How to Make Reiki More Powerful | Improve Reiki with a Smile

How to Make Reiki More Powerful | Improve Reiki with a Smile

Here’s a simple way to learn how to make Reiki more powerful.

If you’re not smiling when you’re healing, you’re only working at 30% of your current energy channelling capacity. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try for yourself.

Now I know there are a handful of people in this group who are deeply aware of the importance of smiling when healing, praying, and for some forms of meditation, and I’ve mentioned the importance of smiling to students before, however, I’ll bet many still don’t do it.

I know I was one of those people and it took me some time getting used to smiling when I performed a healing session.

These days, I’ll never do any form of energy work, prayer, or meditation, without a big smile on my face. And there are spiritual benefits for this as well as more down to Earth benefits.

Smiling when healing is so important and makes such a huge difference to your channelling abilities, so I feel everyone should know about this.

From a scientific perspective, we know that, when you smile, this creates significant changes within your brain and body.

When you smile you automatically release all sorts of hormones and neurotransmitters, including neuropeptides, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and these all have a profound effect upon your state of mind and being.

When you smile, these chemicals release into your brain and body, they create a deeply calming effect upon your body and mind, and they help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure to create a calm, peaceful and relaxed state of being.

And when your body is relaxed, and your mind is calm, this allows the energy to flow through you much better with minimal resistance.

In addition to the benefits that smiling has on your physical person, smiling also benefits your heart energy.

When you intend to smile to your heart, which is your spiritual heart located near the same pace as your heart chakra, and you maintain your smile throughout your healing session, your heart begins to slowly open more, your connection with The Source is significantly enhanced, and the energy flowing through you increases substantially.

And smiling is the gift that just keeps on giving because smiling does something else that’s important.

People are often instructed that they can improve their healing sessions by feeling love within their heart. However, that’s far easier said than done.

If everyone could just feel love immediately, by clicking their fingers, the world would be a much happier place.

The secret to feeling Love within your heart is to intend to smile to your heart because smiling helps your heart to feel more love and joy which will benefit you in many ways.

You don’t have to know how smiling to your heart works, and there’s no mental focus involved, you just intend to smile to your heart, and smile.

Whenever you’re healing, praying, or with some forms of meditating, continue practising this and maintain your smile throughout your entire healing session and the love within your heart will expand, your connection to Source will become much deeper, and you’ll feel genuine feelings of love, happiness, and joy every time you’re channelling energy.

Reiki and healing shouldn’t be a practice that causes your serious adult side to take over. It’s a loving, happy, joyful state of being you experience when you connect to Source.

The more love you awaken within your heart, the more love flows through you when you’re channelling and healing.

And smiling will help you find that loving, happy, joyful state of being.

It will help You and all those you work with and will create a profound transformation with your energy channelling and your life.

Remember, like attracts like, so if you want to attract more love into Your practice, you first need to feel that love within your heart.

Now you know how to make Reiki more powerful, the next time you channel, smile, and soon enough, a deeper feeling of love, kindness, and compassion, will shine from within you.


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How to Make Reiki More Powerful | Improve Reiki with a Smile

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