Emotions and Feelings | How to Control Emotions

Emotions and Feelings | How to Control Emotions

The words emotions and feelings are two words that are often used interchangeably, however, before you can understand how to control emotions and feelings, it’s important to know that emotions and feelings are not the same things.

There is a difference between emotion and feeling, and being aware of the difference can help you become better aware of how your person reacts to its environment.

In neuroscience, emotions and feelings are considered to be different. Emotion is considered to be an automatic reaction to external or internal stimuli.

Whereas a feeling is how you allow that emotion to continue to affect your mental state.


Emotions and Feelings Originate from Different Areas of Your Brain

Your emotions arise from your amygdala, which is also known as your reptilian brain, and emotions are environmental indicators that produce quick reactions in response to what’s going on in your environment.

And your emotional reactions are an important mechanism that’s coded into your genes that improves your awareness of your environment and helps keep you safe.

Your feelings, on the other hand, originate from the neocortical region of your brain, and those feelings are reactions to your emotions.

And how you react to your emotions depends upon your experiences and memory and what beliefs you attach to your emotions.


How Should You Deal with Emotions and Feelings?

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, it’s important to let emotions be what they are. You should never try to control your emotions, suppress your emotions, or block them.

Emotions are normal and natural and they are an important mechanism you use to analyze what’s going on in your environment.

So it’s normal to feel emotions, and you should allow your emotions to flow freely at all times. Feelings are different, however.

Feelings are not an automatic reaction to your environment. Feelings are a conscious choice you make in response to your emotions.

And your past experiences, your memory, your beliefs, and your self-talk, all affect how you choose to respond to your emotions after they have been triggered.

The most important thing about all those aspects of your mental self is that you can change them. You can choose how you respond to emotion after it has automatically triggered.


Achieve Self-Mastery By Controlling Feelings Not Emotions

Saints, Guru’s, spiritual masters, these people still experience emotion. The self-mastery they achieve is being able to control their response to those emotions by controlling their feelings.

If someone treats you badly, and you feel an automatic emotional reaction within you, you can then choose how that emotion is going to continue to make you feel by controlling your thought processes, your beliefs, and your self-talk.

And with practice, you can overcome past experiences and memories that influence the feelings you choose in response to your emotions.

You can choose to continue to feel peace and love within you after you have experienced an emotion that feels negative.

As soon as you do feel an emotion that feels negative, remember the technique ‘Don’t allow the world to change your heart’.

Perform that immediately after you experience an emotion that feels negative and with regular continued practise, you can learn how to respond to emotions that feel negative, by feeling love instead.

And what happens over time, the more you practise this and the better you get at it, is that when you experience an emotion that feels negative that emotion does not negatively affect your feelings for hours afterwards and you return to a normal, calm, and peaceful state of being increasingly quicker.

An even more amazing thing that happens with practice is that you train your heart and mind to open to Source Love whenever you feel an emotion that feels negative.

And that is a very powerful habit to get yourself into and a habit that leads you towards self-mastery.

There is no purpose in carrying a negative emotion with you for the rest of your day as a negative feeling.

Always remember, people may be able to stir your emotions, don’t give them the power to control your feelings too.

You control your feelings. So learn the technique titled ‘Don’t allow the world to change your heart’ below, practise it until you master it, then keep practising it.

And this will guide you to be less attached to what’s going on in your environment and more centred, balanced, and in control of how you choose to feel in any given circumstance.

And that’s going to have a positive effect upon your body and mind, your Reiki and spiritual development, your healing system, and your life.


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Emotions and Feelings | How to Control Emotions

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