Open Heart Prayer | Open Your Heart To God Guided Meditation

Open Heart Prayer | Open Your Heart To God Guided Meditation

Welcome to your next video, where as promised, I’m going to share with you a very simple, yet powerful technique, to help you open your heart to God using the open heart prayer guided meditation.

What this open heart prayer technique involves, is a guided prayer, or a guided manifestation if you prefer that word, while making a conscious intention to open your heart to God, The Source.

This guided meditation can be performed by anyone, so you don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner, or an energy healer to do this.

But of course, if you already are a healer or Reiki practitioner, or you otherwise have a better connection to Source, then that may help many of you to go a little deeper into this meditation and get more out of it.

Before I show you this technique, and just to mention to those who may not have watched my previous videos, you’ll be able to perform this technique much better, if you watch my three previous videos on:

  • How to Feel the Energy when Performing Reiki.
  • How to Improve your Reiki with a smile.
  • And an important key to spiritual growth is surrender.

For this meditation, we’re going to put feeling, smiling, and surrendering together and perform a simple open heart prayer technique using these three things.

Just before we get started with the meditation, I’ll share a few key points that will help you with this. The first is, that this is not a mental technique.

So there is no concentration involved, no mental focus, no visualization, you don’t have to repeat anything you hear in the meditation, and there is no thinking required.

All you have to do, is sit comfortably with your spine straight, smile a sweet and joyful smile to your heart for the entire technique, and feel the energy as if you were aware of the wind gently blowing on your body.

It’s that simple, and that’s just about all you need to do.

When you’re seated, comfortable, and relaxed, play the guided audio, the link to which you’ll find in the description box, and just listen, while relaxing, smiling, and being aware of what you’re feeling.

What the open heart prayer meditation will do, is guide you to open your heart to God, and surrender to The Source.

There’s absolutely no effort, force, or will power required.

You’ll be guided to touch your heart with two finger (where your heart chakra is at the center of your chest) and you’ll be guided to smile to your heart, while continuing to smile and touch your heart for the duration of the open heart prayer.

So it couldn’t be easier.

If you want your arm to be comfier, you can place a pillow on your lap and you can lean your arm on the pillow, so your arm doesn’t get tired when you’re touching your heart.

And as this open heart prayer is a feeling exercise, it’s best not to have any music playing in the background so you can be aware of how you feel without having any needless distractions.

Now, on a much deeper note, to open your heart to God and surrender your heart is the core primary practise to develop spiritually.

The further you advance with this type of spiritual training the simpler the techniques get and the easier the practices become until you reach a point of just feeling.

There’s no lengthy rituals, no complex practices, and no symbols involved, you just learn how to feel, and connect with Source by feeling from your heart.

Your life experiences and the spiritual training you receive, help you to open your heart to God deeper. I’ve been practising surrendering for years, and everything you learn in life and with training, shows you how to surrender deeper and deeper.

So surrender is not just something you intend to do. Surrender begins as an intention, which in time manifests itself as your state of being.

So practise this technique daily. Practise it every day, and don’t stop practising it, because this one technique is the most important practice you could be doing right now.

Anything else you learn will help guide you towards surrendering deeper. And you can do this technique two ways.

You can listen to the guided audio everyday as a form of guided prayer. Or you can spend some time sitting in silence, touching your heart and smiling, while intending to open your heart to God and surrendering.

I would recommend you do both.

And when you perform this technique daily, regularly, and with feeling and devotion, you will manifest into your life exactly what is needed, to help you open your heart more and surrender to Source deeper.

Out of all the videos I could share with you, this is the most important.

Anything else I’ve shared with you, or will share with you, will help improve this guided meditation I’m sharing with you here.

So to recap:

  • remove all distractions from your space
  • sit comfortably
  • keep your spine straight
  • relax
  • touch your heart with two fingers
  • and smile lovingly and joyfully to your heart

And feel as your heart is guided to surrender your whole heart and being, with Love, to The Source.

If you have any questions, give me a shout, and please do come back and comment on this video and share what you felt and experienced when doing this open heart prayer technique.


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Open Heart Prayer | Open Your Heart To God Guided Meditation

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