Human Suffering | Meaning of Suffering | Why Do We Suffer

Human Suffering | Meaning of Suffering | Why Do We Suffer

Human Suffering | Meaning of Suffering | Why Do We Suffer

Human Suffering | Meaning of Suffering | Why Do We Suffer

Human suffering, it’s everywhere. We’ve all experienced it. Many of us continue to experience it. But what is the meaning of suffering and why do we suffer in the first place?

It can be very difficult to separate from the emotional and physical experience of suffering to see what it is. Suffering is of the same nature as joy. Both are experiences. Albeit different degrees of experience. One may be a pleasant experience and the other an unpleasant experience, however both are the same by nature. They are both experience!

Our perspective of human suffering reflects our awareness as human beings. With awareness comes a deeper understanding as to the purpose of suffering. With suffering comes challenge and with challenge comes the stimulus that helps change us. Part of that change is discovering how suffering springs forth from within us and it;s our life experiences that helps us understand how we create our own suffering.

The more aware we become spiritually the less we suffer until suffering is seen for what it really is. An opportunity!

Through suffering comes the lessons that lead us toward experiencing joy. The first vital part of suffering to recognize is that it doesn’t come from the outside world. It comes from within us. If we are in a mental state of constant wanting, needing and running after the next best thing we will never be satisfied with where we are at the present.

By going inwards into our own Hearts and understanding experience in an objective way, rather than getting caught up in the emotion of it all, we can transcend suffering.

Competitiveness, jealousy and envy form a chain that drags suffering behind them.

Suffering is firmly rooted in these three things and as long as these three things are an expression of our Self, suffering will always be close behind.

Your human body does not thrive and survive because every cell is competing with jealous envy of it’s neighboring cells. Your body thrives because every cell works in harmony and unison as one complete organism. We too must have this attitude within ourselves if we are to free ourselves from the chains of suffering.


The Meaning of Suffering: God and Human Suffering

When faced with the meaning of suffering most are too preoccupied with the pain and suffering to think about suffering in a deeper sense. I hear many people repeating the same statements, “how could God allow such a thing to happen…why does God allow his children to suffer…why does God not stop human suffering?”

The entire Universe, the entire Creation is one unbounded, unlimited Universal Mind that experiences Itself through us. God therefore experiences suffering as we experience it. God made humanity in Its own image. We are made in the image of God. God became man so man could experience becoming God. So when we look at these previous questions as to why God allows suffering we can begin to see that suffering is a creation of our own making. We are part of the same force so many try to blame.

When organisms suffer they react, respond and evolve.

Our entire Universe is one constantly evolving organism that we are part of. If we can start to view suffering from the perspective of evolution, we can start to realize that we play a larger role in that evolution. We are a part of the evolution of Consciousness and the Universe.

That evolution of Consciousness is an evolution that brings us slowly towards experiencing a state of joy, bliss and freedom from suffering that only comes when we connect our Hearts and minds to The Universal Mind that is The Creative Source. It is not Gods intent to suffer. Therefore when we establish a direct connection with God, through Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and similar practices, we begin to experience the joy, bliss and freedom that follows on from suffering.

With a fully open and activate Kundalini comes a complete cleansing and purification of the seven gates, the seven candles, or the seven chakras as they are known, and with daily and persistent opening of our Hearts and with surrender to the Will of The Creative Source comes true liberation from bondage upon this Earth. And with that liberation suffering is no more.

When we make it our goal to open our Hearts and surrender our Will to the Will of The Source, Gods Will begins to clearly work through us with our conscious awareness. It’s this surrendering and merging of our Will with The Will of The Source that leads us to a place where suffering is experienced as a valuable tool for personal growth and spiritual development. Although at this stage it is not considered as suffering. Rather, it is viewed as only being experience.

What is the meaning of suffering and why do we suffer? It’s not punishment. It’s not cruelty. We suffer because we do not understand. We do not understand because we are not aware. When we work on expanding our awareness we will come to realize why do we suffer.


Transcending Human Suffering

Be aware of your suffering. Be mindful of how you create it because your suffering is a product of your mind. It is your mind that causes your Heart and being to connect to a thing in such a way that it causes you to suffer. By learning this mechanism of how we attach our Hearts and minds to things we can in time learn how to transcend suffering through experiencing it.

This mechanism of how we attach ourselves to things and people can be difficult to notice and even more difficult to stop. It’s primarily something we do mentally.

We first mentally attach to something and then our Hearts often follow.

It feels very much like a melting of your Self into another thing or person. Some people would call it ‘falling in love’ and it is truly a fall for it certainly does not help rise us upwards. And there is no way of teaching this other than by having an awareness of the experience of it.

When it comes to other forms of suffering we can learn to transcend this suffering by changing our perception of it. If we can see that every experience of suffering is giving us an opportunity to realize how this springs from within us, then we can learn to reduce our suffering until we eliminate it completely.

If we can see that suffering hold within it a deeper blessing and we focus on finding that blessing, in time we start to resonate with the hidden messages suffering always brings with it.

Suffering offers us a valuable opportunity to learn something about our inner selves we would not normally have the chance to learn.

By learning slowly but surely, bit by bit how to avoid suffering in the same way in the future, we are stepping closer and closer to eliminating suffering completely. If we continue to experience suffering by repeating scenarios in our life then we must ask ourselves…

‘what is it I am channeling and projecting from within me that causes me to attach to this person/thing and cause myself suffering?’

As Guatama Buddha once said:

“Only within our body, with its Heart and mind, can bondage and suffering be found, and only here can we find true liberation.”

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Why do we suffer…let yourself be guided to transcend suffering and learn the practice of Reiki to help expand your awareness and the Reiki cleansing process you undergo as a result of receiving a Reiki attunement. Need more facts, check our the Reiki Scientific Research to discover more.

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