We Are One | In the Light We Are One with God

We Are One | In the Light We Are One with God

When we are in the Light we are One with God. It is The Light that Unifies us and the Darkness that divides us and understanding this deeply is important to help all of us evolve so we can express our full potential.

What spiritual development involves, at it’s more advanced levels, is not just knowing, but realizing, through direct experience, that you, me and everyone and everything is One.

The evolution of consciousness is realizing that we are all One with The Source and each other.

In the Bible, for example, it says that:

There is one body, and one Spirit. And we must, with diligence, preserve the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

The Bible doesn’t share this esoteric knowledge because it’s nice to be nice. It shares this knowledge because peace and unity are precursors for the evolution of consciousness from human consciousness, to Christ Consciousness, and to God-Consciousness.

At which stage we realize the unity of everything and everyone.


Anything that Divides us Limits the Natural Evolution of Consciousness

It is the Light that unifies us, and darkness that divides us, and any division, regardless of the reason, must be condemned.

Because anything that separates us, or divides us, no matter how small, insignificant and innocent it may appear, is not of the Light. And that is not the experience that leads you to Self-Realization.

Anything that attempts to divide and separate us from realizing our unity with each other, and with Spirit, is the opposite of evolution.

It is devolution. Which is when we allow ourselves to revert to a more primitive state of mind and being.

Spiritual development is realizing Oneness, it’s realizing our unity, and becoming aware that we share the same Self.

And where there is division, there is disharmony, which breads anger and violence when taken to the extreme.

Now, this isn’t easy to perceive the world and ourselves as being in a state of unity because for our whole lives we have been raised in an environment that divides us.

We are divided by intellect. By school. By class. By race. By beauty. By personality. We are divided by profession. By nationality. By culture. By religion. By political association.

We are even divided by the spiritual practices we perform and the spiritual groups we involve ourselves with.

And the list goes on and on.

With so many things we create a division within ourselves because we choose to believe in the illusion of separation.

What makes this even more challenging is that this isn’t something we do consciously. Feeling a sense of division and separateness is not something we consciously intend to feel.

It’s a reflection of what has been programmed into us from a very young age. This conditioning starts with the genetic memory we inherit from our parents and it continues with how we are shaped and moulded throughout our lives.


You Can Change Your Psychological Conditioning

Throughout our entire lives, we are subjected to emotional and psychological conditioning from many sources within the environment we live in.

And to break free from that takes awareness takes willpower, and it takes a desire to want to change and to break free from our conditioning.

And that takes time and effort.

How can we do that, how can we work towards reducing our feelings of division and separation?

We regularly perform the open heart prayer I’ve shared with you at the end of this article.

As I’ve said before, the open heart prayer is the core practise for spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness.

Everything and anything else I can share with you will help you perform that open heart prayer better and deeper.

I know many people will come across the open heart prayer, some will practise it a few times, and most will discard it not realizing what they have found, and they will continue on their spiritual search for other ways and means of developing spiritually.

Opening your spiritual heart is the key to spiritual development. Practise it, regularly, integrate it with your life so that it’s not just a practice you do, but a way of living your life.

Make the open heart prayer the centrepiece of your life, prioritize it, and position everything else around it.

Feeling less division and separation within you, and expanding consciousness so you realize your unity and Oneness with All, can be done using the open heart prayer.

Because when you open your heart more and more, you become physically and mentally aware of the unity and Oneness of everything and everyone.

There is no need for psychologically reconditioning yourself. Just open your heart, and the experiences that follow will automatically take care of everything else within you.

Because opening your heart brings you to a realization, at which point, there is no need to change anything within yourself. Because everything automatically changes, the moment you come to realize.


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We Are One | In the Light We Are One with God

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