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Is Reiki A Pseudoscience | Reiki Pseudoscience


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So is Reiki a pseudoscience, really?

There are many experts on the topic of Reiki throughout the world. There are also many inexperienced skeptics who are quick to label Reiki a pseudoscience. Many as a way of attempting to discredit the healing practice.

It goes without saying however, that one shouldn’t take neurology advice from a butcher. Likewise, those with opinions about Reiki who have no training, knowledge and experience of it, cannot be taken seriously either.

But what is Reiki pseudoscience, what does pseudoscience actually mean, and is Reiki a pseudoscience?

Here’s a unbiased account!


Here's a simple explanation for what pseudoscience means!

A pseudoscience is a collection of beliefs, claims or practices which are not compatible with the scientific method.

So what is the scientific method?

The scientific method is the means of establishing scientific facts by researching and proving theory and hypothesis. This involves closely observing, analyzing, and rigorously testing theory and hypotheses upon the subject in question. With a healthy dose of skepticism added into the mix too.

One important aspect of the scientific method involves a measurement based approach to experimental findings. So hard facts, numbers, statistics, and repeating these hard statistics during experimentation are all key parts to the scientific method.

So a pseudoscience is used to refer to a topic which claims to be scientific and factual, however does not meet the criteria of the scientific method.


People have been debating so-called pseudosciences for thousands of years!

Many Reiki skeptics are quick to use the Reiki pseudoscience label.

But is Reiki a pseudoscience really?

Firstly, it’s important to put things in perspective here, because everything can’t be explained in life with numbers and statistics. At least not at this time with our level of primitive and limited science.

Let’s take love as an example. Love has never been ‘scientifically proven’ to exist. Yet most of us know it exists because we have experienced it everyday. Modern science still debates exactly what love it, where it comes from, and what its used for. But we don’t need science to tell us what is real and what is not.

Denying love exists because there is no hard scientific statistics that follow the scientific method would be quite silly and unwise. Because love is experienced by many of us everyday. Reiki is quite similar to love, in that we can feel it and experience it, yet science is too limited to fully explain it.

What’s considered science and pseudoscience is not a new debate. This is something that’s been continually debated for over 2,000 years among philosophers of science and scientists from a variety of fields.

The main question here is however, is Reiki a pseudoscience?


Which is it?

In the same spirit as I started writing this article, I will continue to offer an unbiased and impartial account on the topic of Reiki pseudoscience and whether or not it falls under that category.

Being honest, and keeping in mind the definition of pseudoscience, there are some limited aspects of Reiki which, at this time, could be considered to be a pseudoscience. However there are many aspects of Reiki which are certainly not pseudoscience and for which we do have empirical scientific evidence for.

One thing energy healing practices make claim to is the existence of Chi energy, or otherwise known as Ki, or Life-Force energy. There are many people who can feel this energy. There are relatively less people who can see it. However this sort of personal experience is understandably not accepted as being scientific.

So Life-force energy could be considered to be pseudoscience. But only just, if at all! It has already been proven that there does exist an energy field around plant, animal, and human life.

Seymon Kirlian, a Russian electrical engineer, is famous for having photographed the energy field that surrounds plant, animal, and human life. Seymon Kirlian developed a technique in 1939 that was able to take still photographs of the electrical coronal discharges that surround plant, animal, and human life forms.

It’s this same energy field that many refer to as the aura, or life-force energy. And there is empirical evidence for this. This is not theory. This is observable evidence of an energy field that exists around the human body and plant and animal life.

While there is a great deal of anecdotal reports about Reiki which are based upon personal experience, there is a great deal of empirical evidence for Reiki too.


There are plentiful amounts of good science showing Reiki works and this science is continually being repeated!

Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. And there are no shortage of high value reputable studies that have been done into Reiki.

These are not silly people or your practitioner living next door either. These are some of the worlds most renowned and respected professors, scientists, doctors and researchers from some of the most reputable institutions and organizations in the world.

You can read the growing list of Reiki Science and see these research publications for yourself. Reiki has already been proven to heal and improve health, time and time again, for many health conditions. So much so that Reiki is Used in Hundreds of UK & US Hospitals as a complementary health treatment.

Clearly, Reiki would not be used in a clinical care setting if there were no health benefits for using it. Personal experience and the growing list of empirical scientific evidence showing Reiki has many health benefits, is the main driver that has seen Reiki become an excepted part of society and mainstream medical care.


Even being super critical, we can't call Reiki a pseudoscience!

If I had to give my personal opinion I would say no, Reiki does not fall into the category of pseudoscience. There are too many aspects of Reiki that have been repeatably observed and statistically recorded during scientific research.

If I was trying my best to be skeptical, I may be able to argue that some aspects of what Reiki practitioners claim could be considered pseudoscience. However there are undeniable proven health benefits to receiving Reiki treatments which have been repeatedly proven and documented by sound science.

There are hard statistics, in relation to Reiki, proving things like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, hormones, and immune function can all be changed and improved following a Reiki session. And this science can be repeated time and time again.

My explanation would be that science is not yet advanced enough to fully understand how Reiki works, where it comes from, and what’s it’s true nature really is. We can say the exact same thing of ourselves and the Universe. Science hasn’t even figured out everything about our brains and body’s. But nevertheless, our experience of them shows to us they exist.

So to summarize, we can’t always rely upon science to prove something exists. Sometimes we have to observe the experience, analyze the statistics, and exercise a healthy degree of common sense to get to the bottom of explaining something.

For those who already know about Reiki, the truth is already yours. For those who are yet undecided, begin your own journey into Reiki, and let direct experience be your teacher and guide.


Learn Reiki & Discover the Truth for Yourself!

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