and of The Source.

Your Spiritual Heart Did You Know You Have 3 Hearts


Why Is Meditation Your Key To Spiritual Growth

Meditation is what is used to help expand this third heart you have by helping you to reduce the activity of your brain. When you reduce your brain activity during meditation, you allow the energy and awareness of your heart to expand. And it’s this expansion of your heart awareness that helps you reach higher states of Consciousness.

As the Buddha said:

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

There are aspects of your inner self and layers of reality that are only accessible through deep meditation. This is the deeper purpose of meditation. Meditation is used to help you expand your awareness, so you can grow spiritually.

However it does take time and continued regular practise before you can experience an expansion of your awareness and Consciousness. So learning to be patient, relaxed and aware of the present moment is what helps you advance spiritually.

You will also help to improve your mental, emotional and physical health by performing regular meditations every day. And if you do this daily, you will advance relatively quickly.

If you practise Reiki or Yoga and meditate daily, in time and with regular practise, you will become increasingly more aware of yourself in the present moment, and your spiritual heart will in time begin to expand your awareness into a higher state of Consciousness.

And in time, the secrets of your Spiritual heart will be revealed to you.

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