Reiki | What is Reiki | Discover a Healing Art

Reiki | What is Reiki | Discovering a Healing Art

Reiki | What is Reiki

A Healing Art Used For Much More Than Just Healing

So what is Reiki really and what is it used for? Well…have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? Have you ever wondered if you may be here for a specific reason?

These are questions many people have asked themselves throughout history and the good news is…some of us already know the answers to these questions. You just have to look in the right places.

You may have already read a few articles about What is Reiki and you already know it can be used for healing. However this article is a little different. In this article I’m not simply going to echo what’s already been said elsewhere. I’m going to tell you some deeper truths regarding What is Reiki…from a Yogi’s perspective!


So What Is Reiki?

Has that got you thinking? I bet it has. Although it’s good to think. Well, sometimes at least. So why have I started a tutorial titled ‘What is Reiki’ with questions about the purpose of your existence?

It’s is just a tool for healing…right?

Well…no…not quite!

Reiki is so much more than just a means of healing.

When you come to fully understand this practice, and by fully understand it I mean when you come to experience it fully, then you’ll have the answer to both of these previous questions.

The secret of the purpose of life, the real reason you’re here, and the true nature of Reiki can all be explained by exploring Reiki yourself. However many Masters and teachers reach a certain point in their practice and think that’s it, that’s the end of the line, there’s no more to learn. Becoming a Reki Master however is only the first baby step. There’s so much more still to come.

I don’t want to be the one who tells you what to see. But if you want to know the answers to the same existential questions that motivate many of us, then I can certainly help to show you where to look for those answers.

If you’re looking for the truth about your existence you will find those answers with the practice of Reiki. This practice starts you on that journey and for those who have a keen desire to advance further, I can point you in that direction when the time comes.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Apart from all that, what is Reiki?

What is its True nature and what does it actually do?

Please do read on.


Taking The Mysteriousness Out Of Reiki

Everyone loves a good mystery, but I’m also a scientist sort of guy. I like hard facts and direct experiences to be my guide rather than myth and legend. So being a little less mysterious I can say this…

Everything in the entire Universe is energy. That’s a scientific fact. Everything at the subatomic level consists of vibrating particles of energy. This includes you.

I’ve said this before I know but it’s important to drive this one fact home. Your body is a pool of vibrating energy that exists within a larger Universal ocean of vibrating energy. And there’s no difference between the energy that makes the planets and the energy that makes your human body. It’s the same particles vibrating at varying frequencies. And by mastering Reiki and walking that yellow brick road all the way to the end, you will come to understand what it means to truly master yourself.

Everything is energy. If you can master yourself…you can master everything.

This is the secret, or now not so secret, knowledge that gives you a glimpse into what is really possible when you master this healing art.

Think about it…

All energy is magnetic in nature and all energy interacts with the energy all around it. So by learning how to control and direct your own energy you can learn to interact with, and control, your surrounding environment.

Sounds pretty magical don’t you think?

But it’s not really magick. It’s just physics. I’m not a magician. I’m a scientist, remember. And the good thing about that is, you don’t need any special gifts or abilities to do what we Reiki Masters do. You just need to understand how to properly apply the appropriate laws of science and nature to successfully use this for yourself. And the truth is it’s incredibly easy. In time I’ll share with you absolutely everything I know to help you do just that.

As I said everythig is energy, and that also includes your thoughts and intentions. Thought and intention are both frms of energy and you can use that energy to interact with, and influence, your environment. And this is nothing new to science. We’ve known that thoughts can influence the physiology of the human brain and body for many years. What Reiki will do is it will allow you to interact with your mind, body and environment in a far more powerful way.

When you receive your attunement it opens the energy centres within your body so a higher frequency of energy flows into your body. It’s this extra current of energy that allows you to empower the healing ability of your thoughts and intentions.

So this practice isn’t some magic wand you get access to. It just empowers the gifts and abilities you already have as a natural born human being. Provided you’re human of course. Which I assume you are. 😉


Diving A Little Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole

I warn you, this rabbit hole goes deep. In fact, some of the things I’ve experienced has been so extraordinary that it can sound a little crazy for many people. When you awaken your ability to channel energy however you receive much more than just the ability to channel healing energy. It’s so truly amazing that I would not be surprised if some couldn’t stretch their imagination far enough to imagine what is possible.

Let’s look at more about What is Reiki. Not only can you heal with it, but you can:

  • Awaken powerful dormant energies from within you
  • Influence your environment
  • Manifest your desires
  • Discover the meaning of life
  • Connect with The Source of Life
  • Communicate directly with a Higher Power (This is advanced energy channelling beyond Reiki Master level)
  • Receive direct guidance through life that brings you what you need and takes you where necesary
  • Expand your consciousness and awareness to reach self-realization (The realization that reality, and You, are part of the same Universal Being)
  • and there’s a whole lot more…

That all sounds a little wild, I know, however the difference between Reiki, Meditation Yoga, and even the daily meditative practices of a monk, are rather little. All of these things involve working with the same energy and channelling it during meditation for spiritual purposes. Reiki is a spiritual art. The healing aspect is not the purpose, it’s a means to an end. By healing and self purification your consciousness begins to expand into something greater. It has to be experienced to be realized and Reiki will help you in the right direction if that’s what you want.

There’s a dormant power inside of you, it’s in us all, and when it’s fully awakened you’ll be in complete awe as to the power and capability that’s been hiding within you all along. There is a knowledge, an awareness and a knowing within you that is not the same as that in your head. There is an intelligence within you Heart and Reiki helps you access that intelligence.

All the answers you could possibly want in life are hiding within you and Reiki is the tool to help you reveal your truth.

And when you begin to nurture this power inside of you, when you begin to nurture your True inner Self by continuing to develop your practice, you begin a journey of deep personal and spiritual transformation. However this can only be fully realized by your direct experience of it.

When you start to dismantle your false sense of self that society has built up around you, and you disregard all the false ideas, concepts and beliefs of what and who you have been told you are by wiping your minds slate clean, you clear the way for your True Self to reveal Itself.

When you start gradually dismantling the illusion of what you think you are and you begin to open yourself to what you actually are, you’re purpose for being here becomes clear.

You’ll come to understand the real purpose and benefit of every single life experience you’ve ever had, or will ever have in life, no matter what those experiences may be. In this way, Reiki truly free’s you and puts your entire mind and being in a state of deep peace, harmony and acceptance with life. You begin to see everything with a fresh perspective as you become increasingly aware of your True nature that begins shining from within you.

In essence you become your Self again, only you become a newer, stronger, purer and more refined version. If you ever wondered how world peace might be possible then look no further. It will be achieved when enough people discover enough of themselves.

The word Reiki translates to mean ‘spiritual life-force energy’, or there’s a few slight variations of that, ‘Universal Life Force Energy‘ is another common one. This energy is not only something you use. It’s already a part of your True nature. And by using the energy you will be guided towards properly understanding what that really means.

You are a spiritual being, you are energy, and Reiki is your key to understanding the True essence of what you are.

Again, the healing part of this is not the goal, it’s the means to an end. By self-healing you are self-purifying and the more you purify your mind, body and Soul the further your consciousness and awareness will expand.

To give you a little framework to help give you a better picture for what this can be used for, there’s three main long-term goals associated with advanced Reiki:

  • The first as I mentioned is for Self-healing, which prepares you for mastering your mind, body and energy field.
  • Further to that is Enlightenment, which is uncovering your True Self or True nature while becoming a master of your environment and everything in it
  • And finally, Self-Realization, which is when you become aware of the totality of your existence by becoming aware of everything that is.

How far you go is up to you. If you’re only interested in healing yourself, that’s great. If you want to heal others and maybe start your own business that’s awesome too, good on you. And if you want to go all the way and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes, I admire you.

The answers to life are not incomprehensible. They’re just not freely given, so you really have to search deep with commitment and perseverance until you find a way. Then when you do, develop the courage to explore deeper.


There’s More To Reiki Than Mikao Usui

If you’re a Reiki practitioner you’ll be familiar with the name of Mikao Usui who brought Reiki into the modern world from Japan. Of course we have the deepest of respect and admiration for Mikao usui, however there’s a lot more to Reiki than Master Usui.

The Usui system of Reiki originated from the Tendai Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui and this commonly known version of Reiki has been passed down from master to student for the last near 100 years. However Reiki has also existed in other parts of the world too, only they have been kept secret for many years within underground groups and secret orders. We know this because some of these once secret practices have now surfaced throughout the world.

Reiki is at the root of humanities present and future evolution and with the current state of affairs in the world today, it would seem that Reiki spreading throughout the world has come at the necessary time.

The Reiki I teach includes the original Japanese Reiki tradition as taught by Mikao Usui, however includes ancient Tibetan Reiki techniques, modern Western practices and aspects of Indonesian Reiki as well as knowledge of ancient Hermetic Philosophy. All in all this is a really powerful combination that will help prepare you for the more advanced Reiki master courses as well as the Master Yoga courses you can continue with for the more serious spiritual pioneers out there.

With each level of Reiki you advance to I’ll also give you a selection of complementary bonus Reiki symbols that will allow you to penetrate your body deeper to help you improve your self-healing and Reiki practise further.

If you want guidance on how to venture towards achieving full self-realization for yourself, start with Reiki and I’ll help guide you as you develop.

That’s it for my article on the truth about What Is Reiki. Where are you now on your own journey and what amazing experiences have you had?

We would love to see your comments added below!

Do you Want To Learn More About What Is Reiki?

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