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The Secret To Peace Of Mind – Revealing The Secret To Lasting Peace Of Mind

The Secret To Peace Of Mind

Peace is something we’re all familiar with, either by way of having it or by its absence, however what is peace really. What is the secret to peace of mind and how do we achieve it? What is it we’re trying to achieve when we speak of achieving a state of inner peace? Where is that direction actually taking us?

So many questions. Let’s start by looking at what peace is not.


The Secret To Peace Of Mind – Breaking Free

So what is the secret to peace of mind because by the looks of things, we could all really do with knowing. Because sadly, the truth is we don’t have far to look to see a lack of peace in the world. Countries bomb countries in the name of peace. People kill people in the name of peace. Our personal freedoms are taken and restricted in the name of maintaining an peace and violence is spread in order to defend peace.

You would be forgiven for perhaps being a little bemused and the list goes on and on. The peace we’re talking about here is not the peace you would expect, or like, to find in the world. The peace we’re talking about here is the peace you find within your Heart.

The world as it is today is a reflection of the degree of collective peace within our Hearts.

Knowing what peace is within your own Heart is important because this is at the root of achieving world peace. World peace will never be realized on the outside until a sufficient amount of people have managed to first create that peace within their own hearts.

A cold pot of tea cannot pour a warm cup.

If you want to change the world, you must first change your Self.

A moment ago I mentioned that our freedoms are being taken away from us in the name of achieving peace and this is something that’s very important to realize. There can be no peace without freedom. Where there exists a need to forcefully control others there is an absence of inner peace because peace and freedom are two sides of the same coin.

Inner and outer peace can only be realized when you are released from restriction, you separate your Self from bondage, and when you’re completely liberated from the control of mind and Ego.

When you achieve this freedom within yourself you will achieve inner peace. This will then naturally ripple through the world around you. True lasting inner peace only comes when you have transcended your mind. You can never be truly at peace as long as you are subservient to the desires of your mind. In this sense, peace and freedom are inseparable.


Are You Conscious Of Your Mind?

There are two main distinctions among the people of the world and every human being can fall into one of the two following categories. People are either:

  1. Living a life of Mind
  2. (or) Living a life of consciousness

To put it simply, your life is either being influenced by your Mind, or it’s being directed by consciousness. It’s consciousness we all share. In consciousness we are One. There is no separation between you, me, nature and the Universe.

We don’t simply exist within the Universe. We are part of the fabric.

Live a life of Mind and you continue in the illusion of separateness. It is how your mind binds you that stops you from experiencing your Self as Consciousness. To be one with Consciousness you must be free from the influence of the Mind.

The Mind is a hard-drive of recorded and stored information, it’s not you. It’s important you remember this distinction because as long as you allow your Mind to be in control of your direction in life, you’re not in control of your life. You are being led. You may think you’re in control, however as long as your mind is actively leading, you can’t experience your Self as the Consciousness that exists beyond it. And that Consciousness can be experienced when you have successfully managed to silence your Mind.

While the journey is long the goal is simple. Silence your mind.

Silencing your Mind, emptying it and having it free from want and desire, elevates and transcends you into a higher state of consciousness.


The Secret To Peace Of Mind Rests Within The Heart

Peace is not only a state of mind, it’s a state of being in your Heart. You already know that your Heart and mind are closely connected and what effects one ripples down to affect the other. And when ones Heart pains, this reflects within the activity of the mind.

Part of the secret to peace of mind involves silencing your mind, however having peace and Love within your Heart also is vital. I don’t mean that sort of human love that the mind loves to have us chasing after, I mean pure, unconditional Love.

You cannot achieve peace of mind as long as there is no peace within your Heart.

As long as your mind is dominating your thoughts, emotions and actions, your Heart will not be at peace either. The Heart doesn’t need the mind to be. It just needs to be and to feel the Love it’s naturally designed to feel. The Heart has to learn how to ‘be’ before true inner peace can be realized.

Without expanding your Heart into Love, you won’t find peace. Peace, freedom and Love all go hand in hand together and you need all three in order to discover the secret to peace of mind. You could say it’s part of a multi-pack and they’re not to be sold separately. When you achieve peace, you don’t only notice it within your head. You realize and feel it within your Heart. And this is where Reiki comes in. Reiki gives you the tools needed to open your Heart to this sort of unconditional Love needed to achieve true peace of mind and happiness in life.

So to summarize, know that finding true inner peace involves expanding the energy of your Heart.

When you achieve this state of being you open your Heart and expand into Love and your surrounding reality becomes a direct reflection of your Inner Heart.

Those who feel unconditional Love, live surrounded by unconditional Love.

In that sense, we achieve world peace because our world becomes one of peace. So world peace is possible and you’ll find the way to achieving that from within your own Heart. Steady your mind, open your Heart, and you will discover true lasting happiness, peace of mind and serenity within your life, and within your self.


Have The Courage & Heart To Explore Your Unknown

To summarize, finding peace can be achieved using these three gifts:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Heart
  3. (and) Courage

To use them properly you need to:

  1. Have the intelligence to empty your mind of all preconceptions and learn to know the path that leads towards true inner peace.
  2. Have a grateful, expansive Heart that’s open and receptive to Unconditional Love.
  3. And have the courage to share this unconditional Love with everyone and everything without condition or fear.

Meditation will help you train your mind to be silent and Reiki will help you learn how to channel the energy of Love during meditation properly. One key peace of advice I could offer you is this:

Have no expectations in life. Expectations don’t come from your Heart.

Expectations are a sign that you are being led by the desires of your mind and not simply being present within your Heart. Also, the less expectations one learns to have the less room they create for disappointment to seep in when life doesn’t go according to their minds plan.

Accept whatever comes your way without regret or displeasure, however analyze all of it.

What do your life experiences try to show you about how you react to life?

The Source speaks to you through the events of your life. The Source speaks to all of us. Only not all of us have awoken yet to be able to hear. Be kind, loving, compassionate, grateful, and help others selflessly and this will surely help you achieve peace of mind, unconditional Love and speedy spiritual growth.

Surrender to the Will of The Source. This is the key and the secret to peace of mind.

As the title to this article suggests, there is a secret to being at peace and while I’ve shared some of the facts with you, I haven’t yet told you the real secret.

And the secret is this:

Curiosity among many other powerful forces lead you into a spiritual life. Experience guides you towards a deeper exploration of your inner self. And the experience of the reality you find there is what changes everything. You find your True Self, but you also find God, or The True Creative Source of everything our Minds have come to know. Reiki is the very thing that will take you towards that realization.

Going deeper still, the more we advance, the more we experience, the more we discover and learn, and the more we understand, we eventually come to the realization that we are not the ones making our life peaceful, happy and successful by our own choice or doing. Rather, our lives become more peaceful, happy and successful by accepting that God is the Great Architect of our lives and this gentle force plays out It’s Will through us.

We don’t need to ‘Do’ anything. God does it all.

With Reiki, and other practices such as Yoga, we work towards becoming aware of what God’s guiding us to do. We then choose to either follow that guidance, or take a different path. So we don’t lose control and we always have free-will to choose the path laid before us, or to walk a different one. We learn that to find our path of purpose in life we have to be freely willing to surrender our whole Heart and Self to the Will of The Source.

That is the secret to peace of mind and awakening unconditional Love within us.

That’s the true secret of life. Opening and surrendering your whole Heart and whole being to the Will of The Source and having the trust and belief to follow that guiding power.

Next time when you’re meditating, when your performing Reiki or another form of energy healing, simply intend to completely open and surrender your whole Heart and whole being to the Will of The Source, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly pleased with how you soon get on.

That’s the secret to peace of mind. I hope you can put it to good use. Love and Blessings to your beautiful Hearts.

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