The Power of Music | How Does Music Effect the Brain

The Power of Music | How Does Music Effect the Brain

The Power of Music | How Does Music Effect the Brain

Music has a massive impact upon our emotions and how we feel. If you have the ability to feel emotions, you have the ability to influence them using music. Music can be used for:

  • Comfort
  • Fun & entertainment
  • Relaxing and de-stressing
  • Raising your energy levels
  • Temporarily increasing your I.Q.
  • Alleviating the symptoms of certain diseases

To be the same is monotone. The real beauty lies in the harmony


Understanding the Power of Music

Do your parents ever tell you to, “Put that music off, you cant study properly with that on”. Well now you have the factual ammunition. The truth is that music has been proven to help you absorb information. And to help you remember it through association.

In addition to this, listening to music can be very helpful if you are finding it difficult focusing. Or if you find it difficult maintaining your concentration on something.

  • Studies have also shown that if you listen to classical music just before your exam, your IQ increases. And this puts you in a more productive state of mind which helps you perform better.

The research into improved IQ and productivity of exam pupils found that any type of music has a positive effect. However it was primarily classical music, and Mozart, that was shown to have the biggest impact on people.

So, how does music effect the brain you must be wondering?

Here’s how!


How Does Music Effect the Brain

1. The Power of Music Helps Those Suffering from Parkinsons Disease

It has been shown that listening to music helps to reduce the effects of Parkinsons Disease. Parkinsons Disease sufferers experience muscle spasms, locking muscles and issues with their balance. And listening to music can instantly resolve the physical problems associated with the disease for many of its sufferers.

The reason this happens is quite interesting. You may have noticed that you begin tapping a hand, finger, foot, while listening to a piece of music.

The reason behind this is because the part of the brain that deals with movement and rhythm is automated. Therefore no conscious attention is necessary in order to follow the beat. What is actually happening is that the music is tricking the body into moving. And instantly sending signals to the brain to tell it to move your arms and legs.

Drum circles are a new form of therapy that has been created to help patients with the condition as it has shown to make an improvement with those suffering from spasms and a loss of balance.

2. The Power of Music Improved Spatial Reasoning

We have already looked at how music raises your IQ. Or to be more exact, it has been shown that listening especially to Mozart’s piano pieces will increase your spatial reasoning by the equivalent of 9 IQ points on average. With some individuals receiving a significantly larger boost to their IQ.

The reason behind this is not known for sure. However it has been theorized that listening to Mozarts’ music makes the individual listener focus far more on the actual sounds playing.

There are also individuals who theorize that Mozarts’ music increases brain activity in key areas. Thus the increase in IQ. The truth is nobody knows how it works, the only thing we do know is that it does work.

3. The Power of Music Improves Memory Loss

It has been shown that listening to music actually improves your memory, helping you to remember parts of your past long forgotten, and this has had promising results with Alzheimer’s patients.

Dementia patients can also benefit from this practice as it has been shown that both these sufferers have the ability to unearth memories that they can associate with the piece of music they listen to.

The reason for this working is because music activates many areas of the brain and helps to stir up brain activity where other methods may have failed. One specific area that it has been shown to engage is the Hippo-campus  which is the region of the brain that stores all your long term memories.

Therefore, when you listen to music that you know, the feelings that you associate with that memory will also come to the surface and quite often memories surface also.

4. How Does Music Effect the Brain & Repair It

It has also been proven that listening to music actually helps to repair certain brain damage. Individuals who have suffered from a stroke or other form of brain damage and who have lost the partial ability to speak or see can have those two senses returned to them.

Those patients who are unable to speak, because they have left side brain damage, find that they still have the ability to sing out words rather than speak them. In time and with a little practice, patients have the ability to re-learn how to form basic sentences.

Again, the reason this works is because your language functions are controlled by your left brain. While your creative brain is controlled by the right side of your brain, where music would be processed.

So by associating music with language, a stroke victim has the ability to rewire themselves and move language to the other side of their brain. Clever isn’t it.

5. The Power of Music Helps People Battle Addictions

Whether you are suffering from alcohol or drug addictions or any other addiction for that matter, music lends a helping hand. Music relaxes the system, reducing stress and frustrations and it also helps to distract those with withdrawal symptoms.

  • It has also been shown that the act of writing songs has a positive effect towards controlling your impulses and it acts as a good output to help rationalise your thoughts, similarly as writing your thoughts in a diary helps to analyse your thinking patterns.

This is all possible because listening to music effects the neurotransmitters in our brains. Which are chemicals that send information within our heads, making us feel either good or bad. Taking drugs has a similar effect. However by taking drugs you are artificially creating those same chemicals and not allowing your brain to create them naturally.

So when you stop taking the drug in question, your brain is unable to cope because it has become poor at creating these neurotransmitter chemicals itself. Which leads to all sorts of mental and physical issues.

  • Not only will music increase the levels of dopamine and nor-epinephrine  your brains feel good chemicals, but additionally, certain music has been well proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and the tension in your muscles.

6. The Power of Music Boosts Your Immune System

It has been scientifically proven that music can have a positive effect upon the bodies immune system. With a proven increase in the recovery rate of heart and lung problems with patients.

Cortisol is a chemical found in your brain which causes you to feel stressed. It has been shown to reduce while listening to music, making you more relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Additionally, music has also been shown to create more antibodies that are used to fight off diseases. This improves the effectiveness of your bodies immune system. Your body also has the capacity to learn to recognise particular music as being positive for your immune system. And will create the conditions needed to compel you to want more.

With all of the health benefits associated with music, it’s not surprising that the right sort of music has the ability to raise your energy levels. Experiment to see what type of music has the best energetic response for you.

Thanks for reading this article on The Power of Music and discovering How Does Music Effect the Brain. Just remember that everything is vibration. And vibrations can be positive or negative for your physical and mental health.

And by making the most of the power of music and using it in a positive way, you can boost your well-being.

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