Sacred Reiki Symbols | Should They Be Secret or Sacred?

Sacred Reiki Symbols | Should They Be Secret or Sacred?

In this video I’m going to discuss the so-called sacred Reiki symbols and ask the question, should the sacred Reiki symbols be secret, or held to be sacred?

Now many Reiki teachers teach that the Reiki symbols should be kept secret and that they should be held to be sacred, and this can understandably be quite an emotional topic of conversation for some people.

Before I discuss this deeper, I would ask that you don’t approach this in an emotional way, but instead, think about what I’m about to say peacefully, logically, and contemplate and experiment with what I’m about to say until you truly understand what I’m sharing with you.

Because this video will remain one of the most important videos I will ever present to you, and I’ll explain why shortly.


Should the Reiki Symbols Be Secret?

So, firstly, should the Reiki symbols be kept secret?

There are many different reasons why symbols have been kept secret throughout history. For some, it was to keep knowledge and abilities available only to elitist groups.

And for some, it was to preserve teachings to maintain their purity. However, humanity is currently in a much more advanced place, spiritually speaking, than what it was one hundred years ago.

In the deepest spiritual sense, spiritual development involves the pursuit of truth.

It involves expanding awareness and consciousness so that everything is known and we exist in a state of natural transparency in which all information is shared, being to being, freely, and without secrecy.

As we can see, the world is changing, the collective consciousness is changing, and we are entering an age of transparency where information flows freely and with less and less restriction.

And that is also true with spiritual disciplines. We can learn today what was once only available to an elitist order of people at the apex of society.

Transparency is changing the world and it’s changing it for the better. And today we can see the Reiki symbols in books, all over the internet, on shop windows, on car bumper stickers, on clothing, and merchandise such as artwork, jewellery, pens, ornaments, crystals and stones, and the list goes on and on and on.

With the Reiki symbols so widely promoted, and stretching around the globe like beautiful strings of guiding light, millions of people come into contact with the Reiki symbols, and question what they see, which results in many people being guided into the practice of Reiki.

The fact that the Reiki symbols are so prevalent in today’s world is truly a blessing and is exactly what The Source has intended to happen and for very good reasons.


The Sacred Reiki Symbols

However, what I want to share with you the most, is not about secrecy, it’s about sacredness.

Reiki symbols are not sacred, they are temporary training tools. At a certain point in our Reiki training, we discard the Reiki symbols and channel energy direct from The Source using our heart and intention only.

And that’s something you can all do now, or whenever you feel ready and comfortable doing so.

At a certain point in healing and spiritual development, using Reiki symbols is a disadvantage, because using Reiki symbols weakens the flow of energy that comes directly from Source.

When you use intention only, and you open your heart and surrender to The Source, and you ask The Source to heal in accordance with Source Will, your healings, meditations, and prayers are all much more powerful because you are allowing Source Will to flow through you, rather than using your own Will by exercising mental focus upon a symbol.

And this is something those sensitive to energy can experiment with and feel for themselves.

And there is a reason for the energy flow weakening when you mentally channel using Reiki symbols, rather than direct from Source.

And it’s for the same reason for why the Reiki symbols should not be held to be sacred.

There is a very deep and spiritually very important reason for why we should not hold the Reiki symbols to be sacred.

What you hold to be sacred, no matter whether it’s a Reiki symbol or any other object, your energy flows towards that which you hold sacred, and you create an energy attachment to that symbol or object.

For those who are especially sensitive to energy, and for those who can feel how energy flows around their body, how it’s directed, and how it connects with The Source, you will be able to experiment with this and feel this happening for yourself.

When objects are held to be sacred, your energy flows to that object and you create an energy attachment to that object. And Reiki symbols are no different.

In the deepest spiritual sense, we should not hold ANY objects or Reiki symbols to be sacred, for this reason.

The connection we feel with The Source is sacred, and towards The Source is the direction we want our energy to be flowing towards when we heal, meditate, or pray.

And not towards a symbol or object.


Experiment and Feel the Difference

Those sensitive enough will be able to feel their connection with Source when they intend to open their heart and surrender to The Source.

They will feel the energy connection going upwards through their crown, and they will feel their entire energy field open above them and connecting with The Source.

The moment we focus our mental attention on something else, that connection with Source is interrupted.

The moment we hold an object, or Reiki symbol, to be sacred, our energy flows powerfully towards that object or symbol and we create a powerful energy attachment with that object or symbol.

And for those keen on developing spiritually and developing their relationship with The Source, focusing your energy and attaching to symbols and objects is of course not the direction you want your energy to be flowing in.

As it says in the Bhagavad Gita:

“Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods;

those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings;

those who worship ancestors go to the ancestors;

and those who worship Me (The Source) will live with Me.”

Your energy, your life force, your consciousness, your entire being is channelled towards that which you pray to, and towards that which you worship by holding an object to be sacred.

So in healing, meditation, prayer, and at all other times, have your mind and heart aligned and directed towards the sacred energy connection you have with The Source, and not with a physical object.

And you will ensure you are using your energy in the best way possible while you journey on your spiritual path.


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Sacred Reiki Symbols | Should They Be Secret or Sacred?

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