Meaning of Enlightenment | Expansion of Consciousness Experience

Meaning of Enlightenment | Expansion of Consciousness Experience

A week ago one of our group members, Ajanta Gooa, posted a picture quote by the famous Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh, describing the meaning of Enlightenment and the expansion of Consciousness, which many of you will perhaps have heard of, which quotes:

Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.

This is of course quite a deep topic, and an important one, so I felt it deserved a deeper explanation into what this quote means, the meaning of enlightenment, and how the expansion of Consciousness relates to this.

So what is the meaning enlightenment?

As Thich Nhat Hanh puts it, enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.

So enlightenment is realization.

But what exactly is being realized, who or what is doing the realizing, and what’s that got to do with waves and oceans?


Wave and ocean are used as a metaphor to describe you and reality

The wave represents your physical body and human Consciousness, while the ocean represents Universal Consciousness and the physical world around you.

The meaning of enlightenment (when the wave realizes it is the ocean) is when your human Consciousness realizes that it is not separate from Universal Consciousness.

Enlightenment is when you realize that your mind, your physical body, and your conscious awareness, are inseparable, from Universal Consciousness.

Let’s go deeper.

Enlightenment is when the waves realizes it is the ocean.

So Enlightenment is when the wave realizes that the ocean is the driver of the wave.

Without the ocean, there is no wave, and it’s the ocean that gives form and movement to the wave.

Similarly, Enlightenment is when you realize that Universal Consciousness is your driver.

Without Universal Consciousness there is no you and it’s Universal Consciousness that gives form and movement to You.

Just as the wave is a product of the ocean, you are a product of Universal Consciousness.

Let’s go deeper.


What is the experience of realizing you are inseparable from Universal Consciousness?

Like the ocean forming the wave, consciousness forms you. So you are Consciousness and you spring forth from It.

In every moment of your life, you are with Consciousness, because Consciousness is everywhere, and is everything.

Consciousness is all around you.

The planets are Consciousness, Consciousness is nature, it is the ocean, the trees, the animals the people, the flowers, the clouds, Consciousness is your kitchen, it is your cooker, your fridge, your cups, your pots, your pans and your cutlery.

Consciousness is everything around you.

When you sit on a chair, you’re sitting on Consciousness.

When you sleep in your bed at night, you’re body is lying on Consciousness.

Everything is Consciousness.

Consciousness is a field of energy that forms everything within our Universe, including you.

The experience of enlightenment is when what you perceive to be a separate human Consciousness expands into a larger field of Consciousness.


What does this mean exactly?

Your human Consciousness, which you are currently aware of, which is being aware of your physical body and having a spacial awareness that your body is in your physical environment, that human Consciousness and awareness expands and you realize that you, your mind, your body, your human Consciousness and your awareness are part of the fabric of reality.

Enlightenment is realizing that your mind, physical body, and human consciousness, are inseparable from the walls, floor and ceiling in your room and every single item within that room.

When human consciousness expands you become aware that you are everything in the room and if it expands further you realize you are also everything beyond the room.

When your human consciousness expands into realizing it’s not separate from anything and you realize human consciousness is a part of a larger field of intelligence, knowledge and awareness, you no longer feel an awareness of your physical human body being in your environment.

You can no longer tell the difference between your physical body and your physical environment because both feel inseparable and feel as One.

You feel and become conscious and aware that your physical body is not your whole being.

Your whole being expands way beyond the limitations of your physical body.

And your awareness, knowledge, and intelligence expands way beyond the confines of your physical brain.

It’s such a clear and profound experience that trying to convince someone that it never happened would be like trying to convince someone that they are imagining the presence of their human body.

Experiencing the expansion of Consciousness is a mental and a physical experience.

So the meaning of enlightenment is realizing that there is no separation between you, your environment, and everything within it.

This is why one of the spiritual teachings of Jesus says:

Love your neighbour as your self.

Because everyone is, your self. You and me, all of us, we’re all part of the same Self.

So the next time someone in your environment may be challenging or troubling you, before you react, remember, that what energy you send to that person, you send to your self.


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Meaning of Enlightenment | Expansion of Consciousness Experience

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