Perception is Reality | Perception is Projection | Mind Creates Your Reality

Perception is Reality | Perception is Everything | Perception is Projection

Perception is reality! And in this video, I’ll show you how your perception creates your reality and show you what you can do, to change it.

To illustrate my point I’d like to share two stories with you and the first is an old Taoist story about a man and a thief.

“A man noticed that his axe was missing. Then he saw the neighbour son pass by. The boy looked like a thief, walked like a thief, behaved like a thief. Later that day, the man found his axe where he had left it the day before. The next time he saw the neighbours son, the boy looked, walked, and behaved like an honest, ordinary boy.”

The second story is an old Chinese story called “The Well by the Road”.

“A man dug a well by the side of the road. For years afterwards, grateful travelers talked of the wonderful well. But one night, a man fell into it and drowned. After that, people avoided the dreadful well. Later it was discovered that the man was a drunken thief who had left the road to avoid being captured by the night patrol – only to fall into the Justice-Dispensing Well. Same well, different views.”

Perception is Reality Perception is Projection Mind Creates Your Reality

Can you see that in both examples, that how people choose to think, determines what they see?

No matter what or who is in front of you, and no matter what events and situations come your way in life, by changing your perception, you can change your experience.

And what these two simple stories show you, is that you can change your experience of life, simply by changing how you choose to think.

What you see in front of you is not always true reality. What you see in front of you, is what you choose to see.

Your mind creates your reality which means your Perception is Reality and your perception is projection from your own mind.

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