Mindfulness Breathing Exercises | Everything is Your Teacher

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises | Everything is Your Teacher

One way to improve our awareness of the guidance being sent to us is by using mindfulness breathing exercises which improve our awareness of ourselves and what’s around us.

Everything is your teacher, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a Learner, no matter who they are or where they find themselves in life.

And it’s very important for your spiritual development that you recognize this.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, The Source is always guiding you. The guidance The Source blesses you with is always coming to you and it never stops coming to you.

How well you receive that guidance depends upon how open and receptive you are to it. You can close your awareness to this guidance from Source, or you can open your awareness to it.


How Do You Open You Awareness to Source Guidance?

Well, the first thing you need to be aware of is how The Source guides you. Sometimes The Source will bring things into you life and sometimes Source will take things away from you.

What happens may not be what you want to happen, but it will be what needs to happen for your own greatest good.

And sometimes the Source will move you into the location you need to be so you can receive the guidance you need to receive.

However guidance from The Source is also brought to you in very subtle ways. One of the ways many people will be able to relate to is with books.

There are times when The Source will guide you to pick up a specific book and to tun to a specific page so you can read a specific passage which has significance for you in some way, at that time.

However, The Source guides you through other subtle ways which many people are not immediately aware of.

The Source is everything, so everything is your teacher. And everything that comes to you comes to you as a teacher.

For example, you can learn many things from you children, from animals, from a river, a tree, a flower, a seed, even from the wind, and the list goes on and on.

No matter what it is, everything can be a teacher for you.

When your you’re in a calm mental state of observation, you’re more open to becoming aware of The Source communicating with you through these many forms.


People Bring You Messages and Insights

The one area I want to focus on in this video, however, is how The Source communicates to you through the people brought into your life.

And I want to focus on the people who may be difficult to be around, the people who bring negativity into your life, the people who are not nice to you.

I want to focus on the people you look at as being unworthy of your respect, the people who may be visually unappealing to you.

Those who you may see as being less of a person than you. No matter who the person is, what they do, what they’ve done, how they look, what words come out of their mouth, or what energy they share, that person is a potential teacher for you.

Now this person may be a friend, it may be a partner or family member, it may be a homeless person on the street, it may be a nasty child or a criminal.

It could be someone you meet for a lifetime, a year, a month, a week, or even just for a passing moment, and they could have any type of personality and character.

No matter who it is, that person is a potential teacher for you and there could be a message you are being delivered by The Source, through this person.

In the moment you observe a person and create your thoughts, judgements, and beliefs about that person, you are no longer observing what’s in front of you.

You are creating an image within your mind and projecting that image onto that person.

And if what you see in front of you is only a reflection of your mind, and you are not observing what’s in front of you, then you are not open and receptive to the message that person my be bringing you.

So the keyword here is observing.


What is Observing and How Do You Do it?

Observing is looking at what is in front of you without preconception, judgement, or belief. It involves being aware of what’s in front of you, without creating conclusions.

Observing is about taking in what’s in front of you, without projecting any of your thoughts and mental creations onto it.

Observing is not focusing your mind on any one thing, but instead observing the thoughts, feelings, and sense of knowing, that arises naturally from the act of observing.

The best way you can learn to deeply observe others is to practice observing yourself. And a very simple way to practise self-observation is using mindfulness breathing exercises.


Mindfulness Breathing Exercises

By using mindfulness breathing exercises you will reduce mental busyness and relax your body while keeping yourself centred in the present moment in a state of calm observation.

To make life easier for you I’ve prepared a guided meditation you can listen to which will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Give it a try for yourself, with practice you will notice this technique will calm your mind, de-stress your body, and help you relax while creating the best mental state to observe others.


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Mindfulness Breathing Exercises | Everything is Your Teacher

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