The Six Blind Men and the Elephant Story

The Six Blind Men and the Elephant Story | What Does It Mean?


From the birthplace of spirituality!

The parable of the Six Blind Men and the Elephant story originates from the birthplace of ancient spirituality, India. While this old story holds a deep spiritual meaning, many different cultures and countries have a different perception as to what the story means.

Funnily enough, as you will discover in just a moment, it’s this very difference of perception and opinion that the story of the Six Blind Men and the Elephant speaks of.

So what is this old story and what does it mean?


So what is the Six Blind Men and the Elephant story?

Six blind men came across a large elephant one day that was strolling through their village. Having never seen an elephant before, each of the six men placed their palms upon the elephant to help them experience what was in front of them.

The first man argued that the elephant felt like a large pillar, as he touched the elephants leg.

The second man argued that the elephant felt like a large tree, as he touched the elephants trunk.

The next man argued that the elephant felt like a long rope, as he touched the elephants tail.

The fourth man argued that the elephant felt like a huge wall, as he touched the belly of the elephant.

The other man argued that the elephant felt like a big fan, as he touched the ear of the elephant.

And the sixth man argued that the elephant felt like a long hard pipe, as he touched the tusk of the elephant.

Each of the blind men believed that they were right. All of them continued to argue among themselves as each thought they knew what was in front of them. Until one man, who was watching the group from afar, called out to the blind men. “The elephant is a large animal“, he shouted to them.


This one story has many layers of meaning to it!

The meaning of the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant has many potential layers to it. One of the most important of these is that your mind creates your reality. What you experience in life is a reflection of your own perception and perspective.

Your mind creates your reality in the sense that you do not always see things as ‘they’ are. You instead see things as ‘You’ are.

Your perception of what’s in front of you is determined by the information already within your head. Your ideas, beliefs, concepts, knowledge and thoughts all influence what you see in front of you, and how you experience it. How you interpret and understand something, or someone, depends upon the thoughts and beliefs you have accepted to be true. This is true whether we’re talking about a person, a thing, spirituality, God, or of course a religion.


Every religion has molded the story to better fit with their own teachings!

The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant is told throughout the world in many cultures. And the major religions of the world all perceive the meaning of this parable differently according to their beliefs and perspectives.

In the exact same way the blind men all felt they were touching something different, yet they were all touching the same thing, different cultures and religions see the meaning of this story differently.

The same can be said of how the worlds religions see God. All of the worlds major religions believe in, and worship, the same thing. An omnipresent Creator. However none of these religions agree upon the fine details of what God means.

Each has different customs, different practices, different dogmas and different beliefs. Yet all the people of these religions are experiencing the same thing, God, the Creator, while arguing and dividing themselves from one another due to a difference of perception.

There are many pathways that lead up a mountain. And every traveler on those many different paths see the same mountain from a different perspective. While each path looks different to them, they are all looking at the same mountain.

This is true from a religious perspective. There are many roots to God and Enlightenment. If humanity took an inclusive approach to life, rather than a divisive approach, we would all have a fuller picture as to how to get there quicker.


What does the story of the 6 Men and the Elephant mean spiritually?

The difference of opinion of the six wise men, and indeed of the worlds religions too, is due to a difference in perception.

We do not always realize the truth of what is before us. What we see before us only mirrors our inner self. Rather than realize the truth, we can each only understand what is before us according to our own preconceptions.

What you think, what you believe and all the ideas, notions, and concepts you hold within yourself determine how you experience life. In this way you do not experience the ‘truth’. You merely experience your preconceived version of it.

This truth is also explained in the old Chinese Zen story, ‘Empty Your Cup’. The meaning of this story is quite similar to the deeper meaning of the Blind Men and the Elephant.

You must first empty your own ‘cup’, i.e. empty your own mind, in order for your mind to be filled with wisdom. You must let go of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, preconceptions, assumptions and opinions, so you can see things as ‘they’ are, and not as ‘you’ are.


Opinions and perceptions change. But truth is absolute!

Perceptions and perspective can lead you down the wrong path in life. When you look at something, you will normally see your version of the truth. You do not see the whole truth. Your version of the truth is tainted by what fills your brain and mind, and is influenced by your life experiences.

Truth is absolute. And to perceive truth, you must first empty yourself. You must first empty yourself in order to be poured a fresh cup. With your mind empty and free from preconceptions, you open yourself to become a receiver of Truth. Rather than a projector of illusion.

So empty your vessel of all preconceptions. And pour yourself a fresh cup.


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