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Reiki awakens your awareness and expands consciousness to help you achieve your full potential. Discover the secret power that hides within your Inner Heart and activate your connection with The Universe and your Higher Self. Begin your journey into Reiki today and discover the power of the REAL You!


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Reiki Info | Reiki Information | Reiki FAQ

What is an Usui Reiki Practitioner?

An Usui Reiki Practitioner refers to the Japanese Reiki Master Mikao Usui, who famously brought the practice of Reiki into the Western World and help spread Reiki throughout the planet. The term Usui Shiki Ryoho is the Japanese term meaning the Usui System of Natural Healing, as taught by Mikao Usui.

What are the free bonus Reiki symbols included in each course?

The free extra Reiki symbols included on each course are the 9 Karuna Reiki symbols which complement Usui Reiki beautifully. Each of these Reiki symbols instructs a different flow of healing energy to channel through you which offers the practitioner a wider means for healing and a more powerful tool for personal development.

What is your Reiki lineage?

Every authentic Usui Reiki practitioner and Master has a direct lineage to the founder Dr. Mikao Usui. Here's mine:

Yogi Ricky Mathieson's Usui Reiki Lineage

What is Reiki?

Reiki consists of two Japanese characters, Rei and Ki, meaning 'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy'. Reiki is the life force energy that animates you and keeps you alive and serious illness and disease can result if we allow our energy levels to slump too low.

Reiki Practitioners channel this Spiritual Energy through themselves into the body of their clients using their hands or simply by utilizing the power of their mind and intention. This helps to break up negative energy accumulation within their body and mind ensuring they remain fit and healthy. This gentle process activates the natural healing processes within the clients body and restores well-being on all levels.

What happens during a Reiki session?

During a Reiki treatment the client will generally lay down or be seated, fully clothed minus their shoes, on a therapy bed or chair. The client closes their eyes and relaxes as the Reiki practitioner uses their hands to channel Reiki into the client. The Reiki practitioner will be in a relaxed meditative state when channelling Reiki and will place their hands on or above their clients body to transfer these the healing energies.

Clients generally feel relaxed and at peace however some report having visions, seeing lights, feeling the flow of energy travelling through them, and some may experience a heightening of their psychic abilities or other mystical experiences on rare occasions. Whatever your experience you will surely feel refreshed and invigorated after your treatment.

What can Reiki be used for?

The only limitation to using Reiki is the limitation you place upon your own imagination. Reiki has no limits apart from those we attach to it. It can be used to heal physical, mental and emotional did-ease and distress, to reconnect to our true spiritual Self, receive guidance, cleanse and purify objects and spaces, and it can be used to perform exorcisms on people, objects or places, sent into the past or the future, or can be used to protect oneself and others from harm.

For those interested in manifesting their wishes and desires Reiki works with the Law of Attraction helping you to fulfil your wishes and desires using the power of your heart, mind and intention.

If you can imagine something, you can help manifest it using the power of Reiki.

Are Reiki treatments safe?

Yes, Reiki treatments are perfectly safe and will cause no concerns for your health. Whether you are a child, a pregnant mother, or suffering from a serious disease or illness, Reiki can only improve your overall condition.

Throughout the UK Reiki is used in hostels, nursing homes, GP clinics, holistic centres, spas and NHS hospitals and is already well established and acceptable in the Western world. The Reiki energy is already inside you and is the energetic force keeping your body alive. Treatments simply raise your energy levels to where they should be for optimum health and well-being and help to remove that sticky negative energy you want to remove.

Does Reiki effect medical treatments or medication I may be receiving?

No. Reiki complements any and all medical treatments and any medication you may be taking. After consultation with their doctor many people have found that their level of medication needs to be reduced, as the Reiki helps balance and heal illnesses at the root of their cause.

Does Reiki have anything to do with Religion?

No. Reiki is a spiritual path and has nothing to do with religion. Your current religious beliefs do not need to change if receiving or learning Reiki as Reiki is simply a loving energy that's already within you. Reiki is the energy of the heart and provides a tool for self-exploration without rules, dogmas or creeds to follow and is as natural to the human being as the emotion of Love.

Who can learn how to give Reiki?

Everyone already possesses the ability to give Reiki to themselves and others. No matter whether you are a man, woman, child, young, old or disabled, Reiki can be learned and shared by anyone. All you need is the power of intention and a willingness to activate this ability to its full potential.

How long does Reiki training take?

Every Reiki Master has an opinion on how long one should wait till receiving their next Reiki attunement, with some Masters requiring their students to wait 3 months or longer between levels 1 and 2 and up to a year before receiving their Master Attunement.

There is no one more knowledgeable or capable of making your decisions than you. My Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree courses are taught on a one day course. Master Degree Level and Teacher Degree Level are taught over a two day course.

Within 3 days you could be a fully qualified and certified Reiki Teacher who is eligible to join Reiki governing bodies, apply for public indemnity insurance and teach Reiki to the general public of volunteer in the public health sector.

Do you offer post-course help and support?

Yes, I do. After each class students are given a detailed Reiki Manual for whatever level they have just been attuned to. Additionally, all students are welcome to repeat the same class they just sat as many times as they like in the future FREE of charge.

I will also be available to answer any questions you may have via my website, e-mail, Facebook, text or phone call once you have been attuned to Reiki. Also, there are no time limits for post-course support. If it's been several years since your attunement I will still always be available to help guide you in any way I can.

How many levels of Reiki are there?

My system of teaching involves three days tuition in which time you will learn all four levels of Usui Reiki, from 1st Degree up to Reiki Master Teacher. There will also be additional master courses coming in the near future where you will receive additional symbols, knowledge and wisdom in a advanced system of healing.

I need some Reiki Info about children...can children learn Reiki?

Yes, absolutely. Having children attuned to Reiki early in their lives will drastically improve their future development in the most beneficial way possible. The only requirements necessary is that:

  1. The child's parent or guardian is attuned to the same level of Reiki as the child is to be attuned to. Parent/guardian consent is given to attune the child.
  2. The child has given me permission to attune them.
Can infants and babies receive Reiki?

Yes. New born babies and even pregnant mothers can have their babies receive Reiki. Reiki is intelligent in nature and will automatically adjust itself to the level and strength that is most suitable for that individual.

Are there any side-effects to receiving Reiki?

No. There are no negative side affects to receiving a Reiki treatment. Some people can experience what is known as a cleansing period, which may involve some mild and temporary discomfort, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual in nature. This is very much a positive effect and is a sign of deep negative imbalances being brought to the surface and being healed and released by the healing energy of Reiki.

How much do Reiki treatments cost?

Reiki treatments vary in price depending on the geographical area in which you live, the level of training and experience your teacher has and their reputation for doing good work.

Generally, Reiki treatments cost around the same as a massage and can range from anywhere between £25 to £100 for an hour long treatment. Some Reiki Masters also offer free treatments, as well as discounts and promotions on specific occasions. On average Reiki treatments tend to cost around £30 to £50 UK pounds for an hour long session.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

The Reiki attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to channel Reiki and is given by the Reiki Master during the class. During the attunement the Reiki Master will touch the students head, shoulders, and hands and use one or more special breathing and visualization techniques to allow the attunement energies to flow through the Reiki Master and into the student.

These special energies are guided by a Higher Intelligence and make adjustments in the students energy pathways to connect the student to the source of Reiki. Because the energetic aspect of the attunement is guided by this Higher Power, it adjusts itself to be exactly right for each student. During the attunement, some students feel warmth in their hands, tingling on their head, some may see colours and some may experience various body sensations of peace and calm.

However, it is not necessary to have an inner experience for the attunement to have worked and in many cases students generally feel a deep sense of relaxation, peace and tranquillity.

How long will Reiki last after an Attunement?

Reiki last for life after your attunement and will work at will upon your command. Reiki is similar to a muscle in the sense that the more you use it the stronger it gets. Receiving additional repeat attunements is available to all students and is an effective way of strengthening your Reiki further by re-cleansing yourself.

Do I need to learn anything or prepare myself before a Reiki Attunement?

Nothing needs to be learned and no preparations need be made before receiving your attunement. However, students must be free from drugs and alcohol on the day of their class and attunement unless required for medical purposes. Although not essential, it is recommended that you:

Do not eat meat, fowl or fish for three days before an attunement
Consider a water or juice fast for a day or two before class
Refrain from drinking caffeinated and alcoholic drinks for three days before class
Minimize your sugar intake
And cut down on smoking.

This helps purify the body and reduce the level of toxins in your system which will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and be of greater benefit to you.

What are distance Attunements?

Reiki treatment can be sent over long distances or even to another country and attunements are no different. Distance attunements do work just the same as a regular hands-on attunement.

Attunements can be done in any place you can sit quietly for 15 minutes whether your in home, work place or even your stationary car.

How quickly can I learn all Reiki levels?

Every Reiki Master has a difference of opinion on this matter. You are your own best guide and teacher in this life and I believe that decision should be made by you. Free will is one of the most important traits for a human being and if you wish to complete all your attunements as quickly as possible I am happy to oblige.

I am also happy to advise you further on this to suit your personal circumstances.

Why are some Reiki practitioners better than others?

There are many factors involved that determine the quality of Reiki energy a practitioner can channel. Generally however, the more physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced a Reiki Practitioner is the less negative blockages exist between the Reiki energy and the client. A pure, clear and unblocked Reiki Practitioner will have less negative energy hampering the flow of Reiki which will give you a more powerful treatment.

I need more Reiki info...what do I do?

More Reiki Info - If you still need more Reiki information or you have Reiki faq you want to see added to this list, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you with whatever additional Reiki Info you need.


The answers to all of lifes questions lie within you. Reiki Solas will help you venture inwards towards the limitless power of your heart which connects you with The Source and your Higher Self. Explore your inner nature and your inner Self. I promise that as you do, and as you work towards expanding your awareness and perception of your Self, your entire world and life will change for the better.

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