Spiritual Emptiness | Be an Empty Vessel with an Empty Mind

Spiritual Emptiness | Be an Empty Vessel with an Empty Mind

Spiritual development is a process of learning by awakening to the answers that are already within you by becoming an empty vessel with an empty mind. This is what is often referred to as achieving spiritual emptiness.

However spiritual learning is quite different from the sort of learning we’re used to receiving in educational institutions.

When you learn at school, college, or University, you expand your knowledge and awareness by memorizing facts. So you are essentially filling yourself with more information, to improve your knowledge and awareness.

Spiritual learning is the complete opposite of this sort of learning. Spiritual learning does not involve accumulating more into you. It involves letting go of what’s within you.

Spiritual training that involves learning new practices and acquiring knowledge, is largely to teach you how to let go completely.

Because for consciousness to expand, you must learn how to let go of all the things within you that stop that process from happening.


What Do You Let Go of to Become an Empty Vessel?

You’re letting go of everything that you have identified yourself with, as being who and what you are, and all other preconceptions.

Your personality, your wants, wishes, desires, your ego.

The concepts and beliefs you accept to be true, the people and things you attach yourself to, your needs and co-dependencies, all these things you learn to let go of so you can empty yourself.

When you let go of all these things you’re left with an empty vessel which can then be filled with Source Love.

However, you cannot fill any vessel that is already full of something else. You have to clear all the junk out your head so your mind can rest in its natural state of being an empty mind and still.

And when you’re mind is in that peaceful state you become more open to receive.


Your Heart Must Become an Empty Vessel Too

But it’s not only your head that needs a good clearing out. Your heart must become an empty vessel too.

Because your heart cannot be filled with Source Love when it’s already full of anger, judgements, fear, unforgiveness, selfishness, envy, jealousy, and the list goes on and on.

Spiritual purity comes from spiritual emptiness. And that’s what you are essentially working towards achieving with Reiki and other forms of energy healing.

You heal yourself and empty yourself so that you purify yourself. And the purer you become, the closer you resonate with The Source and the more Love flows into your heart.

Now I already know there are people in this group who are going through this experience of emptying themselves, and there are those who have already gone through it.

And what you can experience when you go through this can feel a little unsettling.


Become an Empty Vessel with an Empty Mind and Let Go

When you let go of your wants, wishes, desires, ego, concepts, beliefs, and all the other things you hold within you, and you’re left with an empty vessel and an empty mind, your mind will try to grab onto things.

Your mind will try to remain attached to the past and attached to the things you have used to define yourself, or that have otherwise become a part of your life.

And that can cause some mental fluctuations which can make you feel a bit lost. It can make you feel isolated and lonely.

It can make you feel as though your life has become stagnant and is going nowhere.

It can make you feel as though you have no real sense of purpose and direction and it can lead you to question the meaning of your life.

And naturally, negative thoughts, negative feelings, and negative self-talk can creep into your head.

What you tell yourself when you’re going through this stage, and what you believe, will determine how much you resist this natural process of emptying yourself to become an empty vessel.

If negative thoughts and beliefs can be avoided you will flow through this transformation with relative ease and little resistance.

And in a short time, your mind will stop grabbing onto things and trying to hold onto the past and will let go of all it’s attachments.

Then your empty mind will rest in its natural state of being empty and still.

And this is when you will experience a deeper sense of freedom. You will experience what it feels like to be free from your mind.

And you will be able do think, feel, and act independently, without your mind modifying itself and subconsciously directing your behaviour on autopilot.

And when your mind is under control, you’re free to open your heart with no resistance from your mind. And that is a beautiful freedom to awaken to.


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Spiritual Emptiness | Be an Empty Vessel with an Empty Mind

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