How to Pray | Learn How to Pray to God & the Power of Prayer

How to Pray | Learn How to Pray to God & the Power of Prayer

If you want to discover how to properly use the power of prayer, and learn how to pray to God and how to pray to improve your spiritual development, there is an old tale that can help guide us.

There was a poor old man, so poor he had little money for food, who, feeling out of options, sat down in prayer and begged, “God I beg of you, please allow me to win the lottery.”

But he got no reply.

The next day, the man again sat down in prayer, and begged, “God, I beg of you, please allow me to win the lottery.”

But he got no reply.

Every day this poor old man would sit in prayer and beg to God to allow him to win the lottery. And every day, he got no reply.

Weeks passed, until one day, the poor old man sat in prayer and begged, “God, please allow me to win the lottery,” and out of nowhere, God’s thundering voice boomed from the heavens,

“Good grief man, buy a ticket.”

This is quite a funny old joke that has been re-worded and retold throughout many countries, however, this is a joke that holds a few important messages for us.

One of those messages is to help us realize the relationship between prayer and action.

A hungry man could sit by a river, in prayer every day, asking God to fill his stomach, when in front of the hungry man is a fishing rod and bait.

The hungry man doesn’t need more prayer, or to pray better or deeper. The hungry man needs to pick up the rod, cast it into the river, and catch a fish.

What this is trying to show us, is that prayer is not about pleading with God to give what you want and desire. Prayer should be used to help guide you into appropriate action.

Now the poor man who wanted to win the lottery got his guidance from God eventually.

And he was guided to take action and buy a ticket. So this story tells us that we should not rely only on prayer.

But we should also apply ourselves in the physical world by taking appropriate action, in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time, using the appropriate means.


Learn How to Pray to God

The power of prayer should not be seen as something separate from you that you call upon to give you what you want.

Prayer should be seen as a means to guide you towards appropriate action, and not as a means of giving you what you want while you sit back and do nothing.

We should learn how to pray to God to help us improve our human experience, rather than see prayer as a magic wand that does everything for us while we sit back and do nothing.

Similarly, when it comes to Reiki, it is better to pray for guidance and healing while healing yourself, than it is to pray for healing and guidance while you do nothing.

So look at Reiki and prayer as a means of empowering you, rather than serving you. That’s a vital change of perception I would recommend you make.

Use Reiki and the power of prayer to empower you, rather than serve you.

Because the truth of the matter is, it is you that is the servant of The Source. And not the other way around.

And the degree of empowerment you realize allows you to be a better channel and instrument to serve the Source better.

And this is one of the deeper spiritual messages the poor man and the lottery ticket story teaches us. It teaches us that the Source is not our servant.

We are the servant of The Source. That is the relationship we share with The Source.

So how you use prayer is very important. When you sit in prayer, and you’re praying for yourself, you need to think about how you can use prayer to better empower yourself so you can serve The Source better.

Those are the prayers that manifest relatively quickly and those are the prayers that help you develop spiritually in the best way possible.


So What Blocks Your Ability to Feel Source Love Completely?

Or in other words, what is it within your heart, brain, and mind that is limiting your connection to Source Love?

Let’s discuss that for a moment. What do we want to achieve, within ourselves, to improve our loving connection to Source?

Let’s start with the Heart. We want a heart that opens more to Source Love. We want a heart that has forgiven everyone, for everything, so we can open our hearts more to Source Love.

And we want to let go of all burdens, including hatred, jealousy, anger, rage, sadness, irrational fear, loneliness, disgust, annoyance, grief, regret, remorse, shame, guilt, stress, greed, envy, and being judgemental.

Every thought and belief is a seed that germinates in your head and grows into your heart.

So you need to let go of the seeds that limit your heart from opening more to Source Love, and you need to plant the seeds that help your heart to open.

Love, kindness, compassion, empathy, contentment, calmness, peace, happiness, joy, satisfaction, hope, optimism, serenity, harmony, gratitude, affection, confidence, all of these things allow your heart to open more to The Source when you intend to open and surrender your heart to the Source.

So use your prayers to remove everything that limits your connection to Source Love, while awakening the states of being that help you open more to Source Love.

Because the most powerful gift is not awakening to more money in your bank. The most powerful gift is awakening to more Love in your heart.


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How to Pray | Learn How to Pray to God & the Power of Prayer

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