How to Open Your Heart and Connect with God

How to Open Your Heart and Connect with God

I’m sharing this video and guided prayer with you to help you open your heart and connect with God.

People are suffering. Friends and families are becoming ill, and some are succumbing to their illness.

For those who are left behind, significant changes are happening in their lives. And those changes will continue.

How each person handles those changes largely depends upon their actions as individuals, as well as the collective care and cooperation we share with one another.

And we are already seeing communities and groups of people coming together and helping each other alleviate their suffering and challenges in whatever way they can.

When we only look as far as ourselves, or our perception is tainted by emotion, we don’t see the bigger picture. When we start to look beyond ourselves, we can see collective healing taking place.


The Earth Is Healing

Nitrogen oxide pollution, which can create serious health hazards, is reducing significantly, and the air quality over the UK, Europe, and all the way to China and the wider world has become cleaner, healthier, and safer.

The hole in the ozone layer has experienced dramatic healing recently and is set to continue to heal due to significantly reduced global activity.

And according to the latest scientific studies, the hole in the ozone layer has the potential to recover completely from the damage that has been previously caused to it, due to the current global conditions we are experiencing now.

The canals in Venice, which are usually heaving with boats and visitors, are clearer, and small fish are visible swimming around due to reduced human activity.

Satellite data has shown carbon dioxide emissions have significantly reduced globally. And the positive domino effect all of this is creating for the planet cannot even be imagined, let alone quantified.

There is a healing taking place throughout the entire planet, due to what’s happening just now.

And that healing is not only taking place with the Earth. It’s taking place with all the species and people who live on her.


People Are Coming Together

Many people are understandably busy within their heads with fear, panic, and grief, and that restricts awareness of the healing that’s happening right now.

Despite the suffering all around us, people are coming together, strangers are helping strangers.

Many countries are helping one another. Families are coming together and taking notice of the people that they seldom thought about.

People are being given time in self-isolation to reevaluate what’s important in life, what really matters, and what truly has value in their lives.

People are going within, and spending more time meditating, praying, connecting with The Source and contemplating what the deeper meaning of their lives is.

The Earth is healing and the people fortunate enough to still be here are healing too. Even if you don’t realize the healing that’s taking place, it’s happening.

The collective we call humanity strive to make money, to buy things, and acquire the objects that we think will bring us peace, happiness, and joy when all these states of being are already within us.


Feel the Connection to Source Within You

If everyone’s brain were a little less dominant, that would help them to FEEL and become aware of that.

And that’s exactly what everyone is being guided to realize with the current situation. They are being guided to be less brain dominant, and non-attached to the world, and to go within and FEEL.

What we think is not as important, as to how we feel.

Sometimes, difficult things must happen, and we must face challenges, suffering, and pain, in order to force us to change our perspective, to force us into making necessary changes.

The ‘means’ of forcing people to change are often unpleasant. But they are often necessary.

The energy currents of the Earth have already gone through significant shifts that are healing not only the planet but healing all the beings that inhabit her, including You.

And many of us have already felt this change of energy within the Earth which is driving the collective mass healing of the planet and her people, and this collective mass healing will continue.

This change of energy is bringing a change of awareness, which is happening RIGHT NOW with all of us, whether we’re tuned in and realizing that or not.

Everyone is being forced to observe their lives, to reevaluate what’s important, what’s valuable, and what really matters in life.

When the world screeches to a halt, and we are left with little else but our state of being, it forces us to question the deeper purpose of our lives.

Your state of being and your deeper purpose in life are inseparable from one another.

No matter your religion or spiritual path, your purpose is to change your state of being, so you become an expression of The Source.

But before you can become an expression of The Source, you must be realigned so your heart and mind are directed towards The Source.

And that’s done through regular prayer and meditation.

You are currently being guided and shown that what matters most is not what’s around you, but the connection you are capable of opening to The Source from within you.

You are being guided by the Source, using the medium of the physical world, not to LOOK within, but to FEEL within.

You are being guided towards expanding awareness and consciousness. But this expansion of consciousness is not only a mental act.

It’s FEELING within that special place, deep within your heart.

You are all being guided to stop looking, and stop hearing, and start feeling.

There are so many hurdles we all face on a personal level, and on a collective level, including mental and emotional imbalances, physical health imbalances, and environmental challenges.

However, these hurdles are not because of problems around us. They exist because of imbalances within us.

It is humanities collective disconnection with The Source which creates disharmony with the Earth, disconnection from each other, and collective suffering.

And people are feeling more connected just now to each other because when people witness suffering, their hearts tend to open with the compassion they feel.

And the Source is now moving and shaking all of us into realizing that the collective suffering around us, is a reflection of the collective suffering within us, to help us open our heart so we can be free of that suffering.

I want to share a guided prayer with you, so you can take this opportunity to smile, as an expression of the Love and Joy that’s waiting to shine from within your heart.

When you open your heart to True Source, and you accept True Source Love, there is no suffering within you.

No matter what’s going on around you, there is no suffering within you.

There is only unconditional acceptance, unconditional compassion, and unconditional love.

You are being guided to experience unconditional acceptance, unconditional compassion, and unconditional love.

There is so much suffering in the world, for so many people, because they choose not to open their heart and surrender it to The Source.

The solution is really that simple. Because when only one heart opens to Source, that affects ALL hearts throughout the whole of humanity.

When only one heart opens, ALL hearts heal and open a little more.

Listen to the guided prayer that accompanies this message.

And open your heart and connect with God today!


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Open Your Heart and Connect with God

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