Living A Spiritual Life | The First Step To Living A Spiritual Life

How To Start Living A Spiritual Life and Taking That First Step
Living A Spiritual Life

Choosing The Earthly Life or Living A Spiritual Life

The world is a compact busy place with many paths and countless distractions along the way, however it doesn’t need to be so complex. We can simplify everything in life down to a choice of two different paths. And those paths are either choosing to live a spiritual life, or choosing to live an Outer Earthly Life.

But what does it really mean to live a spiritual life?

Well as you’ll already know, the world is full of hooks and distractions. One who is living an outer life is compelled to attach oneself to these many hooks while getting caught up in the pleasurable distractions they tend to offer.

One thing should be clear however. Choosing to live an outer life means that, while you may well surround yourself with all the things you want, it is not going to truly fulfill you on the inside.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you acquired something that resulted in true inner fulfillment?

If it was true fulfillment that feeling should still be there. But as is the case so often in life, we tend to acquire things, gain possessions and achieve what we think we want, only to soon realize that true lasting fulfillment is not part of deal.

So by necessity we tend to drift through life constantly wanting, desiring, needing and seeking things and possessions in order to try and keep that little flame burning within us for a little longer. But of course, it never lasts.

Possessions and material things offer superficial and temporary enjoyment, however we live in a Universe of constant change. Be careful what you choose to attach to. It’s surely going to come to an end, no matter what, or who, it may be.

Whether you do manage to surround yourself with all your wants and desires or not, choosing to live an outer Earthly life means you choose to walk away from the beauty of living an inner life. However until you experience the inner feeling and truly realize what that means, you won’t be aware of what you are missing out on.

  • True Love
  • Lasting Happiness
  • Perpetual Inner Peace
  • A real deep sense of purpose in life
  • (and) Understanding the True meaning of life

These are only a tiny selection of the inner treasures you can discover from exploring what you are on the inside. Living a spiritual life is not the same as living a religious life. There are no rules and regulations. Only time proven practices to help you come alive from within. However you can’t fully know all these things until you experience them from within. That’s where all these things come from, within your Inner Self.

That inner Self is an energy you connect with, it’s that flame that awaits lighting from within your Heart. When you do enlighten It, you will realize that true Love, peace, happiness, bliss, and purpose are not found by acquiring things, they are states of being we become from within.

You can’t find these things in the outside world. You may find things that temporarily kindle that little flame inside, however that flame is guaranteed not to last.

Love, happiness, peace, purpose and meaning are not states of matter. They are states of being. And states of being, while they may be influenced by the outside world, they are nevertheless not created there. They are created from within. The secret and art is to learn how to enlighten yourself from within, without needing a catalyst from without to stir you to do it.

You don’t need anything from the physical world to help you ‘be’. That’s something that can only come from within.

Look at this short list of states of being we mentioned a moment ago. Do you want any of these things?

I think the majority of people have a burning desire to achieve these five things but the trick is you have to create these states of being by properly using the energetic power of your thoughts, your mind, intentions, language, emotions, feelings and imagination. These energy tools are simply that, tools. Tools that need to be activated, used, understood then applied.

Thought, emotion, feeling, mind, intention, language, imagination etc., these are all the tools you have at your disposal. None of these things are ‘You’. Try not to identify with them as being you. That’s a truly freeing state of being when you come to achieve it.

People only relate to these things as being who and what they are when their earthly life is out of balance with their spiritual life. These things are inner tools you can use to influence your environment and reality when you know how, however you have to understand how each tool works before you can successfully use them to your advantage.

Looking at the world today it’s clear most people don’t use thought, feeling, emotion, intention, mind and imagination to their advantage. They are instead themselves used by them.

To summarize, all of these energy tools you have at your disposal alter and determine the frequency of your surrounding energy field. It’s that energy field frequency that creates your version of reality because whatever energy you create in your field, you attract more of the same.

The law of attraction is simple. Become what you wish to attract.

You may have heard of the term, Fake It Till You Make It. Which involves pretending to be someone, or something, and mirror what you hope to become until you actually become it. This is a perfect example of the law of attraction in action. When you fake it, your mind begins to actually make it.

Wishing upon a star bright star bright, the first star you see tonight is not only great training for children. It’s an important principle us adults can learn something from too.

What you think, believe and give energy to, you create.

If you want to change your life change your energy first and your life will soon follow to reflect this new you. Achieve the ability to control your energy frequency and you become a master of not only yourself, but your physical environment and entire life also. People often try to change their outer life in order to change their inner feeling, however the secret is, you must do the opposite.

You cannot change your Inner Being by altering your Outer Life. However you can change your Outer Life by altering your Inner Being.

To ‘have’, or to ‘be’?…that is the question, that is the choice. That is the difference between living a spiritual life and living an earthly life. Being led by destiny or being the controller of it is the gift. To discover more of what hides within you, Reiki is your next natural step from here. By discovering Reiki you will uncover the secret of how to control your state of being from within and how to become a master of the Universe.

Take that next step and start living a spiritual life today!

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