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How Long Does Reiki Training Take?

Every Reiki Master has an opinion on how long one should wait till receiving their next Reiki attunement. Some Masters require their students to wait 3 months or longer between levels 1 and 2. And up to a year before receiving their Master Attunement.

My Reiki level 1&2 courses attunements are passed in one day. Master Degree Level and Teacher Level attunements are passed over one day. However you have access to all online courses material for life. It will take a few weeks to get through my online course material.

Within 2 days you could be a fully attuned, qualified and certified Reiki Teacher. Each attunement lays a foundation which should be built upon. And of course with practise your skills will develop.

How Long Will Reiki Last After Attunement?

Reiki lasts for life after your attunement and will work at will upon your command. Reiki is similar to a muscle in the sense that the more you use it the stronger it gets. Receiving additional repeat attunements is available to all students and is an effective way of strengthening your Reiki further by re-cleansing yourself.

If you do not use Reiki regularly however, the degree of energy you are able to channel will reduce. So to keep your energy levels high and to continually advance, you need to practise.

How to Learn Reiki

You can learn Reiki in-person, with your master performing an attunemnt directly on your physical body. Or you can learn Reiki online and have an attunement done from a distance. Which involves sitting on your own while your Reiki Master performs your attunement.

Starting your training online has many benefits. If you would like more Reiki info and want to learn advanced Reiki online, check out my online Reiki courses page for more information on what you will learn.

If you live in the UK and wish to find a Reiki Teacher to attune you in person, you may find teachers at the following websites: (Worldwide Teachers Listed Too)

How Reiki is Used

Reiki empowers the manifesting ability of your thoughts, feelings and intentions. It does this by connecting you with The Source, which is where Reiki comes from.

You can then access that energy using the Reiki symbols to get the energy flowing. You can then use that energy for self-healing, healing others, or manifesting.

Reiki can be channelled in-person or from a distance. And using it is as simple as intending to do so. However the Reiki symbols are handy training tools to help you understand how to do that. So Reiki can be used with your hands, or can be done entirely within your head.

How Reiki Helps in Decision Making

If you have a Reiki treatment or attunement, this can help to improve focus, concentration and clarity. It can also help you to intuitively feel what the best direction for you is.

Receiving a Reiki attunement will help to improve your decision making on a permanent basis. And your intuition and awareness will continue to expand and improve.

Reiki can also help you to develop intuitive and psychic abilities so you can ask questions and receive responses. This can help you with decision making and help guide you on your journey.

How Reiki heals Anxiety

For more Reiki info on anxiety there has been plenty of scientific research showing Reiki heals anxiety. Like many mental conditions, the root cause of such conditions can be traced to an energy imbalance or a negative energy blockage within you. Reiki helps to heal anxiety by releasing these blockages and creating energetic balance within your body and mind.

Reiki has also been proven by science to reduce blood pressure, stress, and improve peace and relaxation. All these attributes of Reiki help to keep you calm and anxiety free.

How Reiki Was Discovered

One of the Reiki Masters people are most familiar with is Master Mikao Usui. It is known that Master Usui, who was a scholar, buddhist monk and mystic, awakened his ability to heal with Reiki after years of research, training and meditation.

It was Master Usui's form of Reiki that was spread throughout the world around 100 years ago. However Reiki is far older than the Japanese origins of it.

We know Reiki was practices in ancient Tibet, China, Egypt and India, to name only a few places. Energy channelling practices similar to Reiki were documented as being practiced several thousand years ago in ancient India. However these practices were traditionally kept secret within orders and groups due to persecution.

It is only relatively recently that Reiki has begun to spread throughout the world again and is more accessible to the public.

How Reiki Symbols Work

Specific Reiki symbols connect you with specific streams of energy. Each stream of energy connects you with an energy that can be used for a specific purpose.

There are Reiki symbols used for physical healing, mental and emotional healing, psychic development, and spiritual growth. There are also symbols that have a more general use.

When you draw or visualize a Reiki symbol, the energy associated with that symbol begins to flow automatically. And it will work according to the intention to set for it. You can get more Reiki info and read an in depth article on The Reiki Symbols which explain this in more detail.

How Reiki Helps Depression

There has been plenty of scientific research showing Reiki heals depression. Get more Reiki info at the link. Like many mental conditions, the root cause of such conditions can be traced to an energy imbalance or a negative energy blockage within you. Reiki helps to heal anxiety by releasing these blockages and creating energetic balance within your body and mind.

Reiki has also been proven by science to reduce blood pressure, stress, and improve peace and relaxation. All these attributes of Reiki help to keep you depression free.

How Reiki is Done

Reiki is done using hands on treatments or distance treatments. All you need to do is draw or visualize a Reiki symbol and the energy will work and heal automatically.

When you draw a Reiki symbol you also set an intention for what you want that symbol to do. Whether you want it to heal a specific person, manifest something, help in a situation, or bless a person or situation.

Reiki is similar to being in meditation and it can be used to enhance meditation and for spiritual growth. While it's primary use is for self-healing, it's primary goal is to cleanse and purify you to help you expand awareness and grow spiritually.

How Reiki Heals

Everything in the Universe is made from energy. You are made from energy. Therefore illness and disease can be viewed as being a specific frequency of energy. Or in other words, energy disharmony.

Illnesses and diseases can be traced to negative energy blockages within you. Reiki heals by channelling high vibration positive energy into this low vibration negative energy. When you do this, Reiki breaks up this negative energy so it can be released from your body.

It's this release of negative energy from your body and being that allows you to heal on every level. You can get more Reiki info on how Reiki heals and read an in depth account for how Reiki heals at the article link.

How Reiki Works the Science Bit

Get more Reiki info and read the science showing that Reiki works which you can read at the link. In scientific terms however, there is no hard science showing how Reiki heals. Our level of science in far too immature to understand such complex things.

All explanations of how Reiki works are more theoretically, as science would define it. What we do know is that Reiki does work and it does heal and it is effective for a number of health conditions.



Will Reiki Help Me Lose Weight?

Reiki does not directly effect your weight. However Reiki can be used to empower your goals and desires. So you can certainly use Reiki with the intention of helping to motivate you to change your diet, exercise and lose weight.

The energy of Reiki is intelligent. So it will work on you to a degree to help you achieve better balance within yourself. This includes on a physical level with things such as weight. However it is the intention you give Reiki that will offer you the best results.

Will Reiki Help Me Get Pregnant?

People experiencing infertility issues often have trapped negative energy around their sacral chakra. This is common with women who have experienced emotional trauma in their life. And this trauma and energy block can create hormonal imbalances and effect ovulation.

Reiki can help to alleviate many of the root causes of infertility, such as stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, energy blockages, and emotional trauma. This can all have a positive effect upon fertility and can help you get pregnant.

Will Reiki Help Me?

Reiki can be used for absolutely anything you can think of. As Reiki empowers your ability heal and manifest, you can use the healing power of Reiki to help with any condition.

If you have a mental health condition, emotional imbalance, or physical injury, Reiki has been scientifically proven to help improve your condition by healing you on every level.

Many health issues are multi-layered and there are many areas that should be addressed when it comes to healthcare. So Reiki should not be used in place of medical treatments. It should be used to compliment medical treatments.

Will Reiki Help My Back?

Reiki naturally flows down the spine and it will heal pain and issues you may have with your back automatically. You can also intend to direct Reiki to the location you are experiencing back pain with the intention to reduce the pain and inflammation and heal it.

Will Insurance Cover Reiki?

There are options available today which you can use to bill your insurance company for receiving Reiki treatments.

If you live in the United States of America, you will find the following Reiki info article on Insurance Cover for Reiki helpful.

Whether you live in the USA of the UK, there are a large number of insurance companies which will cover you for public liability insurance, professional indemnity, equipment cover, and personal accident cover.

A search on Google will bring up many insurance companies that are willing to insure you if you practise Reiki professionally.



Can Reiki Be Harmful?

No, Reiki can not be harmful. Reiki will only heal. However there are some scenarios when it;s best not to use Reiki. Such as with broken bones. Broken bones can heal prematurely if you use Reiki on someone before they are properly set in place.

In such circumstances it would be best not to use Reiki. However Reiki is not harmful and will not damage a person. If you have just received a treatment of attunement you may experience a healing cleansing. This is when negative energy breaks up and releases. This can sometimes lead to mild temporary discomfort as this negative energy is released.

This is a normal and natural part of the healing process.

Can Reiki Be used to Harm Someone?

You cannot harm someone with Reiki. Reiki comes from The Source, or what some people label God. So the energy is one of positive love, light and healing.

Can Reiki Heal Cancer?

Reiki is offered by the NHS in the UK as a complimentary therapy to help patients with cancer. Reiki should never take the place of medical treatments, but should be used at the same time as other treatments.

There is now evidence that Reiki can have positive effects upon cancer metastasis and immune response. However the research did not show that tumors shrunk in size. 

The following research by Professor Nadejda Rozanova, PhD shows that Reiki does have a positive effect upon cancer cells:

This research coupled with the research that Reiki has positive effects upon pain, and helps to relax patients, means Reiki is an effective treatment for cancer sufferers. However Reiki should only be used to compliments cancer treatments and should not be used as a stand alone treatment protocol. Get more Reiki info at the previous links.

Can Reiki Make You Feel Sick?

Reiki will not make you sick, as in, it will not give you an illness. However you will go through a cleansing period after receiving a Reiki treatment or attunement.

This cleansing period involves undergoing a release of negative energy that has built up within you. This can cause flu like symptoms in some people. This is not something to worry about. This is a natural part of healing. The intensity of such temporary symptoms will be different for everyone.

Can Reiki Help With Grief?

When we experience grief, we hold onto the negative energy that we create in response to our challenging life events. This negative energy gets trapped deep within us.

Reiki will help to release this energy from within you which will help you process your grief and heal.

Can Reiki Help With Addictions?

Yes, from Reiki level two, there are symbols which can be used specifically to heal addictions. However addictions can be complex to deal with. So Reiki should be used at the same time as other therapies in certain cases. However Reiki will certainly help to heal from addictions by healing a number of levels in a person.

Can Reiki Be Self Taught?

Reiki can be self-taught. With the correct knowledge of energy channelling practices and meditation, a practitioner can awaken their own chakras. However this can take a number of years of regular practise.

A Reiki teacher can activate and awaken your chakras in 10 to 15 minutes. So being taught by a teacher is significantly quicker. You will also benefit from your teachers knowledge, wisdom and experience. So you will be able to learn much quicker and develop faster.

Can Reiki Shrink Tumors?

There is no direct evidence that tumors can be shrunk using Reiki. However Reiki does help on a number of levels.

While there is no science, there are many personal claims of people using alternative therapies at the same time as Reiki to treat cancer. Such as the following news report in the Daily Mail: Boy With 11 Tumors Sent Home To Die Survives Using Alternative Therapies.

When it comes to cancer, a multi-pronged approach and treatment is best. Reiki is one of the many options that should be included. Get more Reiki info at the previous link.

Can Reiki Help With Erectile Disfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of things. Such as trauma, stress, low testosterone and diet. Reiki can certainly help to improve many of the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

While Reiki can help with Erectile dysfunction, you may find the following Reiki info article helpful. Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction.



Where Reiki Comes From

The most common form of Reiki practised that people have heard of is Usui Reiki. This form of Reiki originated from Japan around 100 years ago. However there are other forms of Reiki which are near enough identical that come from India, Tibet, China, Indonesia, Egypt, and elsewhere.

The energy of Reiki itself comes from God, The Source. And so Reiki is truly timeless.

Where to Start Reiki

You can get more Reiki info and start your journey into Reiki here with my online Reiki course training. If you would like more information on Reiki before you start, check out my article on the Reiki Facts.

Where Does the Energy Come From?

The energy of Reiki comes straight from God, The Source, and The Creative energy that exists throughout the Universe.

The experience of working with Reiki is the experience of having a direct connection with God. At it's most advanced level this connection becomes more understood.

Where Did Reiki Originate?

Usui Reiki originates from Japan. Tummo Reiki originates from Indonesia. Kriya Yoga, which is very similar to Reiki, originates from India.

There are many different types of Reiki from all corners of the world. However the energy of Reiki is as old as the Universe itself.

Where Do Reiki Practitioners Work?

Reiki practitioners work from therapy clinics, GP clinics, NHS hospitals, and private homes and premises. Some Reiki practitioners will come to your own home to perform a Reiki treatment.

Where Do Reiki Symbols Come From?

Depending upon the form of Reiki, the symbols can come from a variety of places, including Japan, old Sanskrit, Tibetan documents, and Buddhism.

Where Is Reiki In The Bible?

The word Reiki is a Japanese word, so it's not mentioned in the Bible. Healing on the other hand is mentioned multiple times in the Bible. And in Revelation, the chakra system is referred to as the seven candlesticks, the seven churches, and the seven spirits.

This is in reference to the seven main chakras, or gateways, which must be activated in order to connect with God.

Where to Learn Reiki?

You can get more Reiki info and learn Reiki online with my Reiki Solas Reiki training courses. Alternatively, you can find Reiki teachers at the and

Where to get Reiki Treatment?

You can get more Reiki info on my services and receive a distant healing session from me through Alternatively, you can find Reiki practitioners at the and

Where to Study Reiki?

There are many books available online you can read about Reiki. Amazon store has many good publications. If you would like to study Reiki online by watching online Reiki video lectures, please see my page on Reiki Training for more Reiki info.



When Reiki Doesn't Work

It's important to know that you are not the one that performs a healing session. The Source performs the healing. And it is not your decision or will that determines how a person is healed. It is The Will of The Source.

So you are free from the results of your healing sessions. As it is The Will of The Source that determines the results of a healing session.

Some times a healing session does not have immediately noticeable results. Sometimes there will be parts of a person that needs healing that is not what the client wishes to be healed. So rest assured that whatever happens in your healing session, it will be for the highest benefit. Even if those results are not noticeable to you.

When Reiki Hurts

On occasion, receiving a Reiki treatment can cause some physical pain. Where someone has an existing physical injury, or an injury that has not healed properly, a person can experience physical pain.

This physical pain is a sign of physical movements as the body is correcting itself and being healed. This pain will typically disappear as soon as the healing session has finished.

Reiki When Pregnant

It is perfectly safe to receive a Reiki treatment when pregnant. This can actually help to calm and relax mother and child and can help mothers deal with the pain of childbirth.

Reiki When Drunk

There is no harm in having Reiki done to you while drunk, or doing it while you are drunk. However having a high level of toxins in your body during a Reiki treatment will dilute the effectiveness of the healing energy.

As a principle, Reiki should not be used when drunk as this person is not of sound mind when intoxicated. Reiki is about healing. And healing is not best done while intoxicating the same body you are trying to heal.

When Should Reiki Not Be Used?

It's advised that Reiki should not be used on broken bones or severed fingers. As this can speed up the healing process before the body has been treated by a healthcare professional.

Reiki should also not be used when a person is intoxicated by alcohol or recreational drugs. Reiki should also be done with the permission of the client and not be given to someone against their will.

When Did Reiki Come to the West?

Mrs. Takata brought Reiki from Japan to the West in 1938 and began teaching the 22 Reiki Masters she attuned. Up until 1982, Reiki was still an oral tradition in the West with no written record of its history of teachings.

When Does Reiki Start to Work?

Reiki will have an immediate effect upon the receiver. However it will continue to effect the receiver for a few days afterwards. If you receive a healing treatment from someone who is very advanced in Reiki, healing can stay with you for several weeks.

It is also possible for advanced practitioners to 'program' Reiki, and to send it continuously to someone on a permanent basis by using certain advanced techniques.

When to Use Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols ar best used when you are just starting your Reiki journey. The Reiki symbols are important training tools to help you understand the relationship between Reiki, the symbols, The Source, and your own thouhts and intentions.

Giving Reiki When Sick

It's best to only channel Reiki to someone when you are feeling physically well and healthy. On occasion you may feel a little drained when performing Reiki. So it's best that you are feeling fit and healthy.



Who Invented Reiki?

Reiki was not invented. Reiki was discovered. This energy has always existed and exists throughout the Universe. It is an integral part of what it means to be a human being. In a way, Reiki is not learned as such. Reiki is remembered. Because we all have this ability to heal naturally.

Who Uses Reiki?

Reiki is used by many private individuals and including people of high standing in society. Such as doctors, professors, nurses, healthcare professionals, monks, priests, teachers, lawyers, police, politicians and many others.

Reiki practitioners come from all walks of life and all professions.

Who Needs Reiki?

Everyone needs Reiki. Even advanced energy channellers, such as Yogi's and monks, must cleanse and purify themselves regularly on a daily basis.

This is because negative energy is constantly being accumulated within the body. So self healing should be a regular daily part of every persons life.

Who Is Reiki Good For?

Reiki is good for everyone and anyone. No matter whether you are an adult, a child, a baby, a plant, a tree, an animal, or anything else.

Everything is energy and all energy can be interacted with in order to enhance and improve its vibration.

Who Are Reiki Guides?

Reiki is a healing practice, however it's main goal is to develop spiritually. Reiki guides is the term used to refer to non-physical entities that help to guide the living through the maze of their life.

These guides can include ascended masters, saints, angels, our ancestors, and other advanced entities.

Who Certified Reiki?

Certification for Reiki is done on an individual basis as every version of Reiki has slightly different formats. There is no official certification for Reiki however there are bodies that attempt to play this role.

Who Regulates Reiki?

There are organizations that attempt to regulate Reiki. However there are no official regulations for Reiki at this time.

Here are the two main bodies that offer voluntary regulation for Reiki practitioners:

CNHC (The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)

GRCCT (The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies).

Who Can Do Reiki?

Anyone can do Reiki who has the ability to think and willfully create intentions. So anyone of sound mind can learn how to do Reiki effectively. No matter their age, sex, religion or belief.



Which Reiki Is Best?

Some forms of Reiki are more advanced than others. Usui Reiki, or at least the form we practise in the West, is a good starting point.

Karuna Reiki compliments Usui Reiki and offers you more power and a higher stream of energy to work with. These two forms of Reiki are great to get you started and to help you achieve mental, emotional, and physical balance and health.

Beyond this, and if you are serious about developing spiritually, Tummo Reiki is the most advanced form of Reiki/Yoga available. Tummo Reiki activates the Kundalini energy and the spiritual heart, which are the keys to real spiritual growth.

Both kundalini energy and the spiritual heart and coded in the Christian Bible as the secret path to connecting with God. This is the same practise that monks and Yogi's use to communicate with The Source.

The Reiki I teach merges all three of these forms of Reiki and is available online at the Reiki Training page. This is a work in progress and levels 1 to 4 are currently available and level 5 is in production. Levels 6 to 10 will come in due course. Get more Reiki info at that previous link.

Which Is Better Reiki or Reflexology?

Both of these types of therapy are different. One is not necessarily better than the other. It depends upon your goals. Reiki is used for spiritual growth. Reflexology is used as a therapeutic treatment.

However both Reiki and reflexology work together powerfully and complement each other beautifully. Experts at Reiki and Reflexology can receive very detailed intuitive information on a client. And this can help to offer deeper insight into the illness and disease experienced by their clients.

Which Hospitals Offer Reiki in the UK?

The following Reiki info article lists some of the hospitals throughout the UK that currently offer Reiki treatments. See the list here. Please note that this list was last updated in 2014 and there will be other NHS hospitals who now offer Reiki too.

As healthcare in the UK is now taking a more holistic approach to medical care and treatment due to the continued scientific research proving the effectiveness of Reiki.



Why Reiki is Dangerous?

Reiki is not dangerous at all. This is misinformation. The experience of Reiki is the experience of Divine Love.

Why Reiki Heals?

You can get more Reiki info and read a detailed article on how reiki heals at the link. Reiki heals by removing the negative energy from the body that leads to illness and disease. It does this by channelling high vibration positive energy into low vibration negative energy.

When you do this, negative energy blockages are broken up and are released naturally. This is how the healing process works.

Why Reiki Attunement

Reiki attunements connect you with the healing energy of Reiki. This is the quickest way to advance spiritually and to learn how to channel healing energy.

To attempt to learn Reiki without attunement you would generally be expected to spend years training to get to the same level as a 10 minute attunement offer you.

Why Reiki is Amazing

At it's most advanced level, Reiki will give you an experience of your true spiritual self. It will expand your awareness and consciousness so you have an experience of the real nature of reality. And advanced Reiki will allow you to connect with The Source directly in a very deep way. And to have a direct experience of God.

Why Learn Reiki

If you have any health challenges, whether mental, emotional, or physical, Reiki can help your symptoms. And for the serious spiritual aspirant, Reiki will help you evolve by expanding awareness and consciousness.

Reiki offers you the deepest, most loving, satisfying, blissful and joyful experience you could possible discover in life.

Why Reiki is Good for You

Spiritually speaking, all ill health can be linked to an imbalance in the energy field that surrounds your body. Reiki helps to brings this energy field into harmony and balance which help heal any condition that may be plaguing you.

Why is Reiki So Expensive?

It's no secret that many people over charge for the service they offer. What you pay for a teacher should reflect their training, experience and capability.

There are cheaper option however, such as my online ecourses, which you can learn for a fraction of the price than in-person training.

Why Have Reiki Treatment

Words cannot do Reiki justice. Choose a reputable practitioner and have your own experience of Reiki. And your experience will show you if this is for you or not.



What is Your Reiki Lineage?

Every authentic Usui Reiki practitioner and Master has a direct lineage to the founder Dr. Mikao Usui. Here's mine:

Yogi Ricky Mathieson's Usui Reiki Lineage

What Are Distance Attunements?

Reiki treatment can be sent over long distances or even to another country and attunements are no different. Distance attunements do work just the same as a regular hands-on attunement.

Attunements can be done in any place you can sit quietly for 15 minutes. Whether your in home, work place, public space, or your stationary car.

What Reiki Does

Reiki dislodges the trapped negative energy from within the body that causes energy imbalances. It's this energetic imbalance that can lead to health issues.

When this negative energy is released, the body is able to heal naturally.

What Reiki Means

'Rei' means Spiritual energy, or Divine Energy, or Universal Energy, among other variations. 'Ki' means life force energy, also known as prana, or Chi.

The word Reiki has deep meaning. When one channels there Ki energy upwards, their life force energy connects with Rei, the Divine energy of God, The Source. It's this connection that allows one to experience a direct relationship with The Source and grow spiritually.

What Reiki is Good For

Reiki is good for almost anything. It can heal mental, emotional, physical and psychological issues. It;s also effective at healing many conditions and can be used to advance a person spiritually.

You can also use the energy of Reiki for manifestation and attracting the things you wish to achieve into your life.

What Reiki Is

Reiki is a form of energy healing which is used to self-heal the body and mind. This self-healing is done in order to self-purify your energy field. This purification help heal you and help to expand your awareness and consciousness.

This is the deeper purpose of Reiki. It;s used for expanding consciousness so you can have a direct experience of The Source and the true nature of reality and your Self.

What Reiki Can Heal

Reiki is good for almost anything. It can heal mental, emotional, physical and psychological issues. It;s also effective at healing many conditions and can be used to advance a person spiritually.

You can also use the energy of Reiki for manifestation and attracting the things you wish to achieve into your life.

What Reiki is Not

Reiki is not dangerous, it's not harmful, and it's not a dark practice. It also has nothing to do with witchcraft or Magic. Although many people do make the mistake of assuming Reiki is a form of magic.

Reiki is a deep spiritual practice used by Yogi's and monks to connect with the energy of God.

What Reiki Feels Like

A person can experience many potential sensations during a Reiki treatment or atunement. You may experience gentle flows of energy. Pins and needles. Warmth. Cold. Gentle rushing sensations. Peace. Relaxation. Feeling of love. Twitching. Shaking. Or a variety of other possibilities.

In general, most people tend to feel calm, relaxed and at peace when they receive Reiki.

What Reiki Can Do

Reiki is good for almost anything. It can heal mental, emotional, physical and psychological issues. It;s also effective at healing many conditions and can be used to advance a person spiritually.

You can also use the energy of Reiki for manifestation and attracting the things you wish to achieve into your life.

You can also use Reiki to help guide you in your life and to help you make the most productive decisions at key points in your life.

What's Reiki Massage?

Reiki massage is a form of body massage that uses Reiki at the same time. As your therapist massages your  body, they will intend to channel energy to your muscles at the same time. This can be quite a deep healing experience.

Reiki What to Wear?

There are no set clothing items that you are expected to wear during a Reiki treatment. Although it can certainly look more professional if you wear something that you may expect to see someone wear in a clinical setting.

This could be a tunic, which is available in a variety of colours. This would look most professional. Alternatively, you could wear all white clothing. This can have a pleasing imagine of appearing clean and pure.

Most importantly, wear clothing that is loose and not restrictive and that you feel comfortable wearing.



Are Reiki Pracitioners Licensed?

There is no compulsory licensing for Reiki practitioners. There are no regulations for Reiki practitioners that are standard for the industry. However there are non-official regulatory bodies that offer voluntary membership for practitioners.

In the UK we have and the are two regulatory bodies that offer membership. Most practitioners are not on these websites. However you will have a guarantee that practitioners on these sites have been vetted to ensure they are insured, qualified and have a year or two of Reiki experienced.

Are Reiki Symbols Necessary?

Reiki can be done without needing to use symbols. Reiki symbols are useful to begin with to help you understand how to connect with the energy of Reiki. Once you know how the energy feels, you can intend to connect to the Reiki energy using intention and feeling alone.

Are Reiki Attunements Safe?

Yes, Reiki attunements are perfectly safe and can be received by children and babies.

Are Reiki Masters Psychic?

No all Reiki Masters are psychic however some are. Reiki will help to improve intuitive ability however. So this is something that improves with practise.

Are Reiki Attunements Necessary?

You don;t need to receive a Reiki attunement to practise Reiki. You can open your energy centers yourself. However this can take years of regular training.

A Reiki attunement will give you the same ability after a 10 to 15 minute attunement. So attunements are much quicker.

What Are Reiki Symbols?

Reiki symbols help you connect to specific streams of energy. Each Reiki symbol connects to an energy that can be used for specific healing purposes. You can get more Reiki info about the Reiki symbols at the link.

What Are Reiki Stones?

You can purchase Reiki stones online, which are often small pebbles that have a Reiki symbol etched onto them. These can also be crystals and can be used by placing the stone on any of the chakra points.

What Are Reiki Attunements?

Reiki attunements open your chakras, energy pathways, and energy field to The Source. This allows you to channel the healing energy of The Source after a 10 to 15 minute attunement. And the attunement lasts for life.

What Are Reiki Masters?

Reiki Masters use their own energy to open the energy points within your own body and being. The title Reiki Master is simply a descriptive term for the level of foundation a practitioner has been opened to. In reality, it takes many years of practise to master Reiki.

What Are Reiki Precepts?

The Reiki precepts are principles for how a person can improve their mental and emotional balance. This prepares the practitioner with the skills needed to grow spiritually. You can read an explanation of the Reiki Principles here


The answers to all of lifes questions lie within you. Reiki Solas will help you venture inwards towards the limitless power of your heart which connects you with The Source and your Higher Self. Explore your inner nature and your inner Self. I promise that as you do, and as you work towards expanding your awareness and perception of your Self, your entire world and life will change for the better.

To reveal everything you need to know about Reiki Energy Healing, check out my article.

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