Learn About Long Distance Reiki Session & Reiki Distance Healing Treatments

Learn About Long Distance Reiki Session & Reiki Distance Healing Treatments

Long Distance Reiki Session & Reiki Distance Healing Treatments

Did you know you can receive a long distance Reiki session and get Reiki distance healing treatments in the comfort of your own home?

This is one of the many amazing things you can do with Reiki. It’s often difficult to accept that this is possible, at least at first.

However once you’ve experienced that long distance Reiki sessions do in fact work, your mind will be truly blow. Metaphorically speaking of course.


What Does a Long Distance Reiki Session Involve?

Reiki distance healing treatments can be sent by a Reiki Master to another person from a distance, no matter where they are in the world.

So your Reiki healer could be in America and you could be chattering your teeth in the middle of the Siberian wilderness. And you can sit in quiet meditation and intend to receive the healing energy your Reiki healer sends you.

Pretty cool right?

Reiki students are taught how to send long distance Reiki sessions from Usui Reiki level 2. So this ability is shared relatively quickly with students. And the more advanced your Reiki healer is, the more powerful the Reiki treatment will be.

To receive a Reiki distance healing treatment, you don’t need to actually do anything. You can go about your usual day and you will still receive the energy. However if you sit in quiet meditation while the energy is being sent, this will improve your healing treatment.

This is because when you close your eyes and relax, and intend to be open to receiving the healing energy, you will be more open to it.

Personally, I have worked from home and worked in clinics and therapy centers doing in-person healing treatments. Now however, I specialize in long distance Reiki sessions and I only offer Reiki distance healing treatments.

This is just as effective as in-person Reiki treatment. It’s also substantially cheaper for clients, and I have more time to address any questions my clients have.


What Is Needed to Receive a Reiki distance healing treatment?

All your healer needs to know is who will be receiving the long distance Reiki session. All that’s needed to do this is to have a name, a photo, or even a persons online username. It can also be sent to a person if you know the relationship of that person to someone else

For example, a Reiki healer could intend to send healing energy to the father of John, and the Father of John will receive it. Even though you don’t know John’s Fathers name, and you don’t know where his person is located.

This is because Reiki is intelligent and the energy of Reiki comes from The Source. Or what some may refer to as God, or Cosmic Intelligence, or The All, or Universal Consciousness. And The Source knows exactly who is supposed to receive the healing and where they are located. So the process is really quite simple.


Are All Reiki Healer Capable of Doing This?

As I mentioned, students are taught to do this from Usui Reiki level 2. And as a students abilities improve and their training advances, so to does their ability to sent distant Reiki.

So the more advanced your Reiki healer is, the better your healing treatment will be.

Sending healing works in a similar way to praying for someone. When you pray for someone to get well, you are sending them that positive healing energy. How much energy you attach to your prayers determines how powerful that pray will be.

If your prayer is amplified with enough emotional energy, or with enough Love, or Reiki, it will be more healing.

For the simple reason that Reiki help to amplify and empower the energy of you prayers.


How Does a Long Distance Reiki Session Work?

Everything in the Universe is energy and that includes you and your physical body. And all energy in the Universe is interconnected. Similar to how all the water in the oceans are connected, no matter where on the planet they are located.

So when a healer sends a Reiki treatment, energy is transferred to the client because that client has a direct energy connection with the healer.

Because everything is energy, this also means that ill health can also be viewed as being a form of energy. Good health has a high positive energy vibration and bad health has a low negative energy vibration.

So a Reiki healer can send high frequency positive energy to the low frequency bad energy to balance it. I This is the principle for how Reiki heals. It re-balances the body and energy field by removing the low vibration negative energy that causes dis-ease.


How Can You Improve Your Reiki Distant Healing Treatment?

The first and most obvious answer is to find a good Reiki healer who is highly advanced in the training they have had. Apart form that, there are a number of things you can do as a client to improve your Reiki distant healing treatment.

  • Cleanse your space – Burn some sage in the room you’re planning on sitting in and intend to cleanse and purify the space.
  • Play reiki music – Play some chilled out meditation music to help you unwind and relax. The more relaxed you are the better energy flows through your body.
  • Keep your spine straight – Whether you are sitting or lying down, keeping your spine straight ensures the energy of Reiki flows better. Reiki will enter through your head and flow down your spine. It will then flow throughout your body and energy field. If your spine is bent, this restricts the flow of Reiki. Much like how a kink in a garden hose restricts the flow of water.
  • Intend to open your heart – A simple yet advanced technique is to intend to “completely open your whole heart and being and surrender to True Source.” This opens your heart and energy field and makes you deeply open and receptive to the energy. Whether you are channelling or receiving, this simple intention will significantly improve your Reiki experience.


What Can You Expect to Experience From Your Long Distance Reiki Session?

What you can experience during a distant healing treatment really depends on many factors. Some people experience little while others have profound spiritual experiences.

Some of the things you could experience in general include:

  • Feelings of deep relaxation and peace
  • Experiencing the feeling of Love
  • Sensations of warmth or cold at points in your body
  • The feeling of energy gently flowing through your body
  • Mild pins and needles sensations
  • Possible mild discomfort at the location of existing physical injuries (this is a sign of the physical injury being healed)
  • Feeling energy rushing through your body
  • You may become emotional as negative energy is released from your body
  • In very rare situations you may experience mild flu like symptoms (this is a sign of healing)
  • Some people fall asleep during their Reiki treatment
  • You may experience reduced stress and anxiety
  • Alternatively some people feel energized
  • You may see colours while your eyes are closed
  • It’s possible to experience visions
  • You may have deeply spiritual experiences
  • Some people can have psychic experiences

These are a few of the experiences and sensations you could possibly experience during your Reiki distance healing treatment. Some people can experience one or two of these experiences and others can experience more.

Alternatively, it’s not uncommon for people to experience nothing during their healing treatment. Generally, most people do tend to experience calm and a sensation of relaxation.

Whatever you do experience during your long distance Reiki Session, it will always be for your highest and greatest good.

Would You Like To Book A Distant Healing Treatment?

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