How To Be Patient | The Importance of Patience and Being Patient

How To Be Patient | The Importance of Patience and Being Patient

Learning how to be patient is important for your mental, emotional, and physical health. The importance of patience can not be understated and being patient can have a wonderful healing effect upon every aspect of your being.

Saint Augustine once said ‘Patience is the companion of wisdom’ and having patience is healthy from a mental and physical perspective as well as from a spiritual perspective. 

Your mind is in its natural state when it’s empty and still and when you express impatience, the natural calm peacefulness of your mind is disturbed.

If you’re feeling impatient, your mind has been disturbed from its natural peaceful state of stillness. 

Regularly expressing impatience can also lead to physical symptoms, such as high blood pressure, stress, tension, anxiety and frustration taking root within you. 

And impatience can also have a negative effect on other areas of your life, such as your work, your relationships, and the enjoyment you get out of life in general, and it can be a very unpleasant thing to experience.  

Impatience is linked to expectation and control, so when things are not happening for you in the way you would like, or as quickly as you would like, impatience arises.

Impatience is experienced when the reality in front of you does not match your expectations, which triggers your mind to modify itself into taking action. 

This leads to impatience being expressed to urge you to control what’s going on in your environment. 

If you have no desire to control you have no expectation and without expectation, you will not feel impatient. 

So impatience arises from expectation and the desire to be in control.


How to Be Patient

If you want to let go of your impatience let go of your expectation. Letting go of expectation lets go of the need to be in control.

When you let go of expectation your mind becomes empty, still, and present in each current moment because your brain is not focused on controlling what’s in front of you.

You instead allow yourself to be open to accepting whatever comes your way. So this is something that’s important for your spiritual development too.

If you’re expressing impatience it means you’re not centred and aware in the present moment.

As we discussed in the previous video, to be in a state of awareness, don’t think of the journey, just be in the present moment without expecting a result.

Control shows us another side of this same principle.

If you’re being controlling, it means you’re focused on achieving a result, which means you’re focused on the journey, rather than being aware in the present. 

And you can’t be present, open, and aware when you’re focused on controlling the journey to achieve a future result.

So hopefully this helps you to see different sides of what it means to be present. You’re present when you’re not focused on the journey and achieving a future result.

You’re present when you’re not trying to control your direction and you instead open and surrender to the guidance of The Source.

And you’re present in each moment when you’re not feeling impatient. Because impatience is a sign that you’re impatient to get somewhere or impatient to see a future result.

In a deeper spiritual sense, there’s no need to feel rushed or impatient with your spiritual development because everything is happening at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place. 

And if you’re feeling impatient with where the Source is guiding you, then it means you’re not really surrendering to The Source and Its guidance.


Slow Down and Be Patient

Remember, there’s no need to be in a rush to get somewhere. Because you’re already there, in the here and now.

And if something in life is holding you up, or if life moves you in an unexpected direction, remember, this is all part of the plan of making sure you are exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Having patience is a reflection of your trust and faith in where The Source is guiding you. 

Because faith and trust in the guidance of The Source cannot exist when you are impatient.

So when impatience arises within you, make a conscious decision to let go of expectation, let go of control, don’t expect certain results, stop feeling rushed to get somewhere, try being patient, be love, and let things flow like water without resisting what comes your way.

Let your life unfold without trying to hurry the process. Be present in the now. And keep yourself aligned with what’s meant to be, without trying to control the process. 

And in time, and with practise, being patient will help you be more aware of the guidance, that’s always being sent to you.

Then, when you’re in that calm, present state of being, should feelings of impatience appear, you’ll be more aware if this is being created by you, or if it’s coming from elsewhere, to help guide you in a new direction. 


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How To Be Patient | The Importance of Patience and Being Patient

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