Showing Compassion | How to Be Compassionate and Caring

Showing Compassion | How to Be Compassionate and Caring

Welcome to video number 10 in this mini-series where I am discussing the essential qualities of a spiritual person and in this video, I’ll be discussing compassion, how to be compassionate and caring, and why showing compassion is important for spiritual development.

There are many essential qualities a spiritual person must realize to prepare their body, mind, and being to be a pure channel for The Source to flow through.

And that’s the purpose for you developing all the essential qualities in this mini-series.

Developing these qualities prepares you to be a pure channel so you can open yourself more to The Source, and allow more of The Source to flow through your heart, body, and being and into your life.

And one of those important traits to develop to aid your spiritual development is compassion.


Be Compassionate and Express Compassion to Everyone

When we speak of compassion, in the spiritual sense, we are not only talking about expressing compassion for the people we are close to. We’re talking about expressing compassion for everyone and everything.

We cannot discriminate with compassion, we must share it without discrimination. Compassion must be freely expressed to everyone, rather than reserved for a select few.

Compassion expressed to everyone and everything is pure compassion and is a true reflection of The Source.

And to allow The Source to flow through us more and more, we must transform every aspect of ourselves to be a pure reflection of The Source.

And The Source does not discriminate. The Source expresses compassion for everyone and everything.


What Does it Mean to be Compassionate and Caring?

So what does showing compassion look like, and how can we be compassionate and caring towards others?

When we express compassion, we can express several different things, such as sympathy, empathy, pity, love, kindness, fairness, justice, mercy, humaneness, and so on.

However, compassion goes beyond just ‘feeling’ something. Compassion is also an act of ‘doing’ something.

Expressing compassion means feeling a deep sympathy and sorrow for another person’s state of being and having a strong desire to help alleviate their suffering in some way.

So being compassionate goes beyond just resonating with a person and feeling empathy and sympathy for a person.

Expressing compassion implies some kind of action to alleviate the suffering and distress in another being.

And that brings up some interesting questions we should all ask ourselves and reflect upon.

How many of us feel sympathy and empathy for the suffering of another person, and do nothing to alleviate that suffering?

Expressing compassion means helping others who are in need, rather than just sympathizing, empathizing, and resonating with them.

And we can express compassion to a single individual or we can express compassion to a collective of individuals. And expressing compassion can include many different forms of action.


How Does Expressing Compassion Help You Spiritually?

The question now is, how does expressing some form of compassionate action help You spiritually?

If you practise opening and surrendering your heart to The Source regularly, you allow your sacred heart to open to The Source so you accept more Source Love into your heart, body, and being.

When you express compassion, you are opening your sacred heart even more and inviting Source Love to flow through you even more.

That compassion you express then channels that Love from The Source into the ‘whole world’, rather than only towards the person or people you are expressing compassion towards.

So by expressing a feeling and action of compassion you become an anchor for Source Love and Light to flow to all beings everywhere.

Expressing a feeling and action of compassion, from a spiritual perspective, goes way beyond just helping an individual or a collective of people.

Expressing a feeling and action of compassion allows The Source to open your sacred heart more, to flow through you more, and to work upon the earth and all beings in many ways.

Expressing pure compassion will open your sacred heart to feelings of pure love and pure joy, and will help you become more aware and aligned with the guidance being sent to you.

Acts of compassion bring The Love and Light of The Source into the physical world, through you.

And when you become a pure expression of The Source, and you become a reflection of the pure compassion of The Source, The Source comes alive within you, so to speak.

And it’s The Source coming alive within us that allows us to experience pure unconditional Love, pure joy, and pure bliss.

Act’s of compassion towards others ‘help You’ directly and allow you to take another step up with your spiritual development.

Allow yourself to feel the suffering in the world. And rather than turning away from it, move towards it.

Move into situations where people are suffering, express a feeling and action of compassion and expand your compassionate heart, over time, to include all people, beings, animals, nature, and the inanimate world around you.

When you do this, your whole life and being becomes an expression of pure compassion, as you become a reflection of another aspect of The Source.

So we can accurately say that compassion is more than just a feeling and an action. It’s a deep and important spiritual practice that will help you evolve.

The question now is, how can you practise compassion, and where will you practise it?


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Showing Compassion | How to Be Compassionate and Caring

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