Pineal Gland | Third Eye | The Crystal in your Head

Pineal Gland | Third Eye | The Crystal in your Head

Pineal Gland | Third Eye | The Crystal in your Head

Pineal Gland | Third Eye | The Crystal in your Head

Did you know you have a crystal inside your head? I bet you didn’t! You have probably heard of the Pineal Gland. Also commonly known as the Third Eye. And it’s true, it actually contains crystals, which explains a lot.

The picture above is the Egyptian Eye of Horus. This is also known as the Eye of Ra, which represent the third eye or Pineal Gland. Many years ago, this symbol was drawn on the foreheads of Egyptian sailors before they went to sea. And it was believed this would protect them and keep them safe.

Interestingly, the design of the Eye of Ra is an identical representation of the Pineal Gland. As you can see below.


Pineal Gland | Third Eye | The Crystal in your Head


The Egyptians were far more advanced spiritually and esoterically than much of today’s society. And they held this symbol in high regard and valued its importance. With modern science we can now shed even further light on the Pineal Gland. So let’s now take a more scientific look at the Third Eye.


Your Pineal Gland Third Eye is Made from Crystal

The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’, which means frozen light.

There are many spiritual and healing practices that use crystals for meditation and healing work. And it’s an interesting development to learn that we too have crystals inside our brain.

This is what the Pineal Gland is. It’s a crystal in your head.


What the Science Says About the Third Eye

As the following article from the National Institutes for health states:

A new form of biomineralization has been studied in the pineal gland of the human brain. It consists of small crystals that are less than 20 microm in length. And that are completely distinct from the often observed mulberry-type hydroxyapatite concretions.
A special procedure was developed for isolation of the crystals from the organic matter in the pineal gland. Cubic, hexagonal, and cylindrical morphologies have been identified using scanning electron microscopy. The crystal edges were sharp whereas their surfaces were very rough.
Energy dispersive spectroscopy showed that the crystals contained only the elements calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Selected area electron diffraction and near infrared Raman spectroscopy established that the crystals were calcite.
With the exception of the otoconia structure of the inner ear, this is the only known nonpathological occurrence of calcite in the human body. The calcite microcrystals are probably responsible for the previously observed second harmonic generation in pineal tissue sections.
The complex texture structure of the microcrystals may lead to crystallographic symmetry breaking and possible piezoelectricity, as is the case with otoconia.
It is believed that the presence of two different crystalline compounds in the pineal gland is biologically significant, suggesting two entirely different mechanisms of formation and biological functions.
Studies directed toward the elucidation of the formation and functions, and possible nonthermal interaction with external electromagnetic fields are currently in progress. (1)


So What Does That Mean?

That was a mouthful, I know. This is basically saying is that the Pineal Gland is made from calcite crystals. And that these crystals interact with electromagnetic fields originating from outside of your head.

This quote also states that the Pineal Gland responds to such external electromagnetic fields and creates an electrical charge in what is known as the Piezoelectricity effect.

So your Third Eye is quite literally an energy generating machine that is capable of creating and holding a charge.

The reference to the Pineal Gland being the third eye is also quite interesting considering the anatomy of the Pineal Gland has a lens, cornea and retina that reacts to the presence of light!

Which means the Third Eye is actually a Third Eye. Who would have thought you have a crystal Third Eye inside your brain!


Your Third Eye Regulates Important Hormones

In addition to the light detected by the eyes, research now shows that the whole body acts as a receptor to light. Light shining on any part of the body can be detected which signals to the Pineal Gland to stop producing melatonin hormone.

This is why it’s important to sleep in complete darkness so we can proper regulate our sleeping. We rarely receive the deep relaxation that only occurs in complete darkness.


Make a point of only meditating in complete darkness which will increase the activity or your Pineal Gland and aid your meditative practise.

Darkness triggers an increase of production of melatonin and eventually DMT (which is your body’s natural psychoactive compound that causes spiritual experiences, visions and out-of-body experiences) as a result of activating the pineal gland and helping to stimulate and open the third eye.

Interesting huh?

So what does the Third Eye actually do?


What your Third Eye Actually Does

The Pineal Gland is a small bean sized gland in the shape of a pine cone and is responsible for regulating the endocrine system, producing melatonin and regulating your sleep, mood and stress.

This is a vitally important hormone not only for regulating sleep cycles and health but also for aiding deep meditation.

Inside the Pineal Gland are tiny little calcite crystals and these crystals are known to produce bioluminescense, which is a form of light without heat.

This explains why colours and visions can be experienced during meditation, healing sessions and energy channelling because the Pineal Gland is reacting to the increased presence of electromagnetic energy within the body and brain.

Now I mentioned that the Third Eye is an energy machine that can create and store energy and it surely can. Theoretically, everything in the Universe is electromagnetic, as far as we can tell anyway, and the calcite crystals within the Pineal Gland have their own Piezoelectric effect.

This means your Third Eye responds to electromagnetic energies from outside your body and it produces it’s own electromagnetic energy as a result.

So your Third Eye has a direct connection with your surrounding environment and is capable of interacting with the electromagnetism of your environment, body and brain.


Your Pineal Gland or Third Eye Helps with Meditation

Electromagnetism from your environment alters the electromagnetism of your Pineal Gland, however the reverse of this is also true. The electromagnetism of your Pineal Gland has a direct influence on the electromagnetism of your surrounding environment.

Your Pineal Gland can quite literally interact with, and change, your physical environment.

Your Pineal Gland can generate it’s own magnetic field. And this magnetic field interacts with the environment and the Earths electromagnetic field.

It’s commonly taught that the time around sunrise, between 4am and 6am, is the best time to meditate. This is because the solar wind charges the Earth magnetic field which then stimulates the Pineal Gland.

So you can get much more out of your meditation and spiritual practice by channelling or meditating around this time.


Your Third Eye Interacts with Your Environment

Dr. Marcel Vogel was the head research scientist for IBM who extensively studied Quartz and other Crystals. And he came to research the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal. Which altered many of the characteristics of the water and converted it into an information storage system.

This is why crystals are used in so many electronic systems today. Dr. Marcel also demonstrated that crystalline growth could be modified by human thought waves. And that the energy of Love had a direct influence of crystalline growth.

The energy of Love and your Pineal Gland work together as one complete unit of creative potential.


Human Consciousness Can Influence Physical Matter

Interestingly, this reflects the research done by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, who showed how human consciousness can intentionally and unintentionally effect the molecular structure of water. Using nothing but intention and the power of thought.

The crystalline structure of the Pineal Gland is seen to be the main contributor to this interaction between our Consciousness and our environment.

Your thought and intention is a form of energy and every thought has a different frequency. This means different thoughts interact with your environment in different ways.

As psychologist are all too aware! And because thought and intention is a form of energy, it can be picked up, stored and transmitted by crystals. Such as the crystals within the Pineal Gland.

Crystals are used in todays modern world and can be used to hold information on a computer system. And they can also be used to hold information from thought too. This is why it is possible to charge crystals with loving, healing thoughts and intentions and for it to heal our minds, body’s and beings.

So what you think, what you intend, the words you speak and what you believe are all of great importance. Because that energy is stored within the crystals of your Pineal Gland.

Unconditional Love is a powerful energy. And with that energy you can raise the energy of your Pineal Gland. And this p[ositively effects your body, mind and being. With practise, your Consciousness can expand into a greater sphere of awareness.

By expanding your awareness with practices such as Reiki you can begin to access the information stored within your Pineal Gland. And you can begin to understand how this crystalline organ connects you to the Universe. And the very Creative Source of Life Itself.

Enlightenment isn’t a place. It’s the birth of Light within.

You can learn more about the Pineal gland and third eye at the following Wikipedia link: 

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