Learn to be Patient with Yourself | Importance of Being Patient

Learn to be Patient with Yourself | Importance of Being Patient

Welcome to video number 3 in this mini-series where I am discussing the essential qualities of a spiritual person and in this video I’ll be discussing the importance of being patient from a spiritual perspective, to help you learn to be patient with yourself.

So why is being patient important from a spiritual perspective?

To use an analogy, your life is like a vessel flowing down a river. Your life is the vessel, and the guidance given to you is the river.

To allow yourself to be guided, your vessel needs to flow with the natural rate of flow of the river, so everything that needs to come to you does so in perfect order.

And none of us knows what that perfect order looks like.

We have to have trust and faith that The Source is guiding us in the exact way needed, so our unique purpose in life can be fulfilled.

Like the vessel flowing down the river, you cannot increase the natural rate of flow of the river. You have to allow yourself to be guided by the natural rate of flow.

Or in other words, you have to go with the flow.

If you try and resist your guidance by going against the flow, you may miss something important further down the river.

And if you desire to take control and hurry yourself to flow down the river faster, you may pass by something important.


Observe Each Moment Patiently & Without Desire

When we allow ourselves to flow naturally through life while being patient, our awareness is not distracted by desiring to get somewhere quickly, but instead, rests in a natural state of observing each present moment.

And the less desiring and controlling we are, and the more aware we are of each present moment, the more open we are to the messages and synchronicities that are hiding within each present moment.

So being patient allows you to:

  • be better guided by The Source. It improves your intuition. It allows you to be more aware.
  • It helps you to understand and realize what each moment in your life may be trying to show you.
  • And it helps you to be less stressed, less anxious, and less impatient while remaining in a state of calmness and peacefulness.


A Real Life Example for Why Patience is Important

I want to share one event I experienced in my life that immediately altered my perspective and taught me the importance of being patient.

And I seldom experienced impatience after this event, and if I did experience impatience, I was quickly reminded by this past event why I should be patient.

I was driving my car on a winding and bending country road and an old couple in front of me was driving at 40mph on a 60mph road for about 10 minutes.

And there was nowhere safe for me to overtake on this winding road. I was on my way somewhere and I wanted to hurry up and get there and I was feeling increasingly impatient at being slowed down by this couple driving in front of me.

Then, suddenly, someone coming from the opposite direction we were travelling overtook four cars on a blind corner, speeding at about 70 to 80 mph, and narrowly avoided a head-on collision with this couples car in front of me, by a foot or two at the most.

At that moment, after the initial shock wore off, I realized that, if that old couple were driving at the 60mph speed limit, there would have been a serious accident that would no doubt have included my car, as well as the 8 cars around me.

At that moment, I realized that sometimes guidance is given to us in ways that might compel us to respond with frustration, irritation, or impatience.

And sometimes The Source may bring something into our path to slow us down, to make sure we miss something dangerous that’s coming round the next corner.


You Cannot Trust The Source Without Patience

From a deeper spiritual perspective, I realized that if you open your heart and surrender to the guidance of The Source and you truly have trust and faith in the guidance The Source is giving you, then you are always being patient.

And if you ever express impatience, know that at that moment, you have chosen not to trust The Source completely.

This is the importance of being patient from a spiritual perspective. Our patience is our expression of trust and faith in Source guidance.

Don’t desire to speed up the natural flow that’s guiding you through life.

Don’t be impatient to get where you’re going.

Don’t be in a rush to get around the next corner in your life, because you don’t always know what’s waiting for you round that next corner.

Have trust and faith in the guidance that’s offered to you. And be aware that all timing, is Divine timing.

You choose to either flow with that Divine timing, or you choose to resist it.

So relax, and patiently enjoy the ride, while trusting that The Source will guide you to where you need to be, every step of the way.


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Learn to be Patient with Yourself | Importance of Being Patient

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