Open Your Heart | Open The Sacred Heart Not The Third Eye

Open Your Heart | Open The Sacred Heart Not The Third Eye

In this video, I’m going to talk about why it’s important to open your heart or to open The Sacred Heart, as it’s also known.

Before I discuss The Sacred heart, however, I’m going to briefly discuss the third eye. Now there is one question I receive frequently from people, and that question is, ‘How Do I Open My Third Eye’.

And there are many meditations, spiritual practices and traditions that place great emphasis on opening the third eye. And the third eye is commonly regarded as one of the most important aspects of yourself to develop if you want to develop spiritually.

In this video, however, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t focus too much of your time on opening your third eye, and why you should open your heart, or The Sacred Heart, instead.


The Sacred Heart

You can certainly have many interesting experiences by focusing on opening your third eye. And opening your third eye can improve your psychic abilities, it can expand your awareness, and it can help you to develop spiritually.

However, the most important key to spiritual development is The sacred heart. And The Sacred Heart is known by many different names.

Such as the sacred heart. The spiritual heart. The inner heart. Or the divine heart. And the sacred heart is frequently mentioned in the teachings of Jesus and it’s known by Yogi’s and spiritual teachers from the Eastern part of the world, among other places.

And the sacred heart is the most important and deeply sacred aspect of your being. Because the sacred heart is the spark of The Source.

Your third eye can connect you with many things. However, your third eye has limitations. Your sacred heart, on the other hand, allows you to connect with The Source on a very deep level.

And opening your heart to The Source allows the Will of The Source to flow through completely, as it loves, heals, and guides you in the exact way that’s needed for You.

Opening your third eye does not open the sacred heart. However opening the sacred heart opens your third eye and improves every other aspect of your health, life, and being.

When the sacred heart opens, everything in your life is taken care of as you allow The Source to flow through you without resistance.

And while it can take some time to open the heart fully, the good news is, that you can learn how to open the sacred heart NOW, without any sort of special training.

All that’s required is a simple guided meditation that allows The Source to open your heart for you. All you have to do is touch your heart with two fingers, and intend to open and surrender your heart to The Source with a smile, and The Source responds by opening your heart for you.

It really is that simple. The more frequently you practise opening the sacred heart however, the deeper and more profound your connection to Source becomes.

So don’t spend all your time trying to open your third eye. By all means, work on developing your third eye chakra, however, remember that it’s the sacred heart, deep within your heart chakra, that is the true key to achieving deep and profound spiritual awakening.

Because when you allow the sacred heart to open, you allow the infinite creative potential of The Creator to flow through you, and all beings, simultaneously, as you become an instrument of Love and Light.

There is a guided meditation, which you can download from the link in the description box, that will guide you to open your sacred heart and connect you with The Source.

I’ve already shared this guided meditation in some of our other group videos, and there are some of you who are already using this meditation regularly and notice great results.

So I’m going to ask you to challenge yourself, for the next 21 days, to listen to this guided meditation once a day, or more if you wish.

And I guarantee you, that by the end of those 21 days, every fibre of your being will want to continue to open your heart on a regular basis.

Enjoy your challenge, and please do share your experience and let us know how you get on.


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Open Your Heart | Open The Sacred Heart Not The Third Eye

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