How to Manifest Gods Will | God’s Help and God’s Healing Will Come

How to Manifest Gods Will | God’s Help and God’s Healing Will Come

God’s help is available to all of us without condition, however, you need to know how to manifest Gods Will and how to apply that process to receive God’s help.

Manifesting is one of the most important things everyone should be aware of, not only for spiritual development but for every aspect of life.

Whether you are aware of it or not, and whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, you are currently manifesting your future right now by how you choose to direct your energy.

Everyone manifests their reality, no one does not do it, because everything is energy, you are made from energy, and energy never stops interacting with the energy all around it. It’s a constant process that continues non-stop.


There Are Three Types of Manifesting

There are three types of people who manifest. Some are non-aware, and some are aware.

Those who are not aware of manifesting are unconsciously attracting people, events, and situations into their life, which create positive or negative effects.

Those who are are aware of manifesting make a conscious decision to channel energy towards their wants, needs, and desires, to manifest those wants, needs, and desires into their life.

Or in other words, they create the energy they need to create within themselves, they channel this into the world towards that which they desire, and they attract what they desire back into their life.

And how people manifest, whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously, is by what energy they establish within their energy field using their thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

However, I mentioned that there was a third type of person who manifests.

That third type of person is the person who consciously manifests their life purpose.

Now manifesting can be pretty cool, and it can be amazing to witness your external reality reflecting what you intend to manifest.

And what people who are experienced with manifesting will notice, is that if you’re not careful with what you choose to manifest, the thing you intend to attract into your life will often bring you pain and suffering with it.

And that pain and suffering is not a bad thing, that pain and suffering is an indicator that is trying to show you how you are using an aspect of your being in a counter-productive way.

So that pain and suffering is not punishment. It is guidance showing you how your actions are creating your suffering.

After a lifetime of manifesting what I wanted, and experiencing the pain and suffering that came with it, I eventually came to realize what we should be manifesting and how to do it.


So What Should You Be Manifesting?

You should be manifesting your life purpose. You weren’t incarnated on this planet so you could indulge in a life of self-gratification. You came here with a purpose.

And to achieve that purpose, there are places you need to be guided to so some things can come into your life, while some things leave your life. And this is a constant balancing process that continues until your visit to Earth has run its course.

And this is where the problem comes in with manifesting what you want, need, and desire.

What you are manifesting may not be helping you fulfill your life purpose and may even be guiding you away from your life purpose.

So how do you know what to manifest, how do you know where you need to be, what you need to do, what you need to attract, and what you need to let go of?

There is one way that takes care of all of this and takes care of the countless other areas we are not even aware of. And that is to manifest Gods Will.


How to Manifest Gods Will

No matter what energy channelling practice you use, no matter what spiritual discipline you follow, and no matter what path your spiritual development takes, if you’re serious about developing spiritually and fulfilling the deepest purpose of your life, you have to learn how to manifest Gods Will through you.

Because The Source is That which knows exactly what you need. It knows where to guide you. It knows what to give you and what to take away. And it knows how to heal, purify, and improve every aspect of your complete being so that you evolve.

This third type of person, that manifests their life purpose, is the person who uses the energy of thought, feeling, and intention, and prays, while in meditation, to surrender their whole heart, being, and life to Gods Will.

If you want to achieve your deeper purpose in life, if you want to empower yourself to your maximum potential, and you want your perception of Consciousness to expand until you reach a deeper realization of your Self, surrender to the guidance of Gods Will and intend to manifest Gods Will through your body and into your life. And this will allow you to achieve all those things and everything else in between.

Life seems complicated, but to be honest, it’s not. Life is very simple. There are only two paths in life, and every single person takes one, or the other.

You can either take the path of manifesting your Will, or you can take the path of manifesting source Will. Those are the only two paths in life.

If you want to resonate with God, surrender to Gods Will. If you don’t want to resonate with God, simply do as you please. But know very well, that one of these decisions will expand consciousness, while the other will keep it trapped where it already is.

So open your heart regularly, surrender your whole heart and being to God, and regularly intend to surrender to Gods Will with every matter.

Do this and you will eventually experience a loving, joyful, transformation that exceeds your wildest imagination.


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How to Manifest Gods Will | God's Help and God's Healing Will Come

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