How to Meditate for Beginners | Meditation for Beginners

How to Meditate for Beginners | Meditation for Beginners

If you’ve never meditated before this short video will explain meditation for beginners. And how to meditate for beginners to help you reduce stress and anxiety and help you advance spiritually.

The deeper purpose of meditation is to allow you to expand your awareness and Consciousness.

There are more advanced practices and techniques that you can incorporate into your meditations.

However in this video I won’t go that deep and I’m only going to be talking about meditation for beginners. However the foundation you lay here, will also serve you when it comes to doing more advanced practices too.

So, how to do meditation.


How Meditation for Beginners is Done

First find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed, and play no background music. Take a comfortable chair to begin with and sit in this exact same place every time you meditate with both feet on the floor.

Sit in this location without being rigid and uncomfortable. Place your hands on your lap palms facing up, and just relax and feel yourself sink and melt into the stillness of your body.

  • Keep your neck and spine straight and keep your head faced forwards without bending your neck. And close your eyes to reduce the activity of your brain.

Now continue to breath in slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of roughly 4 or 5 seconds. Allow your stomach to expand first followed by your chest. And then slowly allow your stomach to contract followed by your chest as you exhale slowly for 4 or 5 seconds.

Now as you breathe normally in a relaxed way, silently state the following intention to yourself.

“I completed open and surrender my whole heart and being to The Source.”

Now smile a big sincere heat felt smile, and touch your heart with your index finger and middle finger. Then continue to smile with your fingers in this position for the duration of your meditation. And feel your mind body and being melting into where you sit.

w to Meditate for Beginners | Meditation for Beginners

Look to Your Third Eye When You Meditate

Now gentle look upwards slightly to your third eye with your eyes closed. And look at your forehead at the point just between your eyebrows. And keep looking at this point while relaxing, breathing and smiling.

  • If you find your thoughts wandering, bring your attention back to your forehead, and just relax and smile.

This is the entire meditation technique which although is simple, is quite powerful and effective. If you’re new to meditation start off meditating for 10 minutes for a week, then increase that tine every week by 5 minutes.

If possible meditate for 20 minutes at least, and try to increase this over time to anywhere up to an hour. However it’s important that you’re not feeling impatient or restless. So don’t drag the meditation on longer if you’re not feeling like it.

  • It’s also best to meditate first thing in the morning before you get distracted by what else you need to do in your usual day. And try to make it a daily habit to get the best results.

And in only a matter of a few short weeks, you’ll be feeling happier, lighter, more relaxed and at peace in body and mind.

Thanks for viewing this article on How to Meditate for Beginners. I hope you  find your meditation for beginners to be deep, powerful and effective at relieving your stress and anxiety and improving your health.

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