Reiki Benefits | What is Reiki and What are its Benefits?

Reiki Benefits | What is Reiki and What Are its Benefits


Reiki benefits your health and well-being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Whether you’re a practitioner or a patient, there are many Reiki benefits that touch every area of a persons life. So what is Reiki and what are its benefits?

Reiki benefits practitioners and patients in slightly different ways, with practitioners receiving a deeper, more thorough healing and cleansing. Regardless of whether you’re a practitioner or a patient, Reiki benefits your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and helps every part of you to come into balance and harmony.

Reiki can be used to help balance and heal almost any health condition, from stress, anxiety and depression, to physical injuries and emotional trauma. If you have a major or minor health condition, Reiki can help.

Every aspect of a human being is integrated with all parts. What affects a person in body affects the mind and vice versa. Reiki benefits us holistically by healing all parts of a person that are intimately interconnected with our whole self.

Used in hospitals and private clinics throughout the UK and in many other places in the world, Reiki benefits our health by transferring life-force energy from the palms of the practitioner to the body of the patient using a variety of specific intentions and meditative techniques.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy and all energy interacts with the energy around it. A Reiki practitioner can use intention to direct healing energy into the patient to dislodge, release, and heal the negative energy blockages that person has within them. It’s these negative energy blockages that are at the root of poor health.

If you have a serious health condition, your feeling down, or you just want help to relax, Reiki benefits your health in many ways.

So what are these Reiki benefits exactly?


Here's a list of some of the many Reiki benefits for your health and well being.


Whether a past, present or future relationship, Reiki benefits it!

One of the many amazing things Reiki helps to heal in your life is your relationships. We all will have experienced a time when our relationships were holding us back in life. Reiki benefits our relationships by helping us to learn what our currently relationships are trying to show and teach us, then helping to give us the awareness, insight and strength to let that relationship go if it’s no longer serving our higher interest.

Reiki also benefits our relationships by helping us to develop more positive relationships. Current relationships with family and friends deepen and our connection becomes sweeter and more meaningful. If a person is not currently in our life that we need to be, Reiki will help to create all the conditions needed to help us attract that person and meet them.

Reiki benefits your relationships by helping to surround you with people who complement you and helping to remove those who are causing you pain and holding you back in life.


Reiki helps to guide you towards developing your career in the way best for you.

Our jobs and careers play an important role in our lives and take up a large portion of our time. The majority of people are not in jobs that they enjoy and many have poor career prospects. Reiki benefits your career by helping to reposition and realign everything needed to help you with your job and career.

How Reiki benefits your career options can be in many different ways.

  • Reiki can improve your working relationships with co-workers and your boss.
  • Reiki can help you to feel more confident, happy and fulfilled in your current role.
  • Reiki can help you to get that promotion you had your eye on.
  • Reiki can help you to get a raise and make your life more financially secure.

However, perhaps you would be healthier, happier, and more secure working in a completely different role, or a different job. People often lack the fearless desire to make significant changes to their careers, especially when their financial security is on the line. However, Reiki can help you with this by helping to direct you towards the people and places you need to see to help guide you towards your perfect working role. Even if that means making changes to your current career.


Being open to receiving abundance in life requires a specific state of being. Reiki helps you achieve that state of being.

Abundance can come to us in many different forms and can include a variety of things. One of the most important aspects of opening ourselves to abundance is the financial security it brings. While Reiki can boost your career options, it can also help you to attract what you need to thrive in life by creating an energy field of abundance around you. This helps you attract abundance into your life from the Universe.

This does not mean that you will be showered with endless supplies of money, however. That’s not what abundance means spiritually. Spiritual abundance means receiving abundant energy to help you attract and achieve what you need, to help you succeed with your unique purpose in life. Our purpose in life can be multi-layered and can include many different aspects. Reiki will open you to allow you to resonate with abundance so you can attract all that you need in life to thrive.


Many scientific research studies have proven that Reiki benefits those suffering from stress.

Stress is not only unpleasant to experience, but it’s also a killer. Stress is linked to all sorts of serious health problems, from cardiovascular disease to cancer, and stress can have a devastating effect on our work and personal lives. Reiki benefits those suffering from stress by reducing the internal causes of stress and promoting deep relaxation.

In only one of many research studies, this one from the National Institutes of Health, a 20-week stress reduction program was administered to college students to help them relax and reduce stress. Each study performed two short self-Reiki healing treatments on themselves every day and their stress levels were measured.

The students reported ‘significant reduction in stress levels’ and concluded:

“This study supports the hypothesis that the calming effect of Reiki may be achieved through the use of self-Reiki.” –


Our families are an important foundation in our lives and Reiki helps our family relationships to blossom.

Family is important for all of us. While some families stay together and some drift apart, our families play an important role in our lives and shape the people we become. Reiki helps us to create a stronger, more resilient, confident and empowered sense of self while helping our family relationships to develop in the best way for our unique purposes.

After receiving a Reiki attunement, the energy vibration of our bodies changes and becomes lighter, peaceful, open and healthy. When our body and aura changes vibration to a more positive frequency, this energy encompasses all the people around us too. This positive energy naturally ripples out to those around us and helps to heal them and the relationship we have together.

This helps to improve the condition of those you love the most and deepens and improves your relationship with them too.


Reiki helps open our hearts to love which helps us attract loving people and partners into our lives.

If you want more love in your life or want to experience the closeness of having a loving partner, Reiki benefits us by helping us attract the people that resonate with us best.

Reiki helps our hearts to automatically begin a process of deep opening that allows us to feel and experience deeper sensations of love within our hearts. This love we open to automatically attracts people and partners who resonate with that love.

Reiki helps you to open to love, and it helps to attract loving people into your life. This makes your intimate relationships far deeper and loving than it would be otherwise. The deeper the love we can experience within our hearts, the deeper our loving connections are to others.


Many studies have shown Reiki to improve various health conditions and even help serious illnesses.

There are many Reiki benefits for your health and well being, whether you have a minor ailment or a more serious health condition.

While research has shown that Reiki has a positive effect on those suffering from stress and high blood pressure, Reiki also benefits those suffering from more serious diseases, such as diabetes, aids, and cancer.


“The reduction of pain symptoms observed in both treatment groups is consistent with the concept that the formation of a “sustained partnership” between the health care provider and the patient can have direct therapeutic benefits.” –


“Significant improvements in relief of pain and stress in those receiving RMG (Reiki Music Groups) were found. At the 6-week assessment, semi-structured interviews were conducted with all participants. Qualitative findings indicated that Reiki and music therapy helped reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Evidence-based data regarding the effectiveness of Reiki will help nurses help patients better manage HIV-related symptoms.” –


“All three services (Yoga, Massage, Reiki) helped decrease stress and anxiety, improve mood, and enhance cancer center patrons’ perceived overall health and quality of life in a similar manner. Reiki reduced the pain of patients with cancer to a greater extent than either massage or yoga.” –

Reiki has also been shown to help heal the symptoms of many other conditions, such as neurodegenerative disorders, fatigue, chronic pain, infertility, autism, and Crohn’s disease.


When you heal by releasing negativity, you become a more refined version of yourself.

Success is not something that is defined by society, culture, or the majority. Success is a deeply personal thing that is different for everyone, depending upon what you perceive in the world as being important and what you value. Success is much more than how much money you can accrue into your bank account.

For some people, success may be material based, while for others it could be mental, emotion, physical, or spiritual-based. Reiki will help you to find success with what you value most as an individual, whether that’s got more to do with friends, love, health, peace, prosperity, spiritual growth, or something else.

Reiki helps bring the essence of what and who you are to the surface so you can better express yourself and your unique energy into the world.


Science has shown Reiki improves anxiety and depression.

Your emotional health is an important foundation. You can be intelligent, aware, financially secure and have infinite prospects and opportunities in life. If you don’t have emotional balance however, all these things are negatively affected and you’ll struggle to enjoy what you achieve.

Your emotional health is automatically improved with Reiki as one of the first foundations when you receive attunement to the energy. Reiki helps to heal your past by releasing your burdens and the trapped negative energy associated with them. This helps you become more balanced and emotionally stronger and more resilient.

Two areas of emotional health that plague so many in today’s world are depression and anxiety. These are two conditions Reiki is known to be very effective at healing.

“Those with high depression and/or anxiety who received Reiki had “progressive improvement in overall mood while no change was seen in the control participants” (Bowden, Goddard, Gruzelier, 2011).” –


Science has shown Reiki improves immune function, blood pressure and other conditions!

If we allow our energy field to remain out of balance for extended periods, it can have a negative effect upon our mind and body. One of the most important systems in the human body is the immune system, which fights off unwanted bugs, viruses, parasites, and other sneaky body invaders.

Reiki is one of many alternative therapies that has been shown to positively interact with the immune system.

“Directionality of healing in immune response and cell line studies affirms the usual explanation that these therapies bring harmony and balance to the system in the direction of health. Foremost, the research literature demonstrates the safety of these therapies.” –

High blood pressure and hypertension are also healed by Reiki.

“Reiki had a positive effect on reducing abnormal blood pressure, suggesting to be a complementary technique for the control of hypertension.” –


While Reiki improves every aspect of health, at the heart of Reiki is a deep spiritual practice!

Reiki is commonly promoted and marketed as a healing practice, however, healing is not the primary purpose of Reiki. Healing is only a means to an end. The primary purpose of Reiki is a spiritual one.

Reiki is a spiritual practice that helps practitioners’ to self-heal, cleanse and purify their body and mind. This self-purification allows a person to gradually increase their energy vibration which allows the practitioners’ awareness, intuition and consciousness to expand.

Learning Reiki is one of the quickest and easiest ways to delve deeper into spirituality. In time and with continued practise, the intelligent energy of Reiki will guide you towards realizing more of the potential you hold within you while opening your mind and awareness to the true nature of reality and your true Self.


Whether you're deciding on getting your first Reiki attunement, or a Reiki treatment, you should know the difference.

Reiki Treatments

When receiving a Reiki treatment your healer will connect with you and act as a channel between you and the healing energy of Reiki. The energy of Reiki will then flow into your body and will dislodge and release negative energy blockages. This will allow you to heal a variety of important energy blocks that could be contributing to your poor health.

Once your Reiki treatment has finished, the energy tends to stay with you for anywhere from a day, to a week or so, depending on the ability of your healer. In this time, the energy will continue to heal your negative energy blockage and improve your health.

Over time the energy will naturally dissipate and the healing effect will stop until you visit your healer again. So receiving Reiki treatments are only a temporary solution. These sessions can have wonderful results, however, the extra energy will soon leave you.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki attunements, on the other hand, offer you permanent healing that continues on a non-stop basis. This allows negative energy to be dislodged, released and healed continually every time you chose to connect to the energy. This allows you to remain in a peaceful, balanced and harmonious state of mind and being on an ongoing basis.

Reiki attunements allow you to do many things beyond healing yourself. You can:

  • Heal others.
  • Cleanse rooms, areas, and objects.
  • Manifest your desires.
  • Awaken your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Expand Consciousness…and so much more!

To summarize, a Reiki treatment may heal you, however, a Reiki attunement will empower you.

So no matter what health condition you may be suffering from, what important things are missing from your life, or what is currently weighing you down and holding you back in life, there is a solution in Reiki. All it takes from you is a desire to explore before it’s many mysteries are revealed to you.

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