How to Find Happiness & How to Be Happy in Life

How to Find Happiness

Hey there, I’m Ricky, welcome in this video I’m going to share a different perspective on how to find happiness and how to be happy in your life.

As many of these videos that I film will show you, you can discover the answer to many of lives questions, by changing the way in which you ask the question.

And by changing the question, you start looking for answers in a different place, and from a different perspective.

So, to know how to find happiness, you need to know where to look for it.

You need to know where the root of happiness is.

So the question, How To Find Happiness, should be changed to, Where To Find happiness.

You’re changing only one little word, but that change of one word, has quite a significant effect.

Because that change of one word, completely changes the answer you get.

So, where to find happiness?


How to Find Happiness Within

I want you to try this quick simple exercise for yourself because it will help you realize something really important.

I want to ask you to remember a time in your past when you were happy.

Now I want you remember everything about that past happy experience.

I want you to remember everything in fine detail.

  • What age were you?
  • What were you wearing?
  • Where were you?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you both doing?
  • What was said or done that made you laugh or feel happy?

Try this simple visualization exercise yourself and you will realize something important.

When you really relive that past experience within your mind, you will notice that pleasure surfaces from within you.

This is something you’ve likely experienced when you and another person were talking about a funny moment that happened in your past.

And naturally, as you do, you both smiled at remembering the thought or it, and maybe even burst out laughing all over again.

In such an experience, you have exercised your imagination, and re-imagined one of your positive memories when you laughed.

And by doing this, you re-experience that humour and pleasure that is associated with that event.


Learn How to Be Happy Using Your Imagination

Now happiness is the exact same. Although it may be a little trickier for some people to re-imagine, compared to re-imaging a past funny event that made you laugh.

But the principle is the same.

You can relive a past happy event, only within your own mind, and you can re-experience all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, energy and happiness associated with that past event.

Now we’re getting closer to knowing how to be happy. Or where to find it, I should say.

We can see with this simple example that happiness is within you.

Happiness isn’t something you really find.

It’s not something that you find and possess from the outside world.

Happiness is an internal state of being.

It is a state of being that you either choose to express, or you don’t.

And as you can see from this example, happiness can be found within your own imagination.


Learning How to Be Happy is a Choice

If you can use your imagination to re-imagine a past event that makes you laugh again in the present, then you can do the same to feel happy.

People often say that happiness comes from within, but they stop short of actually telling you how to find happiness within yourself.

I’m sharing with you, that happiness is rooted in your imagination.

As you can see from my example.

Now if you can’t find a happy place within you to remember and re-imagine, remember that I’m not saying happiness is found in your memories.

Happiness is found in your imagination.

And your imagination can imagine absolutely anything, whether you have already experienced it or not.

I’ll use guided meditation as another example.

You can listen to a guided meditation track that guides you to the sea side.

Hearing the sound of waves gently lapping on the shore.

Birds sounding in the air.

You can experience the wind blowing on your face.

And can feel the warmth of the Sun glowing down upon you, as the sand sinks beneath your feet and warms your toes.

You can experience what it feels like to be at the sea side, all within your own imagination.

And you can experience the peace, calmness and relaxation of being at the sea side.

Only your not really there. You’re just being guided to use your imagination.


Your Mind is Easily Programmed

The key thing to know here is this:

Your mind cannot tell the difference between what is really happening to your physical body, and what is being imagined.

Your mind reacts to the stimulus you program it with.

And it doesn’t matter if that programming originates from the outside world and your five senses, or from within your own imagination.

Your mind cannot tell the difference.

This is why the great Albert Einstein once said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

You can change your entire experience of life, and you can change your state of being, by exercising your imagination.

So if you want to know how to be happy, know that you will find it within your imagination.

And when you start imagining a happier you, your mind and brain will create all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, energy and happiness associated with your imagination.

So if you don’t feel happy, stop looking to outside sources to provide you with happiness, and start exercising your imagination and imagine something better.


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How to Find Happiness & How to Be Happy in Life

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