Empath Shielding Techniques | Open Your Heart and Change Your Heart

Empath Shielding Techniques | Open Your Heart and Change Your Heart

If you’re an empath you’ve probably already tried all sorts of empath shielding techniques, apart from this special open your heart technique. The best empath shielding techniques don’t involve shielding, they involve opening your heart so you can change your heart energy.

No matter where you look in the world, you find suffering. No matter the country, the race, the gender, the age, the profession, or the family, suffering can be seen all around.

Look to any person in the world, they will have already experienced suffering in some form, and they will experience it again in another form.

There is so much suffering in the world everywhere we look, some suffering is more extreme than others, and some suffering is more difficult to accept than others.

For the sensitive people among us, and those commonly referred to as empaths, the suffering we see around us and can feel within us can be overwhelming.

Not only do many need to contend with their suffering, but they need to deal with the suffering they can feel coming from others too.

And empaths can feel that suffering as their own by only looking at a picture, or reading a news report. And for many, those feelings are too much to continue to bare.


What Sort of Empath Shielding Techniques Are There?

There have been a few questions from empaths in the last few days asking about empath shielding techniques and how they can better shield themselves from absorbing negative energies. And I was involved in a group conversation just the other day talking about this very same thing.

We were talking about how Reiki increases sensitivity to all energies, including emotion, and especially the emotion and suffering coming from others.

And many of us were sharing our tips on a few of the excellent ways we can learn to cope with this increased sensitivity to energy.

Some of those coping methods included:

  • placing energy bubbles around us
  • reflecting negative energy by visualizing mirrors around us
  • protecting ourselves with walls of energy
  • standing inside a tornado of spinning energy
  • or visualizing ourselves surrounded by water, among other things.

And all of these different visualizations can be effective at minimizing the amount of negative energy we feel coming from others into ourselves.

There is one technique that I found, however, that surpasses all these previous techniques in its effectiveness, and if you’ve watched my previous videos you’ll know that technique already.


The Open Your Heart Technique

It’s the open your heart prayer meditation I shared with you, however, we’re going to make a few simple changes to it to help program us mentally, as well as change our state of being.

Because that’s the main issue I’ve found with performing visualizations to limit the amount of negative energy we absorb. It doesn’t change your heart.

When I’ve performed visualization techniques to resist or reduce the intensity of energy and emotion I feel from others, this always has its limitations.

The mental techniques do help to reduce the intensity of what I feel from others, but the techniques don’t stop you from feeling that negative energy completely. Some of it still gets into our hearts.

While mental visualization techniques can certainly help to reduce the negative energy you absorb from others, one thing these techniques don’t do is change your heart, from within your heart.

Mental visualization techniques only reduce the negative energy getting into your heart. They don’t change the energy of your heart. And that’s the essential key to not feeling any of the negative energy coming from around you.

You have to change the energy of your heart, by opening your heart.

And I found modifying the open your heart prayer slightly was the best defence against absorbing negative energy from our environment, no matter what that negative energy is, where it comes from, or how intense it feels.

Being able to mentally visualize something to reduce the negative energy you feel is self-empowering. Being able to change your state of being at Will, is self-mastering.

If you feel negative energy coming from someone or somewhere, you can intend to fill your heart and being with a different energy, rather than try to resist or shield yourself from feeling that negative energy using mental techniques.


Feeling Love is the Best Empath Protection Technique

Of course, that energy I’m talking about is Love.

And with regular practise, and doing this technique with feeling, you can awaken this Love within your heart and it surrounds your being.

And when you do that, you can’t feel any negative energy getting in at all. Because all you can feel inside is Love. And that Love surrounds you and protects you from every form of negative energy.

If you don’t change your heart with Love, however, then you leave a void within you which the negative energy around you will fill.

And the open your heart prayer is how you do it.


How To Change Your Heart With This Technique

All you have to do is:

  • Touch your spiritual heart
  • Intend to smile to your spiritual heart
  • Smile
  • Then intend to open your whole heart and being and surrender your heart and being to The Source
  • Then just keep smiling and be aware of how you feel from your heart.

First, you will experience a sensation around your spiritual heart. It may feel like a warmth, a pressure, a magnetism, a calmness, or a tingle, a lightness, or something else.

  • Just keep smiling and silently intend to send your love straight up into the sky to connect with The Source.
  • Once you’ve done that, continue smiling, and silently chant within your head, love, love, love.

Every few seconds, chant love, love, love, and each time you chant this don’t just speak it, really feel it within your heart.

And every time you repeat the word love, feel your whole heart melting into the love more and more, and deeper and deeper, until the only thing you’re aware of is the love you feel within your heart.

The next time you feel any negative energy, no matter if it’s coming from you, or somewhere else, try this simple technique.

Then just follow the feeling from your heart as your heart, body and being are filled with energy, Light, and Love straight from The Source.


Practise This Daily With Feeling

If you can stay relaxed, and you can perform this technique without will power, without mental visualization, and without force, but with feeling, you will feel a special connection with Source which will instantly change your whole state of mind and being and change what energy you can feel inside, no matter what energy is around you.

If you don’t feel the love in your heart straight away at first that’s normal, it takes practice. You may feel a calmness, or lightness, in your heart at first instead, which will still help.

Just keep practising the technique daily. And with continued regular practise, you will learn how to automatically feel that loving heart connection, every time you smile and intend to connect with Source Love.

You won’t have to close your eyes. You won’t have to touch your heart, and you won’t have to perform any techniques or visualizations.

With practice, you learn to smile and connect with Source automatically, by feeling from your heart.

If you can control what you feel inside there is no need for any mental shielding techniques.

Because you don’t need to resist negative energy if you can feel love within your heart whenever you choose.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But I’m not saying it’s hard either. It just takes regular, continued practice to master it.

You don’t have to be a sponge for the emotion of others. And you don’t have to continue to feel everyone’s suffering as your own.

So don’t let the suffering of the world get into your heart. The world doesn’t need you to continue to feel the suffering of others after you become aware of it.

The world needs you to feel more love within your heart. Because the more love you feel within your heart, the more love you bring into the world.


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Empath Shielding Techniques | Open Your Heart and Change Your Heart | Opening Your Heart | Empath Shielding Techniques

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