Keeping Faith in God On Your Spiritual Journey

Faith in God | Keeping Faith in God On Your Spiritual Journey

Why is keeping faith in God important? And why is it important to have faith in God to advance on your spiritual journey?

In this video I’ll explain to you why.

Your spiritual journey, at it’s deepest level, involves surrendering to the Will of God. Then allowing this energy to guide you on that spiritual journey.

Because like any guide, you have to be willing to surrender to your guide and to have faith in where you’re being guiding, in order to get you there.


Why is This So Important

So this is where having faith in God is not only helpful, but it’s also necessary to advance on your spiritual journey.

Keeping faith in God no matter what happens in your life, is a vital and necessary component to achieving real spiritual growth and development.

You’re living your life within a highly complex labyrinth, with multiple dimensions and countless layers. And the way to get out this labyrinth, is to surrender to the guiding direction of God, The Source.

This, is what real spiritual development is all about.

If you put your wholehearted faith in this guiding power, it will guide you on your spiritual journey because The Source knows exactly what you need and where to guide you.

Now it’s easy to have faith in God when everything is going well and life is easy. The real challenge is having faith in God when life gets challenging and things don’t go so well.

What these difficult life experiences are, are a test of your faith.

Keeping Faith in God on Your Spiritual Journey

Do You Have The Faith Needed To Grow Spiritually?

Do you have the deeper faith in God needed to know that no matter what challenges come into your life, there is a deeper reason and purpose for each of them?

All the challenging experiences in your life are there to help you grow. And to help you learn how to detach from suffering. And to help you learn how to reduce the degree to which your environment influences your behaviour.

So by having faith in God, you’re having faith that this higher power is offering you an experience, which you need to grow spiritually.

And your faith is your opportunity for you to prove to yourself, that you are not resisting where The Source is trying to guide you, and that you have faith in that guiding power.

This is what your spiritual journey is all about. Having faith in God, then not resisting it’s guidance, even when things get tough.

You cannot achieve advanced spiritual growth without having faith in God. Because without having faith in God, you’re resisting the guidance you need, which this higher power is offering you.

So the next time life gets difficult, remind yourself:

“this challenge is helping to guide me, to where I need to be.”

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