Attachment | Understanding Non-Attachment & the Types of Attachment

Attachment | Understanding Non-Attachment & the Types of Attachment

Welcome to video number 6 in this mini-series where I am discussing the essential qualities of a spiritual person and in this video I’ll be discussing some of the different types of attachment, so you know how to be non attached and why being non-attached is important for spiritual development.

So what exactly is attachment?

From a spiritual perspective, attachment is the state of being attached to our desire for objects, people, or concepts.

And an attachment can be almost anything, we can be attached to a person, a belief, an idea, an expectation, a place, a personal ambition, or some other attachment to the material world.

And while many of the worlds Eastern religions teach that being non-attached is necessary to be free from suffering so you can live a happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life, there is a much deeper reason why learning non-attachment is necessary for spiritual development.


The Deeper Secret Behind Attachment

There are many necessary states of being we are required to express to advance spiritually.

Every one of those states of being we learn to express teaches us how to direct and express our energy.

And when we change what energy we express, our heart opens more to The Source, and we open ourselves to receive the love, healing, and guidance that The Source is already sending us.

One of those necessary states of being we must realize is non-attachment because realizing non-attachment is necessary for self-realization, expanding consciousness, and developing a deeper connection and relationship with The Source.

When you have attachments, whatever types of attachment you may have, your heart, mind, and being are aligned with that which you are attached to.

Therefore your energy flows towards that which you are aligned with.


Attachment Directs You Away From The Source

To be fully connected with The Source, you must have your heart, mind, being, and energy completely aligned with The Source and directed towards The Source.

Any attachment you have directs you away from The Source. This is why realizing complete non-attachment is necessary for advanced spiritual development.

Complete non-attachment aligns you with The Source and directs your heart, mind, being and energy towards The Source and it turns your whole being to face The Source so that your heart is directed towards The Source and your love can flow to The Source and no other.

In this state of non-attachment, and with an open heart, we allow ourselves to open to unconditional Divine Love that is not directed towards a specific object, person, or concept, but encompasses everyone and everything.

So non-attachment is not being detached from love, empathy, and compassion. Realizing non-attachment is one of many states of being required to open yourself to unconditional Divine Love.


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Attachment | Understanding Non-Attachment & the Types of Attachment

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