Let Go of the Past | Let Your Dead Leaves Drop

Let Go of the Past | Let Your Dead Leaves Drop

Let go of the past and let your dead leaves drop and you will flow gracefully through life with minimal stress and suffering.

You live in the world of change, and from the moment of your birth to the moment of your passing, nothing stays the same. Everything changes.

And this Brain hack will help you to let go of the past and flow through those changes with minimal resistance.


Let Go of the Past and What’s Not Meant for You

You are an evolving entity, and it’s natural for you to be in a state of constant change.

Your sense of being and life are always changing and you can’t stop that process. It will happen, and it will continue to happen.

So if you are intent on holding onto something, someone, or that which you have incorporated into your sense of being or life, you lay the groundwork for future suffering to arise.

Because eventually, no matter what it is you try to hold onto and claim as your own, eventually there will be a change and that thing will be taken away from you.

Nothing is really yours because everything will be taken away from you eventually and you cannot stop that from happening.

It doesn’t matter what it is, it will eventually be taken away from you.


You Are Only a Temporary Caretaker of Everything in Your Life

At best, you are only a temporary caretaker of everything that’s in your life.

So the first step of learning how to let go of the past, and what’s not meant for you, is to realize that you are not the owner of anything, you are only a temporary caretaker.

When you have accepted that you are only a temporary caretaker of everything that’s in your life, the next step is learning how to be non-attached to everything in your life.

So that when things do change you don’t experience suffering by thinking you have lost something that wasn’t yours to begin with.

As you move through life you naturally acquire things, you surround yourself with people, you form new relationships, and you incorporate things into your sense of being and your life.

However, there always comes a time when you must let go of these people, relationships and things, and flow in a new direction.

However, if you maintain the perspective that you have ownership over all these things, rather than realize you are only a temporary caretaker, then you will experience pain and suffering when things change because you will feel as though you have lost something you believed was yours.

So many people are willing to experience continual pain and suffering because they can’t bear to let go of the source of their pain and suffering.

And the Source of their pain and suffering is claiming ownership of who and what is in their life. Claiming ownership over anything is another form of attachment.

If you want to learn how to let go of what’s not meant for you, you have to change your perspective from being the owner of everything to only being a temporary caretaker.


Source Will Give You What You Need to Develop

Life will naturally guide you in the direction you are supposed to travel. The Source is already guiding you, and The Source will continue to guide you.

Your spiritual development doesn’t improve the guidance that’s flowing to you. It only helps you to be more aware of the guidance that’s already here.

And with that heightened awareness, you learn to flow through life accepting what comes your way while letting go of what’s no longer needed.

The Source will make constant changes in your life to help you develop spiritually and The Source will bring peace, happiness, and balance into your life.

However, you resist that peace, happiness, and balance when you insist on owning what needs to leave your life because that delays what needs to enter your life.

The 13th Century Sufi Mystic Maulana Rumi once said:

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.

Everything in your life is there to show you something important about your inner self, and there is a lesson to be learned in every relationship, event, and experience.

Especially the most challenging of relationships, events, and experiences. Our darkest experiences offer us the deepest insight into ourselves and these deeply challenging experiences hold the deepest messages for us.

However, no matter the relationship, event, or experience, once that message has been served to you, it’s time for those leaves to wither and fall from the branches of your life.

So don’t try to hold onto these withered falling leaves that are leaving you. Because their purpose has already been served.

And always remember, a dead leaf will sooner or later fall to the ground. No matter how hard you try to remain part of it.


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