Truth About Reiki Healing | 10 Truths About Reiki

Truth About Reiki Healing | 10 Truths About Reiki

Truth About Reiki Healing | 10 Truths About Reiki

Truth About Reiki Healing | 10 Truths About Reiki

So what is Reiki healing really? There are many half-truths, misconceptions, falsities, and inaccuracies can be found scattered from here to there. Some catch on and become accepted as true while others don’t and the practice of Reiki is no different.

Reiki is also one of the victims of many misconceptions.

To put the record straight, here are 10 common misconceptions showing you the truth about Reiki healing to finally answer the question.


1. Reiki healing is just hogwash

The truth about Reiki is that it’s an ancient practice and art form that has been practiced for many thousands of years. And it can be traced back to long before Mikao Usui’s time in ancient Tibet and India.

Reiki healing and the practices used in this art form certainly challenges ones perception of reality and even themselves. And while there are still many question marks surrounding the practice of Reiki, from a scientific perspective at least, there is already plentiful amounts of scientific and medical research which corroborates the positive effects of Reiki on our health.

Not only has Reiki been proven to reduce stress and aid relaxation and healing, it’s also available throughout the UK National Health Service (NHS) in hospitals, care homes and GP clinics.

This truth about Reiki alone, that Reiki is available throughout the NHS, should reinforce the realization that Reiki is indeed both safe and effective to practice and receive.


2. Reiki is a religion

Religion is a cultural system of behaviours and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organisation.

Many people believe Reiki to be some sort of religious practice however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

One primary fundamental aspect of religion is ‘Dogma’. And dogma is a belief, or set of beliefs, that are accepted by members of a group without being questioned or doubted.

Reiki however is quite the opposite. You are very much encouraged to question everything. You are encouraged to believe in nothing with blind faith too.

Reiki encourages you to explore yourself. To understand how you work on the inside. And how you interact with your environment. And it takes you on a path of deep self-exploration and personal discovery. So ‘experience’ is very much the real teacher with Reiki and that experience can be different for everyone. This is the truth about Reiki.

Take Love for example. How can you learn about Love other than to experience the energy of Love itself.

To understand Reiki healing you must also experience it directly. Reiki, as well as its many practices and techniques, is simply a tool for self exploration. In time, and with continued practice and sufficient experience, the lines between Reiki and your Self become blurred.

The simple reason for that is because Reiki is not something you ‘do’. It’s a state of being you choose to ‘become’.

The truth about Reiki is that it’s part of something you already are. Only you may not realize what that means just yet. Reiki is often referred to as ‘vital life-force energy’ and Reiki is the very essence of life itself. So your religious choices are separate from Reiki. Reiki provides no barrier or opposition to your religious beliefs.


3. Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian Monk

Mikao Usui is commonly referred to as Dr. Usui and this is how I also used to refer to Mikao Usui myself. However the truth about Reiki is that, Mikao Usui is not a medical doctor. He does not hold and such medical qualifications.

It would seem this title was given to Usui out of admiration and respect for his abilities. Rather than as a sign of his academic qualifications. Of which Master Usui had many degrees and a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

It’s also a common held belief that Mikao Usui was a Christian Monk. However this is also not accurate information.

Mikao Usui, while well versed in many religions, was in fact a Zen Buddhist. As well as a scholar and spiritualist among many other things.

It eventually came to light that when Hawayo Takata, one of Mikao Usui’s students, became a Reiki Master herself and started to teach, that she framed Mikao Usui as both a doctor and a Christian Monk in order to make him more appealing to a predominantly non-spiritual Christian Western audience.


4. The primary purpose of Reiki is to perform healing

Now bare with me a moment, this isn’t a misprint and you did read it correctly, and it may come as a surprise to you that the primary purpose of Reiki is not for healing. Most of us who are aware of Reiki see it as a form of energy healing which can help us achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual harmony and indeed Reiki does do this and it does it well. However the real purpose of Reiki is not to heal, balance and harmonize the body.

The real purpose of Reiki is to expand your consciousness.

Reiki helps expands consciousness by expanding the energy of the Heart. This allows an expansion and purification of the body’s surrounding energy field, or aura, which helps assist in connecting with higher levels of awareness. The end goal of this is to ultimately help you achieve the True purpose for us all in life. Which as the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga teaches us, is to eventually return to The Source.

Why do I bring up Kundalini Yoga?

Well, there is little difference between Kundalini Yoga and Reiki. Both use the same symbols, they both employ the same practices and they both have the same end goal. The only real difference is the words used to describe both these practices.

So as I already mentioned…

The mental, emotional and physical purification and harmony that Reiki helps create is not the goal of Reiki. It’s the preparation.

And it’s this preparation that helps purify and empower your being towards reaching its highest heights. How far you choose to go with Reiki of course is up to you.  If you want to use it purely to improve your life, without venturing too far into the spiritual side of things, then that’s what Reiki will help you become.

For those who want more however and want to discover answers as to what the true purpose of Reiki and life really is, then you can use this practice to assist you with achieving true self-realization and continued spiritual growth. So while the purpose of Reiki is not healing, the healing side of Reiki is nevertheless a very useful by-product of the primary purpose of Reiki.


5. You must have special capabilities to practise Reiki healing

This is not the truth about Reiki. There are no special needs or requirements if you want to practise Reiki, anyone can do it.

Anyone can learn to perform with a musical instrument, some can play it well, some are so so and others may need a little more practise. Similarly, everyone can perform Reiki to varying degrees. Reiki is simply a form of energy channelling. And we are all energy channellers by nature, whether we realize this or not. This is the truth about Reiki.

You are already an energy channelling machine. We all are. And you’re channelling right at this very moment because this process never stops. Reiki simply shows you how to take control of this process.

While you don’t need any special abilities to perform Reiki there is one thing you do need to have, and that’s a desire to discover something about yourself. Keep in mind that Reiki empowers You.

It empowers your thoughts, intentions, and most importantly, it empowers your beliefs. Which is another important factor to motivate self exploration on a deeper level. So if you don’t believe in the power of Reiki, Reiki will reinforce that belief because that’s what it does. It empowers You.


6. There are newer more advanced forms of Reiki healing now available

Many types of Reiki exist which you can Google and do a short course in. Whether it’s Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tummo Reiki or something else.

There are plenty of choices and options for Reiki with new forms of the practice springing up, modifications being made to existing practices, and even complete rebranding’s in every way, shape and form.

In reality however, there is only One form of Reiki because there is only One Source, and it’s Reiki that helps lead you towards understanding that Source.

The Source is The Source of Reiki and while the names, labels, practices and techniques of Reiki may change, the essence remains the same.

From my own experience, I’ve become a Reiki Master in three different forms of Reiki and I’m also a Yogi and Kundalini Yoga Master, and I can honestly tell you that there is only One True Source behind Reiki. And that Source is God, or what I prefer to label as the Creative Intelligence of the Universe.

There are a few differences between Kundalini Yoga channelling and Reiki channelling, however they are all part of the same package. Your Kundalini energy, which exists at the base of your spine, is your ‘Ki’ energy, which is raw earth energy that’s regulated by your own thoughts and intentions. And it’s this ‘Ki’ energy that improves your connection to The Source. This Ki is part of Rei-Ki, which describes the merging of Ki with the Divine, or what is the ‘Rei’ part of Reiki.

So Kundalini energy is Earth energy and using it helps connect you to the Divine Source of Reiki in a far stronger way.

As I mentioned earlier, in time and with sufficient practice and success, your mind, body and brain will become so integrated with Reiki that it becomes difficult to say when you’re using the power of Reiki, or when you’re simply using the power of You. Because Reiki is You and you are inseparable from it.


7. Reiki is really witchcraft and Magick

There are some people out there who, because of a lack of knowledge and awareness, see Reiki healing as being very similar to witchcraft and Magick and it’s plain to me why. From someone with decades of experience in all these topics, I can say that Reiki is many many levels above that of practising lower Magick and witchcraft.

In the science and art of witchcraft and Magick, it’s commonly seen that one would draw and cast a circle on the floor and call in spiritual entities to do your bidding. Well, Reiki doesn’t call upon any such lowly spirits. Reiki deals only with you, your higher self and The Source.

Where, however, does the fine line between Magick, Reiki and just being You start, and where does it finish?

Magick is commonly described as ‘The art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with Will’.

With that in mind, if one can control and influence themselves and their environment using nothing but their thoughts, intentions and Will, then where does the line between Magick and just being human really lie?

Being able to influence your environment and your self is not a magical act. It’s a natural human act. Because not only can we all do it, but we are all doing it 100% of the time. We either control this interaction or we do not.

To let you into a little secret, all of humanity, every single one of us, is a natural Magician, if we must use that word. We can influence events, people, ourselves, situations, matter, or anything else, using only our thoughts, intentions and Will and this proven by science. We already know that the mind can alter our health and even influence the health of others. So there really is no need for calling upon spirits to perform witchcraft or Magick because you’re own mind and Spirit is already manifesting through you. Reiki will help you understand that process on a deeper level.

The only people that use witchcraft and Magick are the people who have not yet mastered themselves, because if they had mastered themselves, they would see that there is no place, desire or need for performing such lower forms of energy work.


8. Reiki healing is part of the new-age movement

Now there are a lot of strange and very questionable practices throughout the world and in recent years. We’ve seen many different new age beliefs pop up. From crop circles and aliens, to shamanism and rainbow gathering to name only a few. What can be said for sure is that Reiki healing is not a part of any new-age movement.

The new-age movement started around the 1970’s. The truth about Reiki is, it’s been practiced for thousands of years.

Reiki is as old as the Universe itself. So while Reiki has been accepted by the public and the spiritual new-agers, it nevertheless remains firmly in a category of its own. And to name that category, I could name it Truth. Because that’s what Reiki will offer you. Truth.


9. Performing Reiki drains you of your vital life-force energy

The truth about Reiki is no, it doesn;t drain your energy. The energy that Reiki draws its power from is all around us. It’s everything we can see and all the things we cannot see.

Reiki doesn’t drain your own vital life-force energy. It flows straight from the never-ending infinite supply of The Source.

So it’s not tiring or taxing to perform Reiki once we understand how it works.

When Reiki can make you start to feel fatigued is when you have been standing still and straight for an hour or so while performing a treatment. You can also feel tired due to what’s known as magnetic channelling. Which is using your own energy to heal someone.

The energy of Reiki however is on tap and it’s unlimited in supply. You just have to learn to open up, let go and let it flow freely without trying to control what it does. That’s when you can heal at your most powerful.


10. You Can Cure Illness and Disease With Reiki

It’s taught by Reiki Masters throughout the world that Reiki is not a magical cure for illness and disease. Reiki is healing and it will help with such matters, however keep in mind that there can be important spiritual reasons for having an illness or disease.

Illnesses and disease have their root in energy. To change the problem, you have to change how you channel your energy.

Yes, there have been cases of miraculous healings throughout human history and even right up until now in modern times. However there are many factors that are beyond your control. And understanding as to how Reiki does what it does comes from experiencing it.

Performing Reiki properly should involve opening ones Heart and surrendering oneself to The Source and letting The Source take care of, and deal with, everything. That’s when Reiki works at its best.

You can use Reiki for almost an unlimited number of things. Remember that Reiki empowers You, so you are your only limitation. We humans can Will many wonderful things to happen and Reiki provides a first step towards achieving a level of self-mastery that many of us only dream about.

Thanks for reading this article on the Truth About Reiki Healing. I hope it was eye opening for you and you learned something new.

Awaken to Reiki

There are so many benefits of Reiki for your health and well-being. Get a deeper understanding for how Reiki heals and discover the science about Reiki at my Reiki Scientific Research article.

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